Ancient Pride (1997)

1. The Shaman
2. Ancient Pride
3. For The Light Of My Darkness
4. Each Dawn I Die

1. The Shaman

Keeper of the Ancient Ways
Medicine Man and Sorcerer
Summoner of Storms
Enchanter of the beasts

Blood Binds you With the Eagle
Blood Binds you With The Wolf
You know The Pain of The Spirits
Our Ancestors Guard your Soul

Shaman, Chant for us
Shaman, Dance for us
Dream and Fly for Your People
Fly and Bleed for Your Tribe

I can See
I can Feel
I Can Hear the Jackals Howling
The Sacred Fires Burn Within

Earth and Fire
Air and Water
Our Forefathers Call my Spirit
To the Silent Cities of the Mind

On my Skin
They carred the Omens
And in My Soul
I Have Their Words

"Through the Force that Binds Together
Beasts and Forest, Gods and Men
A Bird of Flame Will Rise in Anger
And Thunderstorms Will Sweep The Land"

2. Ancient Pride

The Glory of Your Love
Is Built Upon Our People's Pain
And Your Glory is Painted Red
Of Our Noble Blood You Shed.

You Came And Slaughtered Odin
You Came And Murdered Zeus
Our Gods Became Your Satan
And Satan Became Our God

The Ancient Pride
Still Burns Within Us
Honour, Strength And Joy
By Force We'll Purge Our Soil

The Wolf, The Bear, The Raven
Still Guard The Ancient Soul
The Ram Will Crush Your Temples
The Bull Will Slay Your Priests

Your Brought The Faith of Slavery
You Crowned The King of Slaves
You Raped And Spoiled our Beauty
But Conquered Not our Hearts

The Woods Became our Shelters
the caves Became our Shrines
Gidden From The Greedy Eyes
OF Our Mad, Mercyful God

3. For The Light Of My Darkness

You Calm And Heal My Restless Soul
Brighten The Blackness of my Heart
You Light The Fire in my Cold Blood
Our Spirits Unite As One

My dark Seductive Mistress
Enchantress of Gods and Men
No Words can Reach Your Beauty
Vampire Queen Of My Hell

For The Light of My Darkness
The Slayer of My Sadness
For The Light of My Darkness
The Healer of My Madness

Only Your Touch Can Ease My Hate
Only Your Lips Can Stop My Rage
I've Seen your vision in My Dreams
Bewitching Empress on Night's Wings

Not Even Death Can Do us part
For Years And Aeons Still To Come
We'll Still Be Here To Win Our Wars
And Reign Supreme My Dearest One

Only Your Flesh Can Quench My Thirst
Only Your Soul Can Kiss My Thoughts
No Godess Can Compete Your Charm
Your Rebel Spirit Shades The Sun.

4. Each Dawn I Die

[Manowar cover]

Passing through the storm -
Led by Demons - walk between the
World of men and gods -
Cast no shadows - draw no light.
I rape the priestess on pagans night.

I taste the serpents poison
On the lips of the one I love.
She brings this gift of witchcraft.
I wear the cat-skin-gloves.

Apples of youth when I wrought
Mischief, hung in a tree to rot
In the sun.
Reborn in the middle of the
Final orgy the gift of slavery
To the chosen one.

Suicide Suicide don't you know
Me-call to the Master - he will
Come. - He will bring out
Ressurection-cloaked in darkness -
He has won.

Smoke of my sacrifice.
Journey to the Isle of the
Grant my soul your glory.
At night time - I'm your guest.
Only I know why

Each dawn I die.

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