Promo Tape 1990

Family Of Dog (The Feast Of Ghouls)

My reign beneath the graveyard my
kingdom's underground disease of
necrophagia child of Ancient Gods.
My shape's a living fear my eyes
reflecting horror my growl will
make you creep.

Let's all gather under the
moonlight prepare our feast this
unholy night come my brothers
follow my signs this is the feast of

I growl into your coffin licking my
lips for flesh the highest of
repulsions the sacrilege of death.
I'm the cremator from ashes I've
been born you're destined for my
supper your corpse is my rebirth.
I love to crunch your bones one by
one ripping you to shreds suck the
eyeballs of your socket feeling the
Your tender tongue is a special
piece rotten in your mouth your
entrails smell delightfully soon
will be mine.

De Magia Veterum (The Dawn Of The Utter Darkness)

Worship me you mortal fools
open my seal adore my name
cause I'm the messanger of pain,
the courier of hate,
the beloved of the ancient ones.
I came before their arrival
from the astral plains of cosmic chaos bow your heads!
Don't dare to face them!
They'll make humanity bleed!
They'll make Jesus weep...
I dwell in the ancient R'lye
dreaming in the blind depths of abyss my human servants
enlightened by my dreams now heed my call.
Now death is mortified, because it's alive
what has been eternal lain!
Alive is Cthulhu, the treatest of all!

Open the Gates

I'm veiled in hideous smells
that bring death to your mind
my face is a blasphemy
made by human entrails.
I'm Humvava, the dark angel!

Open the Gates

I'm the lord of Chaos
my hatred is blind, my wrath is insane.
I scream on my throne
from the center of the universe.
I'm Azag-Thoth the Blind God!

Open the Gates

I'm the all in one and one in all.
I dwell in the heart of chaos
and I'm lurking in the threshold of pain.
I'm Yog-Sothoth the ultimate God!

Open the Gates

Now the gates are opened.
Time stood still as waiting for our arrival.
The skies turned to black and the seas painted in red.
We came here from cosmic chaos,
our aim is one, our powers unamable.
Devastate your villages,
your cities and the lands!
Humans will stop existing as a race
and the earth will return to us...

Faceless Gods

Far away deep, in the deserted lands
Black cities rise, as monuments of hate
The crypts who hide the Ancient ones
Sources of Malice beyond the 7th gate
Kingdom of Darkness, dreaming dead
Faces of Abyss, beyond death
(Our world belongs to them as it was before)
Faceless gods invoking damnation
Usurpers of Throne, Fathers of creation
(One day they will awake and no human will be saved)
Mortals will open the eye of the throne
with the 7 keys of the land of the living
ERESKIGAL will reign at dawn
AZAG-THOTH will scream on his throne
CTHULHU will rise from his sleep
from the seas he was buried deep
Our mother ISHTAR will temporary die
nature will shudder from her nocturnelcry
chaos will swallow the Earth
when the fires will burn again
Human race will be lead to her death
The Ancients will howl their rebirth

Evil Prayers

May your mouth be blessed for it is no worth
It has the taste of new roses and the taste of old earth
It has sucked on the dark juices
Of flowers and rushes
When it speaks one hearts as the unfaithfull sound of rushes
And this cruel ruby bloodied and all coldness
It�s the last wound of jesus on the cross

May your soul be blessed for it is corruption complete
Proud emerald that has fallen onto the paving stones of the street
It�s pride has mingled with the smells of mud
And I�ve just crushed into that glorious mud
On the paving stones or the street which is a path on the cross
The last thought of jesus on the cross

It�s the last thought of jesus on the cross
Looking to the eyes of sin and sin your real self
The last thought of jesus on the cross


La Mort

Death has tasted blood
in the cabaret of three coffins
Death put down on the counter,
a black crown
and then went on her way
Death went on her way
very slowly
to look for the last rites
They saw coming back the priest
and the choir boys
too late
to the house
whose windows were closed
Death has tasted blood
She was Drunk with it

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Morbid - Bass, Vocals, Drums
Baron Blood - 8-String Bass
Slow Death - Backing Vocals, Howling, Growling And Whispers

Dave P. - All Guitar
J. Papayiannis - Keyboards

Performed live and recorded at Sin Ena Studio in December 1989.
Artwork by Slow Death.

All music by NECROMANTIA.
All lyrics by NECROMANTIA except Evil Prayers written by Remi De Gourmount and La Mort written by Emile Verhaeren.

Lyrics in plain text format

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