Mdłości (ep)

1. Mdłości I

Through the fields of scars and wounds,
shining with dim light of non-existence.

What tranquillity!
What sweet peace!
What inward serenity!
What supreme felicity!
An earnest of bliss!

To reach beyond the web of spiritual deceit
that mankind has been weaving for millennia
and face the most horrible truth of all.

Every single dream… shattered, trampled and lost.
Every single word… silenced forever and evermore.

Descent! Regress into prime, hideous, beautiful…
Descent! Regress into prime, hideous, beautiful nothingness.

2. Mdłości II

The Gardens withered and the Colossus perished,
embraced by the luscious winds of stagnation,
as a monument of the silent gospel
from a rotting foetus inside the womb of Gaia.

Risen by the hand of man, turning the pages of history.
Purifying, channelling the essence of a conscious, erected mud.

Our almighty new god, turning man back into mud.

Darkside — Drums
M. — Vocals, Guitars, Bass

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