Novembers Doom
Her Tears Drop

Nothing Earthly Save the Thrill


Fearless is the heart of he who divides the Gods
For I could never expose my heart to such madness
Can you hear it calling? Can you hear the sound?
The bell tolls once for every hour in my life

Each chime tells a new tale, tales of sorrow and pain
But when will it play the song of love?
Drowning in this sea of misery, I never lose hope
Can you see why I carry such a mountain of pain?
I never thought you could, I only hoped you would


How did you find me? It does not matter now
The only thing that exists is our fear
I can feel your pain inflicted by the ones who care not
And I promise to mend your broken heart...


An endless search to free my soul
This night I shall not fail
No man can escape this madness
I will find the last of the dogs
Imprisoned by their own black hearts
There is no escape from my tenacious grip


Look at me, stare into the eyes of your Messiah
It is I who decides who lives and who dies
On this night you shall witness my conquest
How dare you violate what belongs to me?
Now beg me for your life and watch as I laugh at your tears


Wake up my love, please don't cry for us
The pain has ended and we rest now on our cloud

Nothing can touch you here,
You are safe from the dogs of past
Our fear no longer haunts us,
We only exist amoung the flowers

Seasons of Frost

Gray winds of sorrow pass the enchanted willows
For the wealth of man ponders this holy creation
And through the eyes of one glass statue
Falls another man desires.
Ever watching the shadows of the hawk
Billowing on the soft dirt below
Her tears drop to the earth
The splash of salt sings to me
Ever burning candle lights the passion
White marble stones pain my bare feet
Nothing can hurt more then my heart
The sun has warmed the day
No assurance lies within this sunlight
Telling tales of soft young children
And the death of our closest love
Seasons of frost pass before our eyes
Listening to the whispers of the wind
The infinite passion of ones desires
Will separate man from his God
Here is where all evil comes to pass
And only the love of two, conquers this plague
My bloodied feet leave a trail
That the insects now devour
And for many days the stones have cut
But for today, there is no darkness
The smell of dead leaves fill the air
As the once warm sun
Now disappears behind clouds of heaven
Help me. I cannot see.
I am blind to all that surrounds me
But I will always know the truth
Help me. I cannot see.
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