Drachenblut (1998)

1. Ancient Words
2. Notrum - The Sword Of Might
3. The Dragonslayer
4. King Of The Nibelungenhord
5. Isenstein
6. Shadows Over Worms
7. Hagen Von Tronje
8. Blood From The Xantens King
9. Rheingold

1. Ancient Words

They told us from old legends
wonders far beyond
from warriors and honour
from boldness undaunted
from times of great celebration
from crying and from lament
from many heros quarrels
the story now begins

2. Notrum - The Sword Of Might

In a castle of Xanten he lived
the king of the Netherlands
with his wife and son
who's name was Siegfried
his greatest wish was to go out
and have adventure and war
it was so boring for him
a hero he wanted to be

His father wants him to aduce
knightinnes virtues
but all his strenght and will
could not blind from false behaviour
so he sended him out
to a smith called Mimer
the smith should make him a man
and a future king

[Father of Siegfried (Sigmund) speaks:]
"My son you go with master Mimer
he should treat you like a common apprentice
and such hard work I hope will quit you
and form your mind to a bride knight".

and in the dark of the force
where he only heard hammer and anvil
many stories where told
about a dragons called Fafnir.

[Siegfried speaks:]
"No one has conquert this dragon so far
it menaces the whole land
but I will go out and defeat him
and then I have my fathers bright".

In the night he made a sword harder than the steal
an armour and a shield to stand against the evil
with the strenght of the bear
and broudly like a knight
he walked in that night away from master Mimer

then he stood in the darkness
put on his glamourous armour
with only one thought in his mind
to defeat the old dragon
a vision of the great king
he had in that night
now he's in the world of great adventures and war

Suddenly he heard a noise
someone has followed him
and as he looked behind him
a knife shines in the night
someone from the smith
would killed him from behind
but with his sword he turned up his head

and he went to the dragonstone

3. The Dragonslayer

With his armour sword and shield
he walked through the night
and in the light of the moon
he shines like a warrior
he walked till the break of dawn
and above his head
the dragonstone was ahead
dark and threatening

on his way he saw a wagon
with a farmers family
he told the man full of pugnacity
what's in his mind
that he wants to free the land
from the plague and pain
and from the smell of sulfur
the fire and the dead

"Take the horse that came yesterday it's former owner is dead
as you he would kill Fafnir but he wasn't an opponent
he dies in the flames of hell no scream were heard that night
the Lindworm is undefeated and someday he will destroy us".

with the dead behind he rides through a former happy land
now destruction and fear in his eyes
darkest feelings in his mind, then he saw a ravine where
all his live would end or glory will begin.

the dragonslayer

then he saw the head of the dragon looking in his eyes
bones of soldiers who had died in the battle of dead
it's mouth was opened wide and the fire burned to take his soul
but with Notrum the magic sword he will fight until his dead.

and then the battle began
Siegfried fought hard like a dog of the war
and with the last strenght he had
the sword runs into the dragons heard

"From which tribe you come, who'd painted my hard red
the dark steel is in me and burns my soul
your sword was stronger, I'm defeated
it's live must Fafnir leave now and forever".

As the dragon lived no more
Siegfried felt it's blood
it was like a second skin
where no steel came through
so he put his body in the sea of blood
but a lime-tree leaf felt on his back

on that little place on the back
he wasn't safe
against the steel of the enemies
he must face in future life
there was silence in the land
and he put his weapons on
to tell his father what he'd done and to get his respect.

After a while he left Xanten
visit other foreign lands
and he came to a realm called Nibelungen
he heard from big treasures there
which were safed by dwarfs and giants
but his mind reached out for the Nibelungenhord

4. King Of The Nibelungenhord

"I'm the king of the Blackalbs, Alberich is my name
since thousand years I hold the treasure in my hands
but you can't see me cause a magic hood is on my head
come join my realm but beware or you're soon dead".

As Siegfried stood in front of the gate
he saw twelve mighty keepers
and he knows behind that door, must be the Nibelungenhord
then he met two kings of them Schilbung and Nibelung
this two kings were in a fight whose the treasures owner.

Then the kings had killed themselves their blood laid on the ground
and Siegfried took the sword Balmur to lead the kings as their new king
the dwarfs had watched the whole happening
and in the mountain they told Alberich,

"Master of the blackening world out there is a new king
he had killed the former lords now he wants the treasure
you have sworn until you dead to defense all areas
now go out and fight him with your magic hood".

suddenly Siegfried felt pain someone is punching at him
but he can't see someone here angry he fights with Balmur
then something was in his hand the magic hood in his own
and a creature he saw Alberich stared at his eyes.

"please my master let me live your slave I will be
the treasure of the Nibelungen I give to you for free
but in Island is another enemy for you
Brunhild is her name and she's undefeaded".

"I'm the daughter Odins with the warrior soul
thousand came to reach my heard but no one get the chance
three competitions you must win and then I'm yours
but when you lose your condemned soul is mine".

Siegfried told his knights to built a ship of war -
with Alberich his on the way to Island
to face another victory and an unknown adventure
and to defeat the proud of Brunhild.

5. Isenstein

Which the blast of the northern winds
they were on the opened sea
and they travelled against north
to a land called Island

Siegfried only wishes were
to defeat the ice princes
and under the dragons sign
he had a new slave

then they saw the coast of Island
twelve norns standing at the hills
hundred years they were the keepers
of their queens realm.

and water fontains clapping at the ice cold stones
the wildest water Siegfried has seen in his whole life

as they reached the sand of Island
Siegfried told one of the norns
that he wants to challenge Brunhild
and to own her realm

but the only answer was
that he must be very careful
Brunhild had won every fight
against all the challengers

so the norns lead them to a castle
where the Queen were reside
fire balls were no man came through
were the castle guardians

and then they saw Brunhild
standing at the gates
through thousand flames her beauty
shined through hell and she said:

"three competitions you must win
to take my soul
and my body will be yours.
I'm the warrior
who has fighten thousand man
and no one of them
had seen the day".

