The Key

Lake Of Fire

Bones crushing
Skulls smashing
In the Vice
Of hell
Demons shoving
Tortured souls
In the lake
Of fire
(Chorus 3 Times)
Lake of fire

Spirits forming
Ever swirling
In the abyss
Of hell
Souls screaming
For their lives
In the lake
Of Fire
(Chorus 3 Times)
Lake of fire

Demons swarming
Corpses smashing
Through the gates
Of hell
Satan flying
From his throne
Towards the gates
Of Heaven

Visions From beyond The Grave

Visions-From-Beyond-The Grave

Communicate with the dead.After life
Communicate wit the dead.After Death
Asking questions, through my crystal ball
Now we'll see,what lies,from beyond

The dead will arise
When i invoke

Communicate with the dead.After life
Communicate wit the dead.After Death
Asking questions, through my crystal ball
Now we'll see,what lies,from beyond

The dead will arise
When i invoke
Them through
My crystal ball
Follow me so you can see visions from beyond the grave
Now become nocturnal slaves
{Repeat 1 Time}

Standing In Blood

Now heaven is destroyed
By Satan
He will rule
The promised land
Now your soul will be freed
Through the gate
Find the KEY
To hell
Cross the river
Known as Styx
Charon awaits
In his boat

Now your soul will be freed
Through the gate
Find the seven
Keys to hell
Cross the river
Known as Styx
Kneel befour Lucifer's throne
{Chorus 2 Times}
Jesus wept-Standing in Blood
Praying to die -Standing in Blood


Years of development
Destroyed in day's
Beings the genocide
A great fire
Has affected
The earth, Moon and seas

As the earth
Began to tilt
All polar caps
Had started to melt
Then the seas
Began to over flow
ripping the continents
(Chorus 2 Times)

As the sky
Began to turn dark
And the sun
Faded away
All the climates
Had begun to drop
And the ground
Started to freeze

As the land
Began to freeze
All the animals
Were trapped inside
Some animals
Had Moved to the sea
Creating a new
Form Of life

Stranded on the Rivers shore
Fossilized in time

As continents ripped apart
Lands forms moved to the sea
(Repeat 3 times)

Rising, Soaring, Devasting, Annihilation

Undead Journey

My will to walk the earth again
To come forth from my grave
Satan gives me the power to rise again
On my Undead Journey

As i awaken, In my grave
And wipe the maggots from my face
Then open my encrusted eyes
To see the world a second time

Clawing through the casket lid
As I pull up through the ground

My first victim I will find
A young girl on whick to dine

My rotted teeth rip, into her pure white skin
Now warm blood fills my cold veins
Flesh is what i seek, Brains for me to eat
The feeling i get rejuvinates my soul
Come with me on my undead journey
Walk the earth for evermore


Before Christ/After Death

Before Christ no one one cared
Evil was in everyones heart
Sins were committed every day of your life
Their was no wrong from right

Then he came to change it all
He really thought he could do some good
The son of God sent to the earth
But the Roamans showed him what he was worth
{Chorus 2 Times}
Befour Christ-I ruled the land
After death-I will rule once again

At the last supper he was betrayed
By a friend he thought he had made
Maybe he didn't know at all
Like he claimed he did
{Chorus 2 Times}
Hanging on the cross
With a crown of thorns
The Romans just laughed
"Who is the son of God"

He died like every one elce
He didn't do a thing
Because today
Evil rules once again
{Chorus 1 Time}
Befour Christ-I ruled the land
After death-I will rule once again
Befour Christ-I ruled the land
After Death-I rule onece again
After death-Their is no more
After death-Their is no more
Jesus Christ-He is no more

Andromeda Strain

Modern warfare of today
Brings forth a new technology
Killing through Scientific means
Destroy the world with technology
Now we'll see what is to be

Cloud masses concentrate
Osmosis fills the sky

Scattered remains,bodies left to decay
On this disease stricken earth,plague of Andromeda Strain

Affected by the gas
Reduce them to subhuman form

As i glimpse at,swelled up corpses
infested with, radiated insects

Global chaos-Mass confusion
The conclusion-Of a dying world

Mankind death is close at hand
The world is hanging by a strand
The key to an oblitered land
No one seems to understand

Droid Sector


Cybernetic cralts approaching
Through skies lit with fusion discharge
Androids from the gamma quadrant
Moving at the speed of death

Now the human race is sovulnerable
Invasion set for attack
"Enter the Droids"

Three-From-Their sun

Caught within my tractor beam
Bringing the craft to me
Disable the robot for my own use
to aid my escape
Fleets of ships are now arriving,overtaking
Physical evasion is my only demise
Left to me for my survival

Gaining data from their system,overriding
To complete my invention,the time machine
Only question is"will it function"?

Destroying The Manger

Mastering the forces of teleportation
Gaining the secrets to travel through time
Approaching the vortex, Chronometer reading 0 B.C

What was the past will soon be changed
My first priority to destroy the manger
Crushing with the myths of paradox

Merging with the past
Shock waves rip the continuum
How long can 1 lasy, Traveling at millenium?

Following the North Star shining abright
To a place of the holy birth site
Craving my need to kill the one
Born of the name"Nazarene Son"

{chorus 4 times}
Destroy The Manger

Now that I have you into my sights, Nazarene child
Pulling the trigger with no reconcile
Blasting away Father, Mother, and Child
Laughing hysterically all of the while

For centuries I have awaited this confrontation
In time I will bring them all down
Your savior has now fallen
My reign of evil has only just begun

Empire Of The Sands

Fortress of steel I have acquird
Behold, Behold the chosen one born of fire
Victorious, death has won, rule of crueity
Vicious experiments, creating synthetic slave
Computer hypnosos, cerebral override

Inventing new weaponry
Building defence systems
Force fields in operation
Erecting redar dishes

{chorus 2 times}
Empire Of The Sands

Mapping global surface regions
Graphing seismic active areas
Establishing aerial viewpoints
Charting several outpost stations

{chorus 2 times}
Empire Of The Sands

Testing elements in the ozone
Mining useful mineral layers
Drilling deep into the core
Seeking power from the earth

Building metal walls of armour
Forging massive iron thresholds
Circuits surrounds inner cavaties
Vector brain controlling all

Computer summons ancient evil
Forces beyond recognition
Evoking Gods of Sumerian orgin
Deeply buried in the sands

Obeying the matrix
The tyrant commands
Submissive controller
Armies of the Empire

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