The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven

1. The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven
2. Order Of The Black Sphinx
3. For The Elder Magi- I-Eibon The Necromancer
4. Architecture Of Exquisite Madness
5. Knights Of The Black And White Eagle
6. The Invisible Empire
7. Hellseher
8. Les Litanies De Satan - Act II: From Hell

1. The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven

2. Order Of The Black Sphinx

The ruby stone decoded
The way of Lucifer unfolded
Exposed by the formulas
Of the emerald tablet

The brain, the heart, the genitals
In formalin preserved
Serving the greater scheme
Unlocking the five angels

The science of Alchemy
Disciples of the Sphinx
And when the stars unite as one
Into angels we transform

An alchemical blend
A supreme form of magic
Destined to reveal the Pure
The highest of all secrets

Luminous and glorious
The Fallen One now speaks
Uncovering the veil of lies
Making our souls immortal

3. For The Elder Magi- I-Eibon The Necromancer

Hark to the rune of death
Mage of past ages
Bishop of the serpent race
Eibon, tamer of the dead

Cast your mighty spells once more
For thy kingdom is at peril
Summon the dead from worlds beyond
The chaos spirits from alien worlds

The fields that separate the suns
Will engulf our land in blackness
So send your magic through the mists
And save us from destruction

From the web of darkness
Invoke the soul of the vulture
And from the pits Saturn
Conjure the locus of the Night

Praise to the mighty Eibon
The devious Necromancer
Guardian of the 7 spheres
Protector of the Dream World

Praise to the mighty Eibon
The father of our heathen race
Powerful Daemon Master
Destroyer of our sorrow

4. Architecture Of Exquisite Madness

Touch the walls, liquid mirrors
Feel the floors, black hungry pools
The ceiling above, malignant space
The rooms around, gates to the void

Everything is true but nothing is real
In this house of illusion
In this dark-red church
You will loose your pathetic soul

Disturbing angels everywhere
(Are) Meeting with distorted lines
Creating a twisting
Abominable structure

Every corner is a piece
Of obscure, unearthly art
Small black gateways
To the palace of the Worm

In every room you are prey
To the hounds of emptiness
The eyes of the Devourer
Are watching through the window's glass

Space and time collide
Behind close doors you see your past
Beyond these doors
There is no future... for you...

5. Knights Of The Black And White Eagle

We ride on phantom stallions
We carry flaming swords
Clad in the colors of doom
From dusk 'till dawn

We are the Keepers of the Blood
We hold the keys of the Great Realms
The secrets of life and death
And the Philosopher's stone

Rebirth and death
We rise and shine
Reborn from the ashes
As the Eagle spread it's wings

We have murdered kings and priests
We have fought against nations
We feed on the blood of warriors
We live and breath for battle

We have sailed the 7 seas
Skull and bones our battle flag
The crew of the Holy Damned
Guardians of the Hidden Lore

For thousands of years to come
Until the Gods return to earth
Under the moonlight
We will be watching, we'll still be here

6. The Invisible Empire

Take a look around you fool
War, violence, hate and blood
The end of your world is at hand
A carefully executed plan

Yes, it is true we do exist
Lurking in shadows so you can't see
The bringers of Apocalypse
Harvesters of dreams

Some of your kind have seen the truth
Smelled the conspiracy within
You mocked at them, laughed at their words
We have programmed you to do so

We are the Shadow Government
The Men in Black, the alien lies
We are the wonders of your saints
We are the demons of your dreams

We have successfully engineered
The plateau of your reality
Narrowing your senses and your minds
With methods of deception

We must admit (that) we lied to you
We tricked (and) manipulated you
We offered you a peaceful sleep
So you can dream how life can be

But now it's time to wake you up
It's time to worship your true gods
It's time to serve and give your blood
For our time of glory has come

Now you can see us on our thrones
You can see us at your temples
You can see us in the flesh
The New World Order has begun

7. Hellseher

Something has taken over my mind
Something is guiding my hand
I can see but I am blind
I feel the Devil's rage inside

It's burning, burning
From the depths of my soul
Like Hell itself has moved in me
Darkening my every thought

All this blood, these tears
Screams echo in my mind
Despair, power and lust
From the lions of the Scarlet Whore

I dream and I command
They follow like sheep
Lamps to the slaughter of my greed
A grand macabre sacrifice

The price of glorification
A million lives paid in blood
And I have to see them through
The eyes of the Antichrist

I am the Host
Of every sin
Bringer of pain
The Anti-god

8. Les Litanies De Satan - Act II: From Hell

Master of disorder, Bestower of crime's blessings
Lord of the magnificent sins and noble vices, Satan, it is you we worship
God of reason, god of justice, Admirable legate of false fears
You welcome the beggarliness of our tears, Sustainer of the refined sorcerers
Restorer of the vanquished, It is you who endows them with hypocrisy
With ingratitude and pride, In order that they can defend themselves
Against the attack of God's children, Sovereign of contempt
Reckoner of humiliations, Treasurer of long-standing hatreds
You alone fertilize the mind of man crushed by injustice
You breathe into him ideas of premeditated vengeance
A righteous intoxication in the torture he inflicts
And the tears of which he is the cause, Founder of hysterias
Blood stained vessel of lust, You encourage sterile and forbidden loves
You ensure the delight and joy of carnal pleasures
King of the disinherited, Chamberlain of our tears
Assure us of the delight of those delectable crimes
And grant us the glory, wealth and power
You the Son who was driven away by his father
And as for you impostor, worker of Deceit
Usurper of affection, We shall violate the peace of your body
We shall have you confess the impudent lies
Your unforgivable crimes against man
You profaner of bountiful vices, You Epitome of idiotic purities
Accursed Nazarene, A do-nothing king, a coward of a god

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