Spew Forth Odium

1. Default: Empty

“l torture thee”
God spoke to me
“To cast me out!
To get rid of me”

Begone, suffering!
To prosper means….

The serpent delegation,
A torch to bear

Blare, spew forth odium
Towards a baneful existence

As hollow idols fall
Fractured wings are weeping

What is the cause we suffer for
Inhale the serpent
Lest we succumb to the leash
We succumb to the void

Default: empty!

2. Of Stygian Descent

Pain seeps
Through every inch of me
A raging torment
Of stygian descent

Oh, enlightened mother
On knees l plead with you
These spirits that follow me
Wherever l go
This eye that stares upon me
This shadow is always there
This shadow
Of stygian descent

It cannot leave
It can’t be cast away
It can’t be pacified
It always needs more

Cocytic hate
Bred down below
A scorn inhumane
Of stygian descent
Thy infernal transcendence
In limbonic vehemence
Open my veins, unleash the flow
To guide you into my soul

Delving into lifeless streams
Contemplating torture dreams
Apocalypse inside my soul
Turn my existence
Into a gaping hole

Blind my eyes,
Astray in endless night
Baleful, squalid, broken,
Clad in blight
l am marked
To serve as but envoy
l am bound to live
As vessel for them to enjoy

A rotten life
That never ends
This rotten life
Of stygian descent

3. Conflagration Eternal

Your children will hate you
In utter scorn they’ll despise you
Your pictures to burn,
Your memory to condemn
They’ll eat your corpses
In a hunger of pain
Your faces forgotten,
Not even a grave

Waves upon waves
Crashing ashore
Tearing all into the sand
Sweeping the scum
From the lands

An orogeny of flesh
Carnal walls of quivering meat
Piling up in burning streets
Washed away in empty oceans

Pictures of times past
A miracle for them to behold
Father, what is this creature?
Mother, how did it feel
To roam free?

Inherited downfall
Passage to nowhere
Inherited downfall
Folklore of suffering

l find no solace
In the pain of my foes
We are one and as such we die
In woeful acquiescence
l have to submit

Torn asunder
Together with you
Leave me aside
Hasten my withering

Pictures of times past
A miracle for them to behold
Father, what is this creature?
Mother, how did it feel
To roam free?

Wave upon wave upon wave upon wave…

4. Temple of Scourges

The solemn walls of charred stone
The tapestries of flesh and bone
Ebon doors which gaze upon
An atrium of carrion

Every form of bliss l abjure
Every form of dream l renounce

Enter the procession
Of the unfortunate ones
Of those who suffer
As a form of prayer

How l long
To hold and caress you
In my withered arms
In my withered soul

As life turns into the adverse
Flesh quivers dismally perverse
Shrines of humiliation
Erect to praise the pain

In this temple,
The house of scars
In these chambers
Where torment soars

In this temple, where
Withering breeds
In this sanctum
Of decrepit seed
In this fane,
Where spirits bleed
We are merged in septic grief

In this temple,
The house of scars
In these chambers
Where torment soars

Here we rot, forever entwined
Here we rot, in burning throes
Here we wither in hollow sheaths
Here where ghosts shiver in fear

In memory of Sophia (1982 – 2019)

5. The Perennial Wound

Underneath the spires
Of everdarkgreen
Amidst the walls
Of white mist
To vanish, dissolve
Alone l beseech

As l crawl in rotten leaves
Embedded in earth
Let the insects erase
What’s left of me

Gash, slice, into every fiber,
A perennial wound

Mark me as yours
And throw me away
To wither and fade
As the waste that l am

Foul, abject, who am l
To touch your grace
Worm, maggot, undeserving
The sight of your face

Let there be what is meant to be
Your blossom is my threnody
Let there be what is meant to be
Let me rot
Forever in my agony

As the sun sets
Above the wooden spires
The autumnal breeze
Shall scatter my tears

6. The Stagnant Room

Part l: The Loathing Mirror

Here in this cube,
Where l rip my bleak skin
With black razors
No time can get in or out,
Just seep in-to my hatred
Here is where time
Can not turn nor move on,
Just remain
Here is where wounds never heal

l can feel my flesh burning
And my caustic soul turn to pulp
As l turn my dead eyes
To these stone walls
And the mirrors

Part ll: Fatigue

l have longsince stopped screaming
There is no breath left,
Not even to speak
And l drag a world behind me
That does not exist

l once thought l was growing
But life was just shrinking
And the truest form of horror
Is when all horrors turn inane
And the cruelest form of silence
Is the silence to yourself

Part lll: Hell Moves In Circles

Wounds can never heal
When time is standing still
Wounds can never heal
When time is standing still
As l am withering
Stagnation in my will

The reek of torment
Descending on me
Condemned to relive
The memories
All over and over again

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