Mortuus (ep)

1. Silence Sang the Praise of Death

Silence sang the praise of Death
From the bottomless
To the torn apart gates of heaven
Nothing is, and in the void it lies
The abyss; complete Damnation of life
Bottomless, Faceless Evil
Flames consume...
Deep in every shadow

Usurper in paradise, Ancient Serpent
Into thy hands I commend my spirit
Erase, Erase, Erase!
Hear me, og angels of Yahweh
I have denied all that you gave
To enter the bottomless, lifeless redemption
Entreat the path of Satan
The bleak flames of this dreadful desire
Possessed with all the Abyss
In mind, in Spirit!
This tongue tasted the Devil's wine
And when all light had faded...

When the last of the mist
Is covering the path into the Devil's heart
I shall enter Him
In complete ecstasy

In union with the horns
Luciferian completeness
I seek Death
And Hell is given to me
Ancient Serpent
The earth belongs to thee!
Holy in iniquity
Into thy hands I commend my spirit
Let them all taste the Devil's wine!

Silence sang the praise of Death
And its echo rendered all hope
For I know!
The Devil shall be the one enthroned

2. All Dead

Through the bleak sight
The ruins beneath our fading steps
All dead but walking
With flesh so Old
Towards Damnation
Endless Pain...
Towards Damnation
Endless Pain!

The whore of life smiles
With murder and rape on her lips
And the laughter echoes so hollow
Tearing apart the lines of life
Deeper into the Darkness
The eyes of the Abyss
Stare into... His Dead heart

Life is nothing now
After the gloomy sight of Death
Endless paths into Nothing
Bound to the last Breath
With flesh so old
Chained to forever remain
Fading but never gone

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