"When the mourning breaks
we'll see each other then
in the middle of the castle
my sword is sharper and my hand will
destroy you
and you ever be my slave".

Siegfried hold his promise, the sword fight he had won
and in the second he had thrown the sparrow father
third one without problems he took a big stone in his hands
and as he won the third Brunhild fall on her knees.

"so you're my slave for now
a present for king Gunther
the king of Worms to which we go
and you'll be his wife
his sister Kriemhild I will take
with your help I get her
Kriemhild I have jeard so far a goddes of the world".

with the heard of stone she traveled
no emotions in her eyes
a lost warrior heard with no bride
and she swore to Siegfried revenge
only his dead she wants to see
every night she thought about it
and soon it shall be.

then they saw the coast of Worms
the king of Burgunden lived
and the knights were festive welcome
them to their land of peace.

and then a celebration started
to the whole castle.
the brightest knights of land
came to give to Siegfried honour.

6. Shadows Over Worms

As the festivals were over
a double wedding were at the cathedral
Siegfried married his Kriemhilde,
Gunther married Brunhilde
but this bound before their god
was under a terrible omen.
Brunhilds eyes were colder
and her only thoughts were revenge

then an advice came
the king of Denmark wants war
with bounded king Lüdeger
who was the great king of Sachsen
Gunther was faced with sorrow
but Siegfried spoke to him
that they should fight the war
and took the kingdoms both

an army of 1000 man rides the Burgunds
and the Nibelungen knights
on Siegfrieds side were Hagen Von Tronje
and behind them the bravest warriors.

as the bloody war began there were no prisoners made
king of Denmark were soon dead
and the king of Sachsen too.
with this triumph Siegfried went to his wife

they went back to Netherlands cause his mother died
Siegfried get the crown from his father Siegmund
he was the new king noble and righteous
and for many years they lived full of peace

far away at Worms
there were someone who hadn't forget
years of hate and thoughts of death
were in Brunhilds mind

but she had a plan inside day of revenge is near
she would never be the queen on king Gunthers side
in the night she spoke to Hagen about Siegfrieds death
at the feast on solstice it should be.

"with the steel of Odins might
I will kill him at his back
there's only one little place
Siegfrieds blood will run out
Gunther must give an invitation
To Siegfried and his wife
they should come to Worms at the day of solstice".

Brunhild talked to her man Gunther
that she would see Kriemhild again
she should come to visit Worms
with her husband and her courtyard
and they send a messenger out
to the Netherlands to Xanten
he should spread the news of
the feast and that they come fast.

As Kriemhild heard from the feast
she was very happy
and she told her man
that they move over now
so a few weeks later
the whole baggage came to Worms
not knowing in their minds
that it was the last chapter

7. Hagen Von Tronje

Born with the grace of Odin
inside the blood of the warrior
he was the lonesome hero
and a fighter of king Gunther
black was his armour
his sword was faster than winds
under the sign of the falcon
he beats every enemy

one eye in his head that shows
how many fights he had
and the long scare in his face
that shows how he was injured.
his home in the higher north
is a place called Tronje
and his gloomy castle is behind storms and ice cold winds

the one and only love he had
was the beauty Kriemhild
he had sworn to fight for her
and to give his live

with Brunhild he made a bound
against the holy Xanten king
and at the right time he should kill
the dragonslayer

but there were other sides in his life
we talk about
he were a proud knight
many victories he had
in his whole life
and no one could destroy Hagens heart
in a fight he was to strong
all the strenght that he had
was from Odin
and to him he prayed until he died.

in the name of Wotan
Hagens soul was fighting
on his blackened horse
he rides till he dies
Ever on the search
of the sin of live
no quite moments
a traveller he was
ever on a journey
find a love of live
but his destiny was
ever to stay alone

"Oh father Odin
take my soul up high
when I'm dead and gone
I'll sit in the walls of Wallhall

8. Blood From The Xantens King

Many days of games where over in the kingdom of Burgund
at the end a hunting should be with Siegfried as their leader

[Gunther to Siegfried:]
"take your weapons saddle your horse your the greates hunter
tomorrow at the mourning red we will go to the forest".

Hagen said to Kriemhild that he wants to save Siegfried
from the robbers in the wood and from wild cruel animals

[Hagen to Kriemhild:]
"mark the vulnerable sign on Siegfrieds back
my shield should save him from all evil".

in the mourning they went to a place called Odenforest
Hagen has watched Siegfrieds back to have in mind the deadly mark
then the group was seperate cause Siegfried saw a roe
only Hagen followed him and the rest starred at them
as Siegfried had killed the roe he were dirty and tired
he asked Hagen for a spring and they ride to the place

then siegfried go on his knees and he drank his last gulp
Hagen put the lance in his back blood spiller from the Xantens king

as Kriemhild heard from the dead of her man
she knows at once who the murder were

"cursed are you Hagen Von Tronje with the Nibelungenhord
I will buy me a new army to have my revenge for you".

9. Rheingold

But Hagen was faster
he told Alberich to carrie the treasure to Worms
and in the night he put the whole treasure on the Rhein
and gave it to the Mermaids

I can't tell you further what was going on
I only knew that woman and man were crying

so many proud knights they found early dead
this is the end of the legend

the Nibelungendistress!

All songs written by Mystic Circle
Produced by Gerhard Magin and Mystic Circle
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerhard Magin at Commusication Studios

1998 Last Episode

Lyrics in plain text format

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