Of Lunar Passion and Sombre Blood

1. Dwelling in Darkness

2. As a Soul in the Blazing Banner of Darkness

My breath gets colder when I pay Charon
And pass the river of the dead
When I enter the domain of the reaper
Seven ravens circle over my head
I lived my life as a king
And won't repend anything that I did
No fear forces me to bow
When the reapers blade cuts through my soul
I'm ready to burn for all my sins
There was a chance to escape this blazing nightmare
But I denied to crawl under the cross
I denied to believe what never happened
I did never serve anybody or any illusion
The wages for my ignorance is to walk with the shadows
And to terrorize the feeble ones in the world of the living
I got the power to give live to whatever I want
And I can take the life from any body
The lord of souls I became
And through the nocturnal visions I wander on
Lord of illusions, demon of dreams
I am the reason that houses do bleed
And I make that walls can speak
I'm the magic to which the witches do pray
Medium for all blessed mortals
Who are chosen to enter the realm of eternal wisdom
As long as mortals feel that greed inside of their hearts
I will survive the infinity
As a soul in the blazing banner of darkness

3. The Quest for the Doctrines of Might & Wisdom

Within the enchanted forest I dwell
The quest of neverending wisdom keeps me alive
Since aeons I wander through time and space
The fall of mighty civilisations I did survive
I met the almighty gods of ancient races
But noone of them could satisfy my thirst
I let them behind of me
Ignored them and their feeble doctrines
Every night I did meditate under the clear sky
To become one with the universe
The eternal stars told me a story
Of an ancient ruler of the fire
Noone knows his name anymore
And forgotten are his magics
They gave me the cosmic key
To enter his realm of gloom
To please my lust of greater arts
I did follow the steps of the hidden path
Two guardians did guide me to the immortal one
And he did await me to make me his apprentice
"I am the god of flames
Come on enter my realm
Sitting to the left at Satan's side
Unspoken is my name"
Overwhelmed by his infinite knowledge
I signed the pact with my sweet red blood
I am servant of the greatest master of sorcery
I'm at his side since ages are gone and hundred races died
I will still sit at his left when mankind is no more
As guardian on the portal of mortals empire
And when the chaos reigns the fallen angel will triumph

4. Under the Goatmoon

The dark is enlighted by thousand candles' flames
A yellow shadow reflects in the blackened sky
When I'm walking along the funeral path
Mystical voices whispers inside of my mind
Entering the graveyard mist
The dead's unblessed breath
Poisoned air is filling up my lungs
Under the Goatmoon
Embraced by funeral winds
Mystified, awaiting the star's fall
The candlefires reflect in the blade of my steel
Raised into the mournful sky
Praised by the gods of war
A horde of monks follow me
To the ceremonial place
In the centre of the rocks
The ritual slaughter shall begin
Silver the stones are shining
When they meet the cold moonlight
Their magical powers steel my body as my fingers touch 'em
The choir of monks starts the mourners dirge
And cold steel is ripping the virgin's flesh into pieces
The virgin's blood is flowing red
Upon the altarstone, under the Goatmoon
Ritual murder in the dark
Upon the throne of thunder
The stormsceptre seals his endless reign
Thy master rises out of flames
To take rule with iron claws of power
We are part of armageddon's overkill
The world is dying in the flames of rebirth
Surrounded by holocaust fires, these rocks will be thy throne
When they self created race will serve thy royal desires

5. These Graves and Wooden Coffins Are My Realm

Behold the starry night, pale shine
The rising moon lights up a sombre vision
In the mist, witches dance
Ancient names on stones infinite old
Crucifixes and statues tower up from the soil to the height
Listen to the raven's song, fellows of the grim reaper
Gloomy and dark their throats spit out malicious words
Spite is filling the air with occult mysticism
Pure evil is dwelling here
Inside the cemetary, mystified creatures
The stinky breath of the dead, odour of eternity
Impurity on holy ground
The aura of the ghosts has supplanted the breath of god
Stepping on that cursed funeral soil is strengthening me
Can absorb that magic from the burial ground
And witches chants conquering loud the silence
When I walk along the path of graves
There, shooting stars
Will they announce a new vision
Are they messengers of the coming dark age
I see those names that mean nothing to me
Only names, nothing but unknown names
A maze of funeral places
Opened coffins, dead eyes stare at me
Emperor of the funeral realm
Along the coffin's path I'm walking
Ghosts eyes follow me
To the throne of the cemetary they guide me
And they kneel down before the emperor's throne
I take reign of that nocturnal idyll
During the mystic fog mixes up with that earthly breath
Only pleasure is inside my heart when I watch my kingdom
These graves and wooden coffins are my realm

