Officium Triste
Mountains of Depressiveness

1. Intro: Officium Triste Part II

2. Mountains Of Depressiveness

A land with mountains of depressiveness.

Peaks of black, touch the sky.
Surrounded by fog, no signs of life.

Living a life of subconsciousness,
In these mountains of depressiveness.

A land with mountains of depressiveness.

This mysteryworld, crystallized with frost.
It makes you feel, as if you're lost.
This landscape in your dreams,
Symbolising your grief.
Days controlled by depression,
Is what your life receives.

Living a life of subsconsciousness,
In these mountains of depressiveness.

3. Dreams Of Sorrow

As you sleep, your subconsciousness reigns.
Visions of misery, sorrow and pain.
Blackened sky, mournfull spheres.
People drowning in a flood of tears.

Fear of nighttime, it's time to sleep.
Sandman comes, no time to weep.
Hope you'll wake up alive tomorrow.
Surviving again these dreams of sorrow.

As you sleep, your mind falls deeper.
Visions of death, the grim reaper.
Black plague, hunger and hate.
Mortal people this is your fate.

As you sleep, you dream of fear.
Visions of sorrow, visions are clear.
Blackened earth, world of death.
As you breathe, your final breath.

Dreaming about sorrow, the nightmares of life.
No more sleep
Being awake is being alive.

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