Harps of the Ancient Temples (ep)

1. The Black Gates

Twilight over vast horizons
Like dead black stone they tower
Archway to the kings of old
Heirs of the shadowed deep

Bring on the night, bring on the pledge
Bring on the night, bring on the dead

While all the courage they devour
Upon unearthly screams they tower
Weeping willows, dead black stone to sire
Archway, swallow whole the plea

Bring on the night, bring on the pledge
Bring on the night, bring on the dead

Bring on the night, bring on the pledge
Bring on the night, bring on the dead

Lock the seven thrones of death
Hold the seven thrones of death
Until she will return
And open The Black Gates
And conquer thy fate

2. Harps Of The Ancient Temples

Listen, purify your bloodstained hands
and the dust from all these flesh-stained lands
Wanderer, cleanse your blinded eyes
Wander, unleash your silent cries

A ceremonial under moonshine
A river floats like bloodred whine
All my live here out of my veins
The ancient temples demand to purify

Neither flesh nor blood shall cross this sacred ledge
For I am the spirit of the ancient stones
I am the strings of the ancient tones

For I am the spirit of the ancient stones
I am the strings of the ancient tones
I am the truth of the spoken word
I am the light behind the sleeping world

3. Titans

Shadowy images come into sight, betokening the arrival of the night
Heed the wind and its tale of woe, summon ghosts forth from below

Ancient darkness, undying grimness, chthonic shrine of the gods

Faces encrusted with blood and grime
Scavenging throughout the obscurity of time

Titans, usurp the throne
A pitch black palace engraved in stone
Titans, emerge victorious
Titans, titans, titans

Through the ruins of Necromanteion, wraithlike deities loom from beyond
Countless years eclipsed in silence, the oracle of death rise to eminence

Ancient darkness, undying grimness, chthonic shrine of the gods

Dead but dreaming in vast antique empires
Ascend in flames of the funeral pyres
Who dwellest in the void place of the squall

4. River Of Woe

Dark and unyielding the river glides,
conveying souls unto the other side
A black-clothed ship of damnation,
sail upon the winds of lamentation

In cadence of the dirge,
centuries of sorrow will purge
Merely to encounter one's nemesis,
enshrouded in mysteries
Endure the torture of emptiness,
stretching on forever

Pass over Acheron to the unseen land
And subsequently adhere to death's command

There falls an influence
numinous as well as profound
As the final epitaph resound
Legends from ancient lore,
foreshadow a desolate windswept shore
Where mortals neither speak nor stroll
hence abandoned beyond control

Exiled from the world of the living,
dead embark on the final crossing
To enter the nether region,
world of the deceased, oblivion...

5. B.O.D.D.

Shattering the walls of time
Blows of a hammer, old, sublime
No sleep, no respite, desire
Adept of an ancient art, admire

Blackening rain onto eternal flames
Forge in fire, in all the pain
No sleep, no respite, ascension
Titan of a dark dimension

Harps in undertone, weaving oldest might
Pitching spells in sparkling light
Breathing the glare of eternity
At one with the dark, internally

Unutterable strength from the unknown
Pouring all that is thy own
Blows of thy hammer, meld the spell
Forge a just will, on the anvile of hell

The crowned, the titan, the seer
Blacksmith of a dark dimension

6. Blood Rite Tree

Engulfed in murmur and whisper
Drag, drag! No time to dither
Is this the wind, is this the beasts?
Step by step into the leafless trees

Passing by the meek and mourning
Fled by the peaceful yearning
Deepening the intensity of sorrow
Wasting away, life to borrow

Stained by rituals of blood's magic
Spoiled by the obsessed, manic
Command a thousand lives to fall
The Blood Rite Tree is standing tall

Stars withering in the open skies
No more sun nor moon to rise
The world surrendering to tension
Behold the collapse of the dimension

Weltering in blood, new life is here
Blood Rite Tree, summoned in tears

Silentium corporis - Silentium sensuum
Silentium consiliorum - Silentium verborum
Silentium cogitationum - Silentium mei
Silentium cordis - Sanguis arboris

7. Opaline Eye Of Death

The seeker's eye, tearing and tired
The veil to fall, in truth's denial
A thousand keys, but none to find
A thousand dreams, but none to bind

The seeker's heart, aching, grown old
His dying eyes, bleeding cold
A thousand men, but none with urge
A thousand ghosts, but none to purge

No one ever knows, no one ever told
The veil will fall, when it unfolds
A thousand words, but none to speak
A thousand lives, but none to weep
A thousand blades, but none to wield
A thousand deaths, but none to yield

For you I am what I am
A Blind Opaline Eye Of Death

8. Andromeda

A crown of unbegotten stars
Amidst the temple walls
Conjuring what has been gone
Conjuring what is to come

Fading, the keeper of space
Fading, the keeper of time
In the steadily pounding heart

The light of unbegotten stars
Glowing into waning flesh
Closing in the temple walls
Drown in chants, come forth

Void sets the yearning heart alight
Amidst the ever pouring skies
An altered mirror in disguise
Andromeda burning now bright

9. Fullmoon

K.D. — Guitars, Bass
W. — Vocals
N. S. — Drums

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