The Druid Ceremony

01 Until Eternity
02 Punisher
03 Lady Lost
04 Night Spawned
05 The Druid Ceremony
06 Mother Of Fear
07 The Haunting
08 A Cursed Mankind
09 The Search For You

Until Eternity

Time marches on
why have you left me to die
when my soul will stay?
If this is the end, how come
my soul meets you once again...
my love will remain

We shall meet again on the other side
take my hand and we will fly away

In the ancient times of the spiritual
visions, forbidden thoughts awaits
the sign, the sign of freedom, the sign
of wisdom, the power to leave this world
I saw a man guard his land with a
spear of thousand tears, the messanger
of love, the gatekeeper of lust

Time marches on
why have you left me to die
when my soul will stay?
If this is the end, how come
my soul meets you once again...
my love will remainback to top


I sold my soul
to be near you
I'm torn apart inside
When will you see
that you are the one for me?
Don't you see that I care?
I will go through heaven and hell
just so I can feel your
skin next to mine

Is my love for you eternal?
Or can it only die with you?

In the silence of the endless night,
never again feel the quest of the light

I won't let you
turn your back on me
Don't want to be ignored
by you at all
I can't take it any longer
you must be punished
for these games you play
I am the one, the one and only
I am your punisher

My pain will end with you tonightback to top

Lady Lost

A razor so sharp leads her the way
to her long awaited final resting place
Lifeless and cold
The body is pale
Her eyes so empty of everything

Living in joy, she ain't anyway
Life tears on her lonely soul
Living in shame, no longer the way
As life is slipping so much farther away

Soon to be entombed in the soil so moist
Forever she will lie yet still she is aloneback to top

Night Spawned

As we're like two lovers all death
we reached the promised land,
and in darkness we join
Our progeny, spawned by the night,
with us with fight in the war against the light

My black soul cries, then it slowly dies
All the visions in my eyes, suddenly flies away

As dawn appears we have to hide
or get burned like in the most sung fires
A mortal's blood we rewuire to survive,
to carry on without the pain of the hunger

I love it when you please me,
when your blood drains free,
just for me...back to top

The Druid Ceremony

Hear the whispers in the mind
see the leaves falling from the trees
winter's not far away now
nature dies of massing cries

The druids of death is chanting
Their charms of ancient magic
To summon the past
As lightning strikes from the cloudless sky
A ring of fire has been drawn
The circle of protection's complete
This ritual has begun
Invocation of the elements is made

As the rain starts falling to the ground
and both fire and wind appear all around
Now the real task is to be performed
To summon the serpent... of the infernal sea

From where the dwells in the deepest abyss
Leviathan come to me

Under the moon the ritual ends
As the sun is rising, about to hit this glade
The silence is everywhere around
The birds don't sing their songs of joy
Not even the wind whispers here anymore
Trace of emptiness is left behind
The druids have all disappeared
And so has their altar of sacred stoneback to top

Mother Of Fear

Mother of fear - whispers in my ear:
Now the time has come, the last ring of the bell has rung
the final minute of your life, destiny doesn't want your soul...
You're to be judged, to fear in the last dimension
Mother of fear

Destruction my save my tears, just can't cry my tears no more
I was left alone at the path, then I didn't see that the last show was ment for me

Mother of fear, now the time has come, mother of fear

Mother of fear - have mercy onmy soul,
don't bend my faith into disappearence
Then I'll damn you, damn to fear in fear,
the mother fear shall to my feet kneelback to top

The Haunting

Alone in the forest of shadows, without a single path to follow
Surrounded by a sudden darkness, absorbed by the dark mist
A silent voice in your head, the fairies sing their songs for you to follow

Come to me... I dwell in your mind
Come to me... I bread on your fear
Come to me... I want you so
Come to me... come to me

And into the far you will walk, enticed by nocturnal children
Your soul is gone, but not alone, every soul once lost in the dark,
now saving the forest of the the lost souls to call for moreback to top

A Cursed Mankind

When the moon is full and the stars shine bright,
one might see them fly through the night sky
Long ago before the birth of humanity,
they were free, free to rule the earth

The ancient dragons, of a realm forgotten,
breathing their fire towards the heavens

Milleniums my pass but the mighty dragons
still manage to live on, fighting for their lifes
The curse mankind is growing stronger
and destroying all that once was
the dragons of a realm, realm forgottenback to top

The Search For You

Struggling against the wind,, walking through deep snow
Fighting against the time that soon has run out
As days become years, I am still searching for you
si that I can get a clue to where I can find you

Nor thunder, lightning or rain can stop me from finding you
Not even the hardest ways can stop me from finding you

Eternity has passed but I haven't forgotten
what happened between us, between you and me
When I finally find you I will tear your soul apart
For I have pledged my life to revenge myself on you

Therefor you must die
Therefor you must die
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