6. Kingdom Under Funeral Skies

Conquer the storm on Zephyrous' wings
Ride into the sunset
Follow the shadows grey and dark
Stride through the veil of black

Fenrir's howl marks your path
When the light is dying slow
You'll enter a realm beyond the mortality
To the stormlord you'll bow

You'll know when you've reached your journey's end
When you cross the threshold of malediction
Don't be afraid to give you up to your fears
You don't need a saviours benediction

Gravestones rule that grim land's sight
And mist is dwelling here eternal
Rain is whipping under funeral skies
The atmosphere nearly infernal

Born out of dead mans ashes
Are the creatures who rule with swinging axe
In the mists of wrath and anger
They're breaking the weak heretics neck

Air is filled with dark necromancy
And the water is only a witches brew
Sorcerer's decide of your entry
You must be cruel like the chosen few

Walk the path until the glade
Where the ivory tower thrones
The witchcraft of a thousand wizards
Is buried here with their rotten bones

Open the gates of that cursed tower
Where the evil of this universe sleeps
Set free the hatred, the anger and wrath
Until it again in all human hearts creep

7. Burning in Hell

Nocturnal whispers driving you insane
Darkness reigns, you're screaming in pain
You can feel the powers of the night
Your hidden fears move you in fright
You've trusted all the years the words of a liar
Who poisoned all your thoughts, poisoned your desires
You will feel the fire
Burning all your desires
You'll hear the wringing knell
When you burn ... deep down in hell
Praying to your lord until your last breath
But no answers did reach you, remaining is only death
Never lost your morals, never lost your faith
Deep down in hell you'll become the power's slave
All the years you thought to heaven your soul will fly
But now the time has come for you to die
You will feel the fire
Burning all your desires
You'll hear the wringing knell
When you burn ... deep down in hell
Burning flesh is all what you still can smell
You don't have a chance to escape this burning hell
You will never reach the shores of eternity
His hoofs and his horns are all that you can see
Burning steel cuts through your soul, the game is over now
Sacrificed to evil forces, to Satan you will bow
You will feel the fire
Burning all your desires
You'll hear the wringing knell
When you burn ... deep down in hell

8. Fullmoon Witchery

Cold and freezing winds make it hard to breathe
The white shining moon hidden behind dark clouds
And only a part of it looking out in the dark black sky
These winds of nocturnal evil blow mercyless
And you can feel how your limbs die slowly in this coldness
But we have gathered around a fire
And the golden flames burn for the moon
Crows croaking far away
And the howling of the wind mixes it to a horrible sound
And we are standing around the fire and listen to this melancholic music
And we can feel how the might of the fullmoon grips at our souls
And we let the moon might stream in our souls
We feel it, it's like flames that burn your skin
And it burns deep inside our minds
And pleasure fills up our hearts
Now the moon comes out of his cloud hiding place
And his power is still bigger than before
The flames hit out of our skin
It's an unbelievable pain and we're dancing like in trance
We dance under the fullmoon
Begging that this fullmoonwitchery never ends

9. Under the Abyssic Black Wings of the 3rd Angel

Aeons of endless wars are gone
Withered like a rose in eternal sun
Extincted like the fire in streaming rain
Ash is the witness of the eternity's flames
Prepared for the journey is my impure soul
Prepared for the quest of salvation
Banished are all weak thoughts
I enter the abyss of damnation
Horizon is darkened from abyssic black wings
Malice is written in thy face
Blood is dripping out of thy mouth
It's the creator of infernal race
The soil is bleeding by his hard steps
Only the moon is looking out behind his horns
Iron claws are crushing the crucifix
And the air filled with pure scorn
I'm looking deep in his burning eyes
No mercy is to see
Only wrath and greed for power in his eyes
Thy worshipper I will be
I feel the unholy power that possesses my body
Instead of blood in my veins are burning flames
With infernal legions I'm marching
With an iron will we'll come
I am a part of an immortal horde
Under abyssic black wings of the 3rd angel
With iron weapons we're devastating all
And the Christian future changes

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