Mortuus / Serpent Noir
Split ep

1. Mortuus - Nyctophilia

the air is thick, the ground so cold
I seek to wander upon burdened waters
an effort and act with sinister intent
to mirror the Evil within

into the tunnel of Thantifaxath, the opening to the nightside of life
unearthly light upon the blood stained walls, and aghast with her pitch-black eyes I fall
and wither in Her shadow, entranced in the pulse of Her dance of Death

countless are the spirits emanating from Your sterile womb
You are the bearer of my darkest dreams - the broken passage, the open wound
the inhuman blood fusing to worlds, deep in the core of the earth
countless names resound within, as were they spoken by a stranger’s tongue

at the point where madness and clarity unite
I hum along with the choirs of the dead
the outer and inner collide
as awareness within a distorted illusion
evanescent voices echoe
we were never here
we were never here

2. Serpent Noir - Dreaming Iblis

Since Abraham's era the seed was soiled
Seen by the eye of Iblis, curving his mark
His curse remains forever, Ophian energy forever vibrating

No more resting spirit
No more resting sleep
Life will never be like before

At first it is through your dreams when you experience another world of draconian might

Find your hands (in your dream) and control the right side of your brain
So many new worlds lie beyond, of charm and dread, of agony and ecstasy
Let's bring forth the conciousness of power
Let's welcome Iblis to our souls
Iblis come forth

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