Stream of Misery

1. Godforsaken

Sick perverted deities
Vain and irate
Spitting on pride
Kings of decay

Mandatory self-denial
Wallow in filth
Like cattle, like pigs
Bow to excrement

Crawl at their feet
To their amusement, sick with disease
Their shining golden masks
Conceal the putrid faces

Disgusting choirs
Swarms of flies darken the bleeding sky
For they herald the arrival of Heaven
Unclimbable monolithic towers
Effigies of desolation

The slaughter keeps going on
Until all your pride is taken
I am proud to be

2. Beneath Sardonic Skies

Swarm of ravens
Beneath sardonic skies
Carry the tunes
Of the jaded flute

Pale is his face
Lifeless his eyes
Slow are his steps
Marching through town

Deafening silence
Pierced by the call of his song
Women weep in tears
Men fall to their knees

Sweep through the air
Ring through the ears of the crowd
Sombre man in rags

They dance in the streets
To the rhythm of sorrow
And the only sound
Is the whispering of their tears

In silence they follow
Craving for death
They die in delight
Beneath sardonic skies

3. Dead Inside

Dead inside
My decomposing mind
Where nothing lives or thrives
Internal abscence of life

Why did you hurt me
And why did you hurt me again
Why is it still there
And why is it burning within

Dead inside
My emotions petrified
Where Spes and Amor die
And passion’s sterilized

Awaiting the blow
The burst of a trigger inside
But the sound is just hollow
Because the embers have died

When lungs are breathing
And tongues are speaking
When hearts are beating
And blood is leaking
That doesn’t mean a thing

Dead inside
My emotions petrified
Where Spes and Amor die
And passion’s sterilized

Dead inside
My decomposing mind
Where nothing lives or thrives
Internal abscence of life

4. Pazuzu

Pazuzu - Lord of all fevers and plague
Bursting through - our intestines and souls
Our doom - by plague and hatred you're spawned
From Anu - almighty demon lord
Gaping jaws - behind your festering breath
Howl in pain - four-winged dark angel ascend
Pestilence - master lord of disease
Bringer of suffering

Blackest son - your pain eternal
Graceless one - enriched with anger and hate
Foul king - demon god of the sick
Lurk in darkness !!!

5. Dolor Nil Finis

Versa est in luctum
Cithara mea
Et organum
In vocem flentium

Parce mihi Domine
Nihil enim
Sunt dies mei

6. Black Wish

Oh how I long
For your happiness to end
The scale to take a turn
Your lights to fade away

With bloodshot eyes behold
The crawling of your senses
You shall be crushed


All that you love
Shall turn into ashes
All that you care for
Reduced to nothingness
All that is precious
Devoured by emptiness
All your colours
Shall turn black

All your melodies shall lose their tunes
And your laughter shall be mute

Your ever fleeting river of life
Shall become a stream of misery
Endlessly downwards
Raging, but silent

Silent my smile
Warm are my eyes
Waiting in patience
For the seal of my fury to break

7. Thy Flesh Consumed

Screams from the depths beyond
Chants of grief in sickening tunes
Life – an obscenity
A joke perverse, a twisted lie

Blood pours from my wrist
For it shall wet the dried-out ground
Hell, thy mouth devour me
Consume my flesh, erase my soul

Storms of suicidal vibes
The urge to end this suffering
Yet we will not find peace
In our sleep, our endless night

Dormant spirits arise from their sleep
Haunting, hunting
Never leave me be

Resurrected nightmares tear at me
Tristis est anima mea

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