Nocturnus - 2000
"Ethereal Tomb" [Necropolis Records]

Track List:
1. Orbital Decay 4.54
2. Apostle Of Evil 4.09
3. Edge Of Darkness 4.52
4. The Killing 5.26
5. Search For The Trident 7.39
6. Paranormal States 4.11
7. The Science Of Horror 6.44
8. Outland 4.17
Licensed to Necropolis Records by Season Of Mist (France).

Emo Mowery: vocals, bass
Sean McKenny: guitars
Mike Davis: guitar
Lou Panzer: keyboards
Rick Bizzaro: drums

All music by NOCTURNUS
Lyrics written by:

Orbital Decay---Mowery/Panzer
Apostle of Evil---Mowery/Davis
Edge of Darkness---Mowery/Panzer
The Killing---Mowery/Panzer/Davis
Search for the Trident---Mowery/Davis
Paranormal States---Mowery/Panzer
Science of Horror---Mowery/Davis

Recorded at Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL.
Engineered by Greg Marchek
Produced by Greg Marchek and NOCTURNUS

Mist, like vapor
Creeping through systems
Searching for a host
Hungry, for extinction
A drifter through stars
With no signs of damage

Orbital Decay. Objective is infection
Invisible to prey. Life is no exception
Cellular Predator. Clinging to the hull
Orbiting outpost. circling the globe

Unknown world. No knowledge of presence

Orbital Decay. Objective is infection
Invisible to prey. Impossible detection
Molecular Predator. Clinging to the hull
Parasitic Lifeform. Is now in control

Space Station. confronting disease

Humans, in distres
Thrown into dysfunction
Capturing the vassel
Ailing, with uncertainty
Bodies liquefied
Leaving scored bones

Burning us inside
Corroding the outside
Clouds raining down
Incubation stars on the surface

Orbital Decay. Objective is infection
Invisible to prey. Life is no exception
Molecular Predator. Clinging to the hull
Infesting life support

Space station, unable to keep out
Crashing, spreading the disease
To the planet

Orbital Decay. Objective is infection
Invisible to prey. Life is no exception

All life, has been terminated
All terrain, turned to dust

Stalking the victims
Learn what they're about
Weaklings they all are
Come. I will tell

I am the conqueror
I am the one you fear
I am the atrocity
Unbelievable sickness
In my mind

First. I get to know one
I'll let it think that it know me
Once, you trust me, the nightmare will begin
You'll believe in me. I believe in it

Let the bludgeoning show my concem
My children
Pain is no real, only a dream
Fear not my blade

Enter, into what, you think, is not real
An entity, appears before thee
To reveal, the end of evrything
The mind bends and warps a twisted contortion
Of pain, and complete emptiness
Sanity abandoned as madness becomes the pillars of reality
Edge of darkness

Peering in we seek a glimpse
Of what the subconscious mind controls for us
Knowledge will not stop us from swallowing our delicate construct
And casting us over the edge

This world holds no secrets
To understand what is to come
When flesh, blood and bone, are gone
The spirit is left, and life, there is none

We wait and do not wish to seek
The jagged edge of insanity
Mouths will never speak what lies
Beyond the edge of darkness

Edge of darkness

To Kill or Be Killed

Through the Trees
Bodies and Blades
Carving the Pathway
To the Checkpoint

Awaken the Grass
Weapons and Brass
Anticipating Blood Spill
>From the Killing

Pelted by Crossfire. Covered by Another
Enemy Deterioration
Schooled From the Get Go. No Sign of Victory
Opponents Shot In Half
Shotgun Peppered Flesh

Back to the Thick
Machetes are gripped
Soldiers Marching Back
To The Killing

Pools of Blood. Ankle Deep
Stain the Grounds of Battle
Scowls on the faces of the Heads on Stakes
Retreat. Never a question

Your Resistance is Nominal We Shall Rise.
Infecting Your Existence
Revenge Will Be Ours
Several Of My Man are Dead
Marginal Amounts Completed The Mission
The Circle Has Been Broken
Mission Complete

5. (At the Bay of Pisco)
Ages ago. Sands of Ancient time
Intrigue our minds. on this endless quest
Superior life forms from above
Carved the site beyond the outer islands
To know the truth. The origin of this wonder
Look through this window. See into the past
And you will find. A land of the unknown
Do you wonder what happened to this
superior race of giants?
Search for the trident. Above the cliffs
At the Bay of Pisco. Supernatural race

On with the quest, to find the answer
Soaring on, to the city. Older than mankind's existence
Our ancestors from the stars

Interpreting yhr glyphs, on the entrance to the sun
Intertwine the time, linking mind and soul
Encounter the land of the sun, inside the body of one

Wiyhin the city of monoliths
Former begins of this earth
Lost..., left without way..., standing alone

Highest, order of damnation
Puts the, fear in the mind
Feeble, thoughts that we have
Why is this? How can this be?


