En Oria

1. Night Omen

Deep down at the midnight of soul
I awakened to find myself all alone
Struggling between the wet sheets
I've been dying in the midpoint of reality - and dream -

My heart it pounds by the vision I've seen
And I truthfully hope it was merely a dream
That the gods ain't showing an omen to me
Holding the key to my destiny

A ship without hope caught by the sea storm
A seaman's curse, nature rears its ugly side
And onto the deck, she's but a girl
Unfair fate, she's to die a nasty death

Torrent of darkness, showering despair
The crackling of thunder, the waves take her under
Below she
Gasps for air

Life soulless dolls, sailors fall to the sea
Their cries over silenced by the bowling winds
They meet a merciless watery doom
Tomorrow I travel; will I end up doomed, too?

In my journeys I've traveled in paths yet unknown
As I am a man, who calls no place home
Even if the end lies so near I know
I won't give in to fear

In the night I go, to pay homage
To the Goddess of the sea, the bitch Queen Umberlee
The shrine has been built there since years
To let a seaman get rid of his fears

There is a need for such a wicked belief
To praise the Queen, to quench all her anger
As anyone who ventures to her domain
Puts his life in her hands

2. To The Shrine


3. The Drowning

A hundred years before my story did unfold
What I saw in dreams was happening for real
A vessel hits the waves, the journey is in vein
A fate that no one wants to sing

Among the crew she stands so pale
Natassa, thy beloved one
She's to share the fate of all the males

And as days passed by in waters calm
Showing no sign of what's to come
A storm was brewing to the north
The rage of sea come forth

There came storm clouds black
The waters darkened, oh so fast
As instant they were caught
In the middle of a fierce sea storm
All in the ship was shivering
Knowing not what was happening
And only she could really see
And stared in awe the figure near
A woman dressed in jellyfish
With eyes like pearls, and hair like seaweed
Like garments she wore seals
From seashell were her fingernails

The huge form near the ship
Laughs in delight
The girl stands petrified
Meaningless the efforts of all aboard
As she knows the source of the storm
A female voice echoes in the girls mind
Asking her now to dive
Accept the waters cold embrace
To have one last chance to change her fate

In agony the choice is made
The girl is thrown into the waves
To be one with the creatures of the sea
From this moment and eternally
And she did drown but did not die
Choosing to sit by the Goddesses side
Promising to take the pain of loss away
Such strange the games God's play

4. Queen Of The Deep

An aeon passed since her lungs turned to quills
The passing of time had her childish wombs heated
Like the Goddess she praised she began to seem
And she was baptized the queen of the deep

All of the sea creatures bowed and loved her
As she was the chosen of the sea mother
She played with the dolphin and danced with the eel
Hung with the whale, and ridded the seal

Promised to guard her endless domain
To keep this blue land ever the same
Gifted with powers to mortals unknown
And the passing of time would not take its toll

Eternal glory that's promised to her
In ancient underwater ruins she dwells
Atlantean memories forever tied there
Brought down by time and a goddess unfair

5. En Oria

What loneliness crawled in her heart like a snake
She chose the best man of shipwreck to take
And with a kiss, she never gave the choice that she had
To take her lover below, so sad to know
That when they part he will die

Queen of the deep with a kiss you save
A drowning man from his fate
Queen of the deep with the coldest blood
I know I'll drown when we'll part

Then a day the goddess appeared to her
To assign a task to rid of a curse
In the abyss lies a rift to the worlds
And from the abyss the lord of chaos will come
And the law of land, sea and air
Shall be lost, it must be stopped

Queen of the deep I've seen you in my dreams
I should have never come your way
Queen of the deep now our fates will join
As I ignored the omen

Umberlee has decided
And so my vessels sunk
And all were drowned, but one
The choice of a hero is done
Her eyes shone in her shining face

As she kissed me again in a cold embrace
My last gift was given to me
Making love to the queen of the sea
And as the yarn of my fates unfolds
Now, I know the abyss has a woman's soul

Now that my fate is shown to me
I know I will fight in the deepest abyss
A creature crawling from the outer world
To give time to be the sea-witch to save us all
To complete the spell that will close the rift
And seal it for a thousand years
With this quest in mind we moved
To win or to witness our doom

6. Enter The Rift Of Chaos

A water current carries us in haste
With the speed of a maelstrom
Our only light created by the glowing seas
As we advance to the unknown

Know, the abyss is here
Feel the tight grip of fear
As the creature draws near

See, enthralling light glowing
Now, the portal is opening
The stars decide: The rift is complete
One time in a thousand years

To reveal the true force of chaos
A formless thing a blasphemy
A thousand tentacles
With a thousand eyes
All crawling to reach us

My hands have a light grip of my sword
Now, there's no more fear
Just a heightened sense of things

The priestess behind me
With silent spells she calls her queen
Umberlee, the dark mistress of the sea
To aid us against what would undone reality

My magic sword slashing left and right
Chopping tentacles in two
And green blood flows
But it is a matter of time till I'm caught

The eyes spinning, it is painful to look at
As are the lost souls of mortals
Staring in eternal horror and agony

The lord of chaos is trying to make me lose
What remains of my sanity
But I rage and slash and back again
As a tentacle grabs my leg
I feel the pain - but I still fight
I'll teach this thing how mortals fight
And now a mortal bravely dies
Before it holds my soul
At the time my sword arm is caught
And I paralyze, soon to be lost
The waters shake, the spell is complete

7. Final Redemption

Finally this battle came to an end
A fight no mortal could hope to win
As I am caught by the cold grip
But yet is there a hope

The deep is trembling
And I even feel a moan from the chaos thing
I look from the corner of my eyes
That the priestess is in her prime

Her hands unleash a shinning pearl
An a water current hurls it
Upon the bloated skin
Of the chaos lord

I feel the thing cursing
As the portal is fading
Forcing it to withdraw
Back to its hateful world

Water swirls all around
In a great mad storm
And all blackens for me
As I loose my consciousness

The demon sinks as we float above
And far away from the abyss
Defeated, doomed to try again
After a thousand years

When I open my eyes
She holds me in her arms
And I still lay floating
Paralyzed from the fight

Her eyes gleam softly
And I know somewhere
Deep inside there's much sadness
She hasn't felt for year

Then she gives me
The choice that she had to follow
But I deny
I know already by the look in her eyes
My life has ended
With a kiss she takes my final breath
She ends the spell, this story I won't live to tell

My last picture; she floats in shining waters
As I sink in welcoming darkness

8. Aura

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