Rex Ex Ordine Throni

1. The Void

Come forth scathing winds
Rid these mortals of their flesh
For it is time to glut the hunger
Of the unending
The ebbing of the blood shall bring the void
Death is the threshold to its gates
To the dark and cold in the nothing beyond
I am the key, messenger of darkness
When the earth is dead and all is not
The void shall consume all
All shall return to Darkness
Existence shall be no more
I shall stalk the earth in shadow
Bearing these words upon manking
And in the eyes of their dying children, they shall see
In the shallow breath of the sick and starving, they shall hear
In the husks of their failing mortality, they shall feel
The great Truth shall be known and all will despair
The Nothing lurks just beyond the horizon
Flesh and blood is all that binds
Ever-failing as life's light grows dim
The end is coming
And all shall be cast to the void

2. Mors Philosphorum

Mors Philosophorum - in ritual death well fulfill destiny
Our mortal confines are merely vessels spiriting us forth
Into Oblivion
This is the great knowing
This we embrace
Oblivion is our god
Creator and destroyer of all
Darkness shall be our final resting place
The death of the earth is the birth of the void which turns all to nothing
The laments of this world are as hymns to my kind
Stalk in Mist and Shadow
Mors Philosophorm - in ritual death we fulfill destiny
Corrosive waters cleanse us of our mortal dregs
Embracing our beginnings
We are born on the abyss
In the end, nothing existed

3. The Dark And The Silence

I see the world through the eyes of an apparition
I commune with what lies in the earth
I rise as the dark searing flame
Beyond the dark and the reaches of the mind
Voiceless, yet I speak to thee
Bading thee come forth into the cold earth from slumber
For I am the hateful cold, the dark and the silence
I am all, I am nothing
The lifeless tomb is the entrance to this eternity
The rot that sinks below is the sanctus womb
Come forth lost children of the earth and cease thy breath
I rise as the black searing flame
Beyond the dark and the reaches of the mind
Voiceless, yet I speak to thee
Still thy beating heart and forever rest thine eyes
Intern thy weary flesh and lie with us
Let thy blood turn cold
And thou shalt know my embrace
Come forth lost children of the earth
Cease thy breath, still thy beating heart
Forever rest thine eyes
Intern thy weary flesh
Lie with me

4. Vir Sapiens Dominabitur Astris

I trace my gate upon the wall of stars and pass into eternity
Navigating the aeons astride the dragon of the wind's eye
Through the tumultuous seas of space and time byond the great spheres of fire
The last outposts and final beacons on the brink of the yawning void
Here where the seeds of thought arise from naught
And the Great eye is but a candle in the depths
Black on pitch space unbound
Here lies the Serpent (Katholikos Phis)
Black on pitch space unbound
Its writhing coils enfolding all things incarnate and yet to be
From the Serpent's great maw issues the breath that is the life
Of all worlds seen and unseen
The winds of creation
(And unto its great maw in time shall return)
Destruction, Birth, and Death
I am reborn
Ever onward I soar where even the astral winds dare now blow
To the beginning, the space beyond existence
And from the stars unborn where no light has yet dwelled
I construct my throne and illuminate my kingdom
My will, the hand of the architect, my word a new note in the Eternal Song
The gate of the Eye that I have awakened parts the mists of time
Seeing beyond the vast aeons of eternity

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