1. The Song Of Hammers

The song of hammers
The clashing of swords
A blacksmith's cry
For the lost world

Steel! Fire! Hammer!
Come back! Return....!

The songs of hammers
The anvils truth
Forged in time
Forgotten... forgotten?

Steel! Fire! Hammer!
Come back! Revenge....!

2. Onyx

Centuries in marshes, infested in the exoskeltons
Lies the elder wyrm, watching and awaiting the moment
A huge form, covered in the blackest scales
With claws like scimitars and fangs like spears
Eyes like two fullmoons
The Onyx Dragon will awake
With a single slide, in dismal waters
Poisoning, and deciding the fate of all
Ancient wisdom of the Ophis
Circular movements of time
And the fate of the world
That was built upon
Two cosmic reptiles
Their cyclic embrace that shields Cosmos
They love and hate each other
As mortals, hate and love themselves
The night that it will abandon, it's slithering domain
Then it will leave liquid Earth
Flying above to the unworldly dome
And with a swing of its feathered tail, and with a hiss
It will make the silver chords, the state of all
And the astral wind that blows
To ever-know its cosmic hate

3. Secreta Ayra (The Key)

The sigil on the papyrus doth fade
It slowly turns into past
And all the thoughts that were made
By those who understood
Now float mid-air like ghosts
Creatures of a dead, forgotten creator

Synthesis, noesis, the material of ideas
And the laws that bind the Universe
And all these that you no longer
Want to possess
Heavy they submit to a cruel mistress

A scrap of paper, a drop of ink
A piece of mind, a simple movement
That sometimes is late, or dull
And others swift and desperate
A silent expression, a secret locked
Old, rotten, kept in the closet
An answer to a single why
That once, and only for a moment
Has been given

Logic of the irrational
Knowledge of the obscure
Reasons of paradox
Ways of eutropy

Now swear!

Logic of the impossible
Knowledge of the unknown
Words that have not yet been spoken

Now swear!

The key...

4. Valyrian Steel (Blood Of The Dragon)

"Do you want to wake the Dragon?"
Fear cuts deeper than swords!
But full of heart, and breath of hope
We trek landscapes, and sail to all shores
On a game of thrones

Khalakka Dothrae mr'anha
Rakh! Rakh haz!
Fire and blood
Blood of the Dragon

"I am the Blood of the Dragon"
She told as she took the stallion's heart
In both hands, lifted it to her mouth
And plunged her teeth, into the tough stringy flesh

Khalakka Dothrae mr'anha
Rakh! Rakh haz!
Khalakka Dothrae mr'anha
Rakh! Rakh haz!
Fire and blood
Blood for the Dragon

The false will wear the burning crown
The iron vicious crown
And death will claim them
But fire,
Fire cannot ever kill a dragon...

Our standards will ever boldly fly
A three headed dragon, red on Black
Our heritage of Silver hair, and indigo eyes
Those who escaped the Doom of Valyria

The Conquerers of the Seven kingdoms!
Awake the Dragon!

5. The Red Dawn

The Spiral Archway of thought
The deeping well of memory
The silver fountain of Inspiration
The brazen vessel of knowledge

Oh, distilled drop by drop
Goldengreen nectar, gathered by yearning petals
Sliced out of the raw surface
Of the Eldest Tree, and root of the Earth

Oh! How we crave to know!
Oh! Countless the skeletons of this tomb!

Sacrificed, in olitude, lives
As candles that slowly meld into Darkness
Is Truth hidden there?
Is this a part of the Masterplan?

Ask thy shadow, to slowly crawl
Entangle your head
In its long fingernails

And the chill of the grave
To lean over, to your ear
And whisper to you a single truth

...all but in vain
Kept in captivity lie their children
By liars of old
Deceivers and enemies of man

In Vain?
It's our turn now...
Do we lay silent?
Or, choose to know

Awake! Ask thy shadow!
Awake! Choose to know!

6. Schwarze Nacht


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