Mike Davis - Guitar
Dan Izzo - Vocals
James Marcinek - Drums
Sean McNenney - Guitars
Emo Mowery - Bass
Louis Panzer - Keyboards

- Possess the priest
- Mummified


Ritual of Preservation
The catacomb dwells buried within the
Valley of the kings

Slave's sacrificed
For the after life
Forever to serve the master


Death shall slay with wings of disease
Whosoever distubeth
The peacs of the pharaohs

Curse of the courpse
Suffer and die!!!


Entomb the sarcophagus
In the burial chamber

Excabating the pyramid
Search the tomb
Shadows of the curse
Beckon the fools
Archaeologist beware
Treasures of misfortune
It's written in the walls -
the legend lives on

When the pharaoh has deceased
The body will be wrapped in sheets
Arms foleded across the chest
Searvants will be put to death
Treasures entomb with the king
For what the afterlife brings
The burial chamber cursed
Mummified the corpse will remain


Welcome to my lair...
Your flesh has been chosen...

Awaken, conjured
Erect the unholy force
Subliminal tamperings
Held within the christian masses
Distorted serenity
Teacher of the word loses faith
Prayers twisted
Unleashed the sadistic power
Congregation misled
Unspeakable torture lies ahead
Lures all to the blackened realm

1)Cousume thy holy sprit
Carnivorious appetite
Destal virgin sodomized
The only means to satisfy
Clan of the cloth
Senreuced to die
Eternal victimized

2)I shall not rest untill all have died
Man of the cloth possesses to find
Nocturnal feash befoure the grave
Christian fleash is what I crave
Regurgitation of this mutilation
Devouring their ignorant prayers
Tormented souls echo in laughter
Before the savior nailed to the cross

Infested larvae
Developing to form
Awaiting consumption
Possess the priest
Maggots roam
Throughout the decayed corpse's
Intestinal offerings exhumed
Possess the priest

-repeat 1- -repeat 2-

Sacrilegious summons
Corrosive incision
Possess the priest
Dismembered eulogy
Artistic butchery
Possess the priest

Partake of the blood
For eternal life
Possess the priest
Souls of the bewildered
Remain in my controle
Possess the priest

Never will ane exorcism
Ris me of this flesh

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