Marche Funèbre
Death Wish Woman

1. Broken Wings

Come, and let us be strong
Killed, we die as martyrs;
Victorious, we‘ll live as heroes.

Walk this rough path firmly,
With eyes toward the sun
So we may not see the skulls and serpents
Among the rocks and thorns.

I see your spirit quivering around me
As a thirsty bird flickers
Above a spring of water
Guarded by a hungry serpent.

That bird will remain flickering
Until thirst destroys him
Or falls into the grasp of a serpent
Becoming its prey.

No, this nightingale should remain alive
And sing until dark comes,
Until the end of the world,
And keep on singing eternally.
His wings should not be broken,
Their motion removes
The cloud from my heart.

Thirst will exhaust him,
And fear will kill him.

See how time has left us in these ruins.
In this place spring united us
In a bond of love,
And brought us together
Before the throne of death.
How beautiful was spring,
How terrible is this winter!

I am not worthy of a new life
I am not strong enough for life

A bird with broken wings
Cannot fly in the spacious sky.

2. Death Wish Woman

Have you ever seen her?
Wearing black like a shroud
See her gazing with glazed eyes
Into a dying sun horizon

Have you ever heard her?
Screaming her lungs out
Like a raven flock shrieks
Piercing the ebony sky

Cries for a dying life
No words, only howls
Tears for a wasted life
No sweet, only salt

Death wish woman, you are
Surrounded by life, yet alone
Death wish woman, come here
Face your life, no escape
Death wish woman, stay close

Blind and deaf, muted
Hands roped on the back
Wait until this night dies
And get touched by light

Cries for a dying life
No words, only howls
Tears for a wasted life
No sweet, only salt

Death wish woman, you are
Surrounded by life, not alone
Death wish woman, stay here
Face your life, don’t escape
Death wish woman, stay close

Tormented soul - take a step
Choose your fate - open your eyes
Inhale life - Breathe

Death wish woman
Life or death – a fragile balance
Death wish woman
One final step
Or more to come

3. A Departing Guest

A barren woman, looked upon with disdain
An enemy to her substantial man
Detested and deserted
He wishes her death.

A tree grown in a cave doesn’t bear fruit
She lived in the shade of life, a prisoner of misery
Asking for a child to find comfort and consolation...
The tree of the cave blossomed to bear fruit at last.

Late at night she started her successive cry
A cry of life's partition from life...
A cry of continuance in the firmament of nothingness…
As sun came out, an infant opened his eyes.

He quivered and closed them for the last time
The doctor took the child and on his cheeks fell tears
Whispering: "He is a departing guest."
The child passed away while the father was celebrating…

Born at dawn and dead at sunrise...
Born like a thought, he died like a sigh, and disappeared like a shadow
He didn’t live to console and comfort his mother.
His life began at the end of the night and ended at the beginning of the day.

A pearl brought by the tide to the coast
Returned by the ebb into the depth of the sea....
A dear guest illuminating the mother’s heart
Whose departure killed her soul.

Placed between her arms, she embraced him
"You have come to take me away my child;
You have come to show me the way that leads to the coast.
Here I am, my child; lead me and let us leave this dark cave.”

Sunrays penetrated the window curtains
Falling upon two calm bodies lying on a bed
Guarded by the profound dignity of silence
Shaded by the wings of death.

She was shrouded with her white wedding dress
The child's coffin his mother's arms
His grave her calm breast
Two corpses carried in one coffin…

4. As I Die (Paradise Lost cover)

Stare as eyes uphold me
And wait to see right through
And curse me... The love has crippled you

Shadows haunt the night
Burning my disguise

As I die

Reaping through the truth
Life becomes untrue

Sin the last diversion
My fate will be untouched
Dismissed now, the anger of a fool

Shadows haunt the night
Forgive me as I die

Taking a chance and take what you gain
My soul it has no price
Total release is out of harm’s way
Until I can decide
You punish me, can't you see, I’m not real
Tears are flowing free, passing by, as I die

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