Empty, Silent and Cold (demo)

1. Bereavement I - In Praise Of Demise


2. Sledgehammer Assfuck

I hate this world
I hate everything
I don't wanna be here at all
I wish I was dead
Or no... I wish everyone else was dead!

My skin is made of paper, burn it
My heart is made of glass, smash it into pieces
My soul is made of silk, rip it into shreds
Your truth can make me suffer, ram it up my ass

The weight of your words, like a feather on your lips
Tips my mind, crushing my soul!!

Sledgehammer assfuck

Come on and swing your mallet, pound it
The taste of coldest steel, full of pain and bitter
A sense of suffering, agonising, graceless
Now force your fun into me, rape my mind

Go ahead, pound it up my ass
I haven't suffered enough yet
Go ahead, fuck my soul, let me bleed some more
Rape me with your sledgehammer assfuck

The weight of your words, like a feather on your lips
Tips my mind, crushing my soul!!

3. Pazuzu

Pazuzu - Lord of all fevers and plague
Bursting through - our intestines and souls
Our doom - by plague and hatred you're spawned
From Anu - almighty demon lord
Gaping jaws - behind your festering breath
Howl in pain - four-winged dark angel ascend
Pestilence - master lord of disease
Bringer of suffering

Blackest son - your pain eternal
Graceless one - enriched with anger and hate
Foul king - demon god of the sick
Lurk in darkness !!!

4. Bereavement II - Solitude


5. The Mirror Never Lies

The Swan has spoken
I can still taste the blood
The grip is broken
Supposed to rot
Like a bolt from the sky
Splitting the ground
I had to die
The buried ones I count

Your eyes are wide
Cruel and graceless stare
Gone is now the tide
Never I've been spared
Truth is what I see
The mirror never lies
Shows what waits for me
The mirror in your eyes

Standing on the other side
I shall always be
Black bird calling at my pride
"You shall never see!!!"

6. Caressing The Dead

I touch her white skin
Whiter than milk
Softer than the silk
In which she's lying in
Her scent is strong but sweet
Her fingertips so cold
I touch her sleeping head
I'm caressing the dead

The darkened light of candles
Is shining through the chamber
Although so ever silent
My heart does feel like ember
Peaceful they sleep Inside a breathless sphere
Although I know it's mad
I'm caressing the dead

I'm dwelling in the crypts
I rest between the coffins
I'm hiding from the living Inside my underworld
Hate their world of lies and terror
Mistreatings, hate and jealousy
Now I live in silence
The dead my only friends

Necromantic, I fondle her fingers
Eyes so endless, staring at me
Never feel my sorrow
Never feel my pain
Never feel the torture
Don't feel anything again

Among the perished I seek health
Eternal peace
Behind the blackened slumber...

7. Bereavement III - Sepulture Raindrops


8. Empty, Silent And Cold


I don't want to live for others
I don't want to be forgotten
I don't want to feel so empty
I don't want to feel so silent and cold


I don't want to feel so empty
I don't want to feel so silent and cold
I don't want to live forgotten
I don't want to be for the others

9. Foulmere

Never seen such a darkness before
Listen to the croaks and mourns
Ravens sing from a leafless tree
White fog across the murky sea
Lifeless mere...

Evil shades slide through the blood of the ground
The breath of hell, darkest nirvana
Black and cold, kissing my knees
Carols of tears swing through the silence
And I long to be buried inside of you
Of you...

Wails of the dead lost in stillness
Ancient towers hidden in fog
Witnessing all that I suffer
Gasp for air, filled with death

Ravens sing...

10. Untitled

[bonus track, not listed on cover]

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