Is there, a remedy?
A solution, to the dementia
That we all posses, all of mankind
What are your thoughts? I don't believe so!

Miles from the Trident, the city
Of intelligence. Magical alien race

Among the megaliths...
Signs from the gods...

Several Of My Man are Dead
Marginal Amounts Completed The Mission
The Circle Has Been Broken
Mission Complete
Several Of My Man are Dead
Marginal Amounts Completed The Mission
The Circle Has Been Broken
Mission Complete

Energy of Another Plane
Interlaced with the Physical World
Weak Points in the Field
Open Portals

Through these Doorways Spirits Enter
To Taste, The Life They Once Knew
Ectoplasmic Intercourse
Between the Mortal and the Dead
Life and Death Integrate
Paranormal States

Energy Exchanged Through Planes
Bridges the Gap Between
Ice Cold Kiss
Drains the Color From Her Face

Through Her Doorway His Spirit Enters
To Taste the Life He Once Knew
Passing His Essence
To The Mortal From the Dead
Life and DEath Integrate
Paranormal States

Several Months Later Cellular Division
Gives From to the Union
Immortal Undead, Immortal Undead
Alive Again, Alive Again

Haunted, Plagued by horror from the beyond
Hideus Forms, emanating figure, that lurks in the black
Nightmare, visios from the dephts of ypur mind
Lost... left without way... standing, standing alone

Fallen, spiraling down, erratically, a labyrinth of time
Silence, tongues in this realm. Speechless, words that have no sound

Burning, at the stake like a witch
Drowning, oh my god. I can't get a breath
Torn apart, on the rack, no one will help
Sharp teeth, dig deep in the skin
Falling, smacking the ground, shattered to bits
Fear not my blade

Hunting for the next one
I search for the scent
Your life my essence

I am the conqueror
I am the one you fear
I am atrocity
Unbelievable sickness
In my mind

Don't worry. I will keep you
Forever, and never
I, have a place
Safe, No one will hurt you here

You can't fathom these things in your mind
Feeble minded
I am a higher grade, sentient creature
You will never know
What I'm made of

It is imperative that I kill
I will show them

NOCTURNUS would like to give special thanks to:

Michael Berberian and all of the staff at Season of Mist!
An EXTRA BIG ASS thanks to Odin Thompson (Moribund Records) for introducing the
band tom Michael! Matt Farmer and Dragon for the webpage (
Markus Wittl, Alf Svenson, Audio Lab Studios, Ken and Kim Faulkenberry, Greg
Marchak (AKA Greg Jaffy--Hoo Aww Yeah), Josh Young, Bob Compos, Doug Bizzaro
(Great photos bro!), Lisa McNenney, Tomas (Apostle of Evil Drums), ESP, Josh
Sanders, Matt (Sam Ash), Jackson Guitars, D'Addario, Crate, Calzone Case Co.,
ABC Pizza, ART,ADA (sorry out of business), Pro-Mark Sticks, Ddrums, Sabian,
Zildjian, Paiste, DW Drums & Pedals, Bo Blount, Mark Nelson, Mike Greer, Dan
Pastana, Dave Ortinau, Eric Arnould, Linda and Colette Price, South Tampa
Jazzercisers, Venus Asai, Estelle Rodis-Brown, AMC Buckhead Backlot 6,
University of South Florida, Image Graphic Systems, Angel Larramendi and Joe
Heatherly at FP&L, GITA, Hot Rod's BBQ, Mac and Gus, Panzer and Fresne family
members, Alesis, Roland, Ensoniq, Ford Motor Corp., Dewey and Flood, and
especially Victoria! The Mowery family, Brad Byrd, Ampeg, Ernie Ball, Marshall,
Dean Guitars, Shure microphones, The Bellas Crew, Dain Babb, Koncleegleeack,
Erich Von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods), Leonard Nimoy and Alan Landsburg (In
Search Of), Shockwaves (the movie), X-files, Star Wars, Star Trek, and any
extraterrestrial beings we forgot, and especialy you our fans for supporting us
throughout all these years.
Thank you so very much !!!

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