Abhorrence in Opulence

1. Disquisition of the Burning

We are no one
We are legion
Chanting sermon from the vilest depths
Thousands voices spitting razors
May reverence be torn to shreds
Vessels of a darker truth

Flailed by stygian whips
Until she rots and lies stinking in the earth

Bind us !
Revocate us !
You know you can't - for we are eternal
Evoke us, condemn us !
This whore is ours, she is our tool
We are endless, omnipersistent
We are your vindication

We are those who dwell within
Harbingers of vestal fears

Blurred mirrors
Cruel infliction
Contortion of the soul
Abhorrence in opulence

And the white sheets are full of stains
And the gowns are all torn
And the rosary lies ripped on the floor
Signs carved in vivid flesh

Revel in our hate
Hiding in the shade of our wings

And what would you do
If your saviour really came ?
In your triumph you'd only vanquish yourselves
Your litanies - the true apostasy

We are those who dwell within

2. Among the Falling Stones

Crawl - among the locusts and worms
And sing their masochistic hymns
Fall - of the morals within
A poetry of mockery
Grave - sonnets of sarcastic eloquence
Too light to sink

Grim and empty extasy
The suffocating empathy

Put a price on sacred thoughts
Feast on feces on a silver plate
You wish for pain
But you are numb

And so you feed your children
To those without a soul
You wallow in their puke
Dung beetles in spider webs

I feel like a feather
Among the falling stones

And thus essence flows
Down - into the sewers
A breed so acyetic
Pigs - that swallow all

Cast me out
Out of life
Life that means

Emptiness to compensate
Bile sludge to masticate
An entire cutural history

3. A Waltz Perverse

Sleep came
Like an ornery guest
Came late, left early
And brought bad company

Within the wellless keep of Somnus
Ghostlike memories arise from the moat
The vast ballroom is a courtyard
Figures sway in abussic grace

Sleepless in sleep
Infernal revenants
They scream, accuse

Visions from the looking glass
Bear a truth obscene
A sick libertto
And here they speak
The silent dead
They echo through the labyrinth
They stare in through the windows

Towering fears
Ethics reversed
In morbid choreography
Inverted lights flicker

Mimetic landscapes
Dissonant chords
All out of measure
An ensemble defunct

Sleepless in sleep
Infernal revenants
They scream, accuse

As daylight draws
The music ends
But the silence is not real
I know they will return

4. Somnolent Despondency

Soothed and serene
From life comes apathy
Even blood flows in reverse
Blessed sleep be my hearse

My weary eyes behold
The tragedy of life unfold

Contempt, filth, slime, flesh
Bones, blood, cancer
Blade, noose, pill, gas
Rats, worms, sheep, vermin
All in the turmoil
Semantics of nothingness
Carved in stone forever
Circles spiral as we suffer

Silence, bemourn the noise of the dead
Herald the scorn and despair
Silence, bemourn the wuthering construction
The remnants of what lies corrupted

In my separation
I find contemplation
Spit forth the carrion
Withered flesh in tongue and mouth
Verbal constipation
Urges venesection

I heed my depravity
It is my destiny
For this is the curse
To be happy is worse

Afflicti pro peccatis nostris
Quotidie cum lacrimis
Epectemus finem nostrum

Carved in stone forever
Circles spiral as we suffer

5. Resurrectum

Morbid consumption swallowed
Vomit regurgitation repulsed
Splattered across the floor
Rotting in sunlight
Spawning wriggling larvae
Swept into the drain

Crippled gears mechanic
Broken tubes machinery
Shifting into idling
Deadlocked circuit collapse


Praise the lord's most twisted joke
We provide the pain he feeds on

I stare into you milky eyes
A window to the soul
With curtains closed
And nailed shut
Crown of all creation
Now defunct, sullen
Crown of all creation
Drowning in infirmity

Life is luxury
Sacred father merchant
Charging the price
For the poor

What He grands
He can take
We are condemned
To His joy
We shall praise
Our own hell
Straw is pulled
Fuck you, God !

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