Under Satanae

1. Halla Alle Halla Al Rabka Halla (Praeludium / Incantatum Solistitium)
2. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum)
3. Interludium / Incantatum Oequinoctum
4. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)
5. Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum)
6. Chorai Lusitânia! (Epilogus / Incantatam Maresia)
7. Goat On Fire
8. Ancient Winter Goddess
9. Wolves From The Fog
10. Serpent Angel

Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum)

The Majestic horns of Baphometare indeed our occult banners proudly up in the air!

The androgynous light of Lucipheris our noble passion, most dear and rare!
Oh! Faustian spirit of conquest
May be thy allied in this infimious battle
Against the Arauts of Desrespect
Those who step with muddy feet the sapient inscriptions of our cradle.
To our strengthening I proudly confess:
I worship thee, for they are my weapons to hurt god.
Oh! Great wings of Beelzebuth
Will you honour me and lay the head of a son of caym, in the soft sands of Manitou
Where I'll sleep under this neophyth
Sky of Anxiety.

For the dawn of Knowledge has a Southern Sign
Delfos will once again desveil its light
And those with eyes will drink this precious wine
But for the blind, Ignorance shall be the only sight!

To our strengthening I will re-affirm:
I worship thee.

They are my Shield.

And their message I shall reveal.
Because: "Quod sciptum, Scripsi!"
And this Southern blend of esoteric sapience
This sensual Mediterranic Philosophy
Will be the only and holy science
And these lines both dream and prophecy!
"Ecce Homo!" - Those you'll call the Wise
Who will destroy this pitiful hole of common sense of disrespect for the true occult devise
Those who from, the lambs, shall feel the sharpened spears of Intelligence!

I worship thee. "Quod sciptum, Scripsi!"
I worship thee. "Consummatum est!"

Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)

Oh! Insinuant tongue of Lilith Oh!
Virtuous Latin Langsuyar
Will you both drive me onto an Erudit Zenith?
Will I take part in the lybidious dances of Nergal?

I lust with thee.

Pictures, fetishes of luxury!
Does the incomparable beauty of KaliStill adorn this grey heart, my own
Where the love of Lebasy Once shined Joy, now Sorrow...

I lust with thee.
These exquisite Icons of Impurity!


As I undress you of Pagan beauty
Who embrace my Sex with all your passion and strength
The lost chimera of Virginity will be your true purity
And thy Crownleyian erotic laws will rule at last! We, seekers can not deny...

That the Temptation of Samael Is thy Erotic law of every Man
And I will hesitate not to enter Hell
Where this dioniosiac fortune had ever dwell!
Oh! Phallus of Satanachia, possess with me
These cunted beings to their
End Until the Sunset of their resistance fall
Behind the flowers which adorn their head I lust with thee.
Everlasting seekers of Animality

Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum)

"Voa Serpente do orgulho, M?e da terra, nossa M?e,
Lei daqueles que clamam P'lo Homo Natura, p'la flama,
Voa er?tico Pentagramma, E destr?i, e destr?i quem te ama."
[Langsuyar T. RexFall 1993 e.v.]

"Masturbar-me-ia sobre a tua divindade,Enrabar-te-ia se a tua fraca existência
Oferecesse um cu à minha incontinência;
Meu braço o coraçâo te arrancar
Para com o meu fundo horror melhor te penetrar."
[Marquis de Sade(1740-1814)]

Goat On Fire

'It is the dawn of a new morning at the Mountains of Silver
and I would rather live in the ice than in the middle of
the modern virtue and other southern winds'
[Friedrich Nietzsche]

When the cold winds blows the fog away
releasing dark shining shapes of a mystic forest.
I embrace the Nightfall
Old voices from ancient Witches announce
the gathering of thee
...The ones of a thousand young.
Here in the North... where We come forth to assemble.
Where I Knee unto thee...
Four times one and one are all.
The four crowned Princes of Hell.
The ones with the Sygil of Evil...
Witness... the Goat on Fire. Who feed my desire.
The Goat on Fire.
A goat with the Northern Ice.
A goat with the Southern Fire.
Rex Tenebrarum! The crow over my soul.
Tremendae Majestatis. The raven inside my Heart...
Four times one and one are all.
The four crowned princes of Hell
The ones with the Sygil of Evil...
Goat on Fire... Come feed my desire

Ancient Winter Goddess

A pure veil of darkness.
A mysterious fog.
The Moon is full.
And the Wolves you call.
Red as my blood it is the sky above us.
As I witness the arrival of the Winter Solstice.
And I cry from the abyss with the legions of Lilith.
Who grant me, son of Goat, the virtues if the black oath.
And I clime upon the Raven Mountain and yell.
Oh! Thunders of light and pyres of flames
- Fire is my domain -
Oh! Freezing breezes, rain and snow
- Winter is my domain -
Oh! White Whale, Leviathan
-Water is my domain-
Oh! Most beautiful mountains and forests
-The Earth and Air are my domain-
So I invocate: Eaaaaaaa! Winter rise!...
and the Ancient Winter Goddess rises
and sits in her throne of snow and stone.
Soon red will be the colour of the snow under us because
She have sent Her angels and the fury of Winter.
A cold morning will born and white is the sky above us.
And by the powers of Winter

Wolves From The Fog

Hear the howling...

As the light falls and darkness paints the sky in black, a cold Moon shines
and the red somber eyes awake, the forest whispers..
Oh! Whispers my unholy name, from a frozen Mist I rise,
I, Wolf, rise!
And my brothers will attack under this blood sign...

Wolves from the fog will join in a nocturnal operetta.
When the wind sounds Bohemia and the trumpets loud bacchanal.
Oh! Fausts and ninfs the joy of Nahima, Mistress of the Sabbat.
Soon we'll be embraced by our father - the one with horns.
Satan is rejoicing in pleasure destroying the shapes of flesh.
... and once again from the fog, with horns on head came the Wolf
carrying in is shoulder the sacrifice, a beauty to this Walpurgis Eve.
As, to the somber image of our God, the Wolf with Horns I walk!

Serpent Angel

Father Satan send the Serpent
Poison me with your tongue
Envolve me in a darkness shell
Grant me all the powers of hell
Lucy Feris... bringer of light
Serpent God... Septentrion rise!

Unholy I felt, delirium of death
With blood I enchant, I'm the Angel
Flesh! Grant me the powers oh!
Diabolical trinity
Enlight me spectre of Leviathan
Genesis of the true lord
In the mass of damnation
Gran-duc of hell Amon recite
thy incantation...
Occult I'm lord Immortal and
my majestic wings dare enlight all
Involeth... Daemoneth... Imoleth... Shehmah Forash...
Only I will oring Emeth

Rise my angels rise!
The creation of me Morbid God
(eerf ylf llahs I, dog eb llahs I)
By the hand of Tiamat, Lord of odd
Open wide the chapel of fall!
Overshadow me Master Belial!
Serpent Angel I am the one they adore!
They kneel before me I'm their Morbid God!

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