Ripping Avulsion

Sadness Reigns

Mournful overcast, sorrowful state. Gray distant sky, pensiveturmoil. In heavy spirits, wretched, forlorn. Joyless and dismal,stricken with grief. Lightning evades a world overhead. Angels intears, sadness rains. Pouring tear drops, from heavens above.Essence of purity, on hell stricken land. Blind to the fact, noshame in unleashed. Buried in agony, the storm prevails. One withsadness, joined eternally. Wallow in misery, 'till death do uspart.

A Dirge Of Sorrow

Bury my face in rotten love once sweet. Engulfed in kisses ofutmost devotion. My conscience tells me to leave it all behind asI wander into a world of heartache. To remember once, a lifeshared by two. In the midnight air, the love was ours. To mysurprise, It's now only mine as my blind eyes sparkle intwilight...Alone. Now I speak to your grave in a childish voice asa burning passion entwines me. An elephant caught in the spidersweb, I'm at a loss without you. I rest my head upon your stone andcaress engravings of thought. All that's left is remembrance oflife. Is it to late to say good-bye?

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