Officium Triste
Demo '94

1. Intro: Officium Triste Part I

Domus, commitantibus omnibus.
Boinis suus, lateri suus.
Ad multam noctum,
officium triste.
Vive vale elaine, ne vivam.

2. Frozen Tears

You left me to live,
my life alone.
You left me a feeling,
I don't know.
It feels like a... cold winter night.
A positive future... out of sight.

There's no reason,
for me to live.
So much love,
I wanted to give.
Now I'm stuck,
with all my fears.
All day I'm crying.
Crying frozen tears.

Why did you die?
It seems so unfair.
And when I cried.
I cried frozen tears.

3. A Journey Through Lowlands Green

Lowlands green through which I fly.
These colours of joy I see in the sky.
Travelling in an incredible high.

These flights through lowlands green.
Heaven is what it seems.
Cannabolistic dreams.

Seeds of pleasure,
From lowlands green.
Inhale the fog,
Your mind is clean.
These memories will forever be.

Hairs of white with a purple glow.
Take me there to places unknown.
Lowlands green through which I flow.

4. Reflections Of Lost Souls

Death comes close,
your time arrives,
to leave this earth.
As the heartbeat stops,
your soul moves forth.
Departion from the corpse,
left behind to rot in a grave.

Wandering souls.
Forgotten existence.
Lost in time.
Eternal resistance.

The soul takes off,
searching for peace.
Into dimensions,
beyond this world.
Heaven not found,
neither is hell.
The lost souls forever dwell.

Wandering souls.
Forgotten existence.
Lost in time.
Eternal resistance.

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