The Absence of Light

1. The Shards of Hatred

From the dark frozen-hate
emerges the icy cold breath
of a darkened rage
awoken in pure anger

2. The Winds of Deception

The dark aura of a faceless angel
calling out to the shadows of blood
foreshadowing the crimson wasteland
the winds calling out to the voice of death

3. Forest of Sadness

From the whispers
the voices of despair
lure shallow hearts
into the darkness of nature

4. Caleb - Damned for Eternity

As the dark one
fell to his knees
his revenge almost complete
the blood from evil
flows to the soil eraticating all life

5. Upon the Mist of Nothingness

Unnatural forces sent from the sky
the reign of terror and chaotic fury
from the abyss of grief and displeasure
brings a horrendous face of carnage

6. The Absence of Light

In the minds of the weak
deprived of their sanity
destined for malevolence
deranged sense of guidance

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