Anden Som Gjorde Oppror (1995)

1. En Mork Horisont
2. Visjoner Av Ev Eldgammel Fremtid

1. En Mork Horisont

[English translate: Reflections Of Horizont's Dark]

In all the candles that I burn,
I see the formations of horizons dark.
And in my mind hear voices cry, so sad.
Behind the forests (what do they hide?).
In my nightmares I can see what they hide.
So evil, this place feels familiar in some way.
It feels right.

2. Visjoner Av Ev Eldgammel Fremtid

[English translate: Visions Of Future Centuries Ago]

Still I must live on, create my reality that was,
await the death hour and depart.
I can see the everlasting stars reflect themsleves
when I look down upon the surfaces of the bottomless lakes,
those all black lakes, going nowhere, being everywhere.
Being the wet houses of watery ghouls and spirits.

All music & lyrics was composed, arranged,
performed & recorded by Mortiis
Recorded & mixed at Studio Ljudhuset, Sweden

1995 Cold Meat Industry

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