Withered Shades

1. The Halls Of Sorrow

Nailed to the walls
The limbs torn from torsos
With eyes turned to the ceiling
The bloody mouth agape

Vast monumental space
Monolithic pillars paved with skulls
Eerie cold and the stench of death
From the walls of blackened stone

The banners of pestilence
The charnel throne, desolate
The beauty of vileness
Within these silent walls

Crippled and withered shades
Of a decrepit beauty
Sway solemnly
Over the tapestry of rotting corpses

Climb the stairs
Kneel to the throne
Breathe (breathe) the death-filled air
And become one
With the abomination

This is where suffering is born

2. Suffering Is A Virtue

Trapped in a grave
Flatlined I dwell
Where there is no light.
Trapped in a hell
That shall be called “life”

Buried in the box in my chest
To burn eternally
A passion silent, painful.

The person I shall become maybe one day
Waiting eternally for release, for relief
Waiting eternally for things to change
Waiting eternally for the world to end

Waiting eternally
Waiting for ages
Waiting eternally
For the pale face
Waiting eternally
Waiting for ages
Waiting eternally
to become alive

Wonders need time
But a human life is nothing.
Nothing of worth, or to create
That remains but pain

A world that has nothing to offer
But eternal darkness
Willingly I accept the gift
Of endless suffering

3. Earth Expired

Dance blindly
In the gleam of the broken lamp
The crippled nature outside
Is mocking your wretched being
The only language left
Is coughing and sobbing
The scars on the wrist
Keep on itching

Once you heard about God
An abstract story unimaginable
Such a graceful entity
Can clearly not exist

Endless sunlight
Permeate me
Suffocate me
Burst my blisters
Swarm of locusts
Lead our way
Through the ruins
To the graves

Collapsed lungs
Bleached skin and empty eyes
Toothless mouth and paper tongue
Muscles limp and seedless eggs
Welcome to our troglodyte legacy

4. Necrotic Reflection

To medieval tunes
By the solemn river
With pawns and jesters
Swayed through the never

Bleak concrete walls
Concealed the coven
Where the pyre was lit
Where the net was woven

Spring rain turned
To summer flame
It burned the roots
And winter came

Snow covered the fields
Tiger lillies bloomed
Limbs lay entwined
On a soil doomed

Your beauty left scars on me
Even in death pain is with me
The suffering that Heaven gave
Followed us beyond the grave

Now the wailing choirs
Have soothed the seas
The roaming clouds
And the whispering trees

Spring rain turned
To summer flame
It burned the roots
And winter came

5. Halo Of Worms

In scorn and pestilence...

Leathery wings spread over me
Orifice now pouring blood
Violent throes in crimson cascades
Excretion from a thousand wounds

Yearning through infinity
Obscene beauty in neon dreams
Under a halo of worms

Singularity is a void domain
Abortion of another hope
Rectal thoughts of septic icons
Abomination born from bliss
Hate is all that’s left

Guest vocals on "Suffering is a Virtue" by Seuche (Fäulnis).

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