Grape Of The Vine

1. Layil

2. Grape of the Vine

Sons of daughters of Cain
Unclean breed of the original murderer
Children of the wastelands
Of the poison of God, of the mother of abortions
Serpent born
Now turn against each hindering law of God

In the wilderness
North of edenic illusion
Via bridges that lead from the roots of the outer tree
- Sitra ahra begins to unveil
Awake, awake!
In invocation and still contemplation
For the soul becomes a cup
And the treasures of the night the wine therein

With eyes open wide
The fruit is like the grape of the vine
Death becomes the mother of life
As their sons and daughters give in to the most deviant perversion!

In the chalice of water above
The human number is divided in two
Rending the two-fold dwellers of the deep
In the abyss, a gate to worlds unexplored
The forbidden fruit of the outer tree
Liberates from the slave-like rest of Eden
The birth place and the temple of a world separated from God

Your sorrow, your suffering
Your pitiful longing for union!
Your efforts, your struggles
Tears and halos fall as rain from above
Drowning the world in a deluge of emptiness
The deep becomes the devourer
Can't you see what has risen here?
A paradise without restrictions!

We stare in awe through the seals
And let the speech of the light bearer in
To resonate in the darkest reaches of the human mind
Listen, oh listen!
To a voice older than human language
The serpent's promise
As alive and clear as its been for centuries

3. Torches

Condemned, thirsting, drenched in filth
Are not our souls broken and stained?
Withstanding a veiled separation, unaware of the constant change
Must not we crush this glass with our teeth,
And drink from wells filled with rotten fluid?
We are but ruins here, all aligning to be forgotten!
Ever staring at the stars
Knowing they died ages ago
Their fading light upon the crocked path
With none to left follow, none left to bear the shame

The desires of this world thrown into nothingness
And we pass to places of power
At the graveyards, at crossroads of transition
The torch of Hekate, the dreary moon's light!

None left to follow, none left to bear the shame

Even in a sleeping state this anathema exhausts
As we reach out for death with hungering hearts
Entreating our shadows to cure this unquenchable thirst
In desolate ruins, in secluded temples
We are born anew in every heartbeat!

In dark places
Hours and hours of the utmost despair
We give up who we were and what we are
Enduring the cost for saturnine gnosis
Angel and torch-bearer!
Let me drink deep from the well of nothingness!
In dark places
In broken traces
Whatever was hidden becomes clear
Venite Lucifer!

4. Sulphur

A slight scent of sulphur in the air
Voiceless prayers in the dark
The devil speaks while I lie asleep
And I hear
My every thought tainted with filth
My every thought tainted with blood
And I hear
The devil speaks while I lie asleep

Once again Satan is taking a new form
An anathema and blessing alike
Wisdom from nothingness
-How ironic these words must have been to Job!

A Christlike shape dissolves in the fire
They transform as one
A slight scent of sulphur in the room
But there is nothing here
There is nothing here!

In deep trance I lie wide awake
But this is not me, this is not me
This is not me!
My every thought tainted with filth
My every thought tainted with blood
My every thought tainted with filth
My every thought tainted with blood

5. Disobedience

In the center of the night
We become unable tell where the darkness end and we begin
Where worlds collide in bleak stains
Echoes of our intense calling resounds
Deeper and deeper, in places out of reach
The names called are breeding and multiplying through themselves
It leaves me numb with sheer fear!
Still, with the chains of effort shattered
I force the mind to depart into places of unbridled lust
Temples shunned and forbidden, where ashes are born without fire
I stare myself blind at the stranger in the mirror
In the nexus of contradiction, in the commotion in between
The speaking serpent walks

As an uninvited guest in the flesh of a pious man
In sleepless hours, in restless woe
A stranger is born within
Alike an angel of sinister hunger, scourging the roots of life
Nerve by nerve
And when we dare to lose ourselves to that aching silence
With a fiendish notion even unto ourselves -
A phoenix brought back into suffering
Imagine what could be sleeping in abodes like these,
When their outer shells shine with the fires of hell!

Where the substance of god is fouled, and we are nowhere
Vessels for the nameless, hallucinations that grow into bridges to possession
We are nowhere, we are nowhere!

Kneeling with heads touching burning coal
Are you not as ashes born without flames -
Here, where the veil separating night and day is so thin?
For your eyes burn with forbidden fire
Through sleepless hours, in restless woe
You face the mirror forced to confess -
The world is so much darker now
And we are nowhere!

At the diabolist coven
Wading in the water of astral shadows
At the shore line
A breach between the worlds

6. Nemesis

You are prophets of your own demise;
As the vastness of hell is expanding in every direction
And you follow it with empty hearts, leaving naught unexplored
Even against your pretended will
And lo! your child-hood fear is the redeemer of the present!

The pulse of death is indifferent to all
Inhuman, faceless, relentless
And you seek freedom therin
In a self-imagined importance
Kneeling with heads bowed to infertile soil

Still you chose to bathe in the excrements of history
In the simplicity of hunger, sleep and pro-creation

In blindness you deemed Satan comprehensible -
Still you can not even see the smallest grain of sand,
In this desert of otherworldly misgrowth
Where we erase our names from the book of life
And let our voices fade into nothingness
For what could ever be more beautiful
Than the abandonment of it all -
In a self-chosen bestial madness?

You have known it, but stood in denial of your most vile desires!

The construction of the "I" becomes laughable
This hunger transcends every human impulse
A ray of light in another world raises a shadow in ours
And what difference does wisdom or folly make
When not even one language is discernible in Babel?
A multitude of voices
Angelic, demonic, human, and the silent ones
Unbidden you stand against in the terrible mess of sound

7. Tzel Maveth

The pendulum is set in motion
In a heart beat day has turned into night
For a second, for centuries or an aeon of being
In a fleeting state, fear wearies our hearts
Hopelessness is the water we drink
And though stained with demonic dirt
Our tears are molded in shaded existence
To be everlasting in their death
Footprints in the astral filth, sustained and saturated
In the dwelling houses of the damned

My heart is stained, it has been painted black
with fatal marks scars of damnation
Under the passage of the tower
The ravens of dispersion hover above
In the commotion of three broken shells
Baal dissolves
To form a black halo above my head

With the taste of grave soil still on my tongue
The pendulum is set in motion
And in a heartbeat I have turned into nothing
Surfacing in the unstirred void
Through a black hole in the lower sea
The fierce stream of physical death, it leaves me cold!
Rising as serpents encircling the shadow's spine

Only the ashes can tell
A god forming or flesh for daemons
Eaters of souls, distorted ones
Will I feast upon myself, or be the devoured hereafter?
Only the ashes can tell
Were we phoenix or men

And through the black mirror I stare
At his sharp blades shining in the shadows
Preparing the slaughter
Baal dissolves
Forming a black halo above my head

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