Mourning Beloveth / The Ruins of Beverast
Don't Walk on the Mass Graves

1. Mourning Beloveth - I Saw a Dying Child in Your Arms

I saw a dying child in your arms
Like a vapour exhaled by the earth doomed to arrive nowhere
For in the darkness we must fall back on our own woven seed
And you would think I would go meet those primal beasts
For I had such things to attend,
Strange witchcraft, with their drums and their dancing

We could not understand because we did not remember
The mind can do everything because of what is in it...
All of the past and all of the future truth,
Stripped of its cloak of time for the devil can bee too much a devil to be seen
But most of us fall between fool and devil not able to see the heavenly earth
So it's a standing place where we must endure all the sights and sounds
And the smell of rotting flesh

No longing for the gallows between butcher and divine
The empires of the future are the empires of the mind
With no memories of coffins
Or the graves today
From envious uprisings
The squalor of life
With blood through the ages
As the world goes on and on

There will never be enough

2. The Ruins of Beverast - Silhouettes of Death's Grace

My vast forest eternally
For my restful eyes watch from below
Dead limbs reach out for me
Spell of rigor mortis and codweb

Strike up, my corpses,
The hymn of unavenged chaos!
Make the undergrowth tremble

Which giant noise will wake me up
To live and die within this nightmare...?

Silhouettes of death's grace

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