1. Elishias Mistresses Gather

[words: It ; tunes: Night]

Majestic night everlasting in beauty and gloomy sadness
thou supreme starfilled skies caress us and rock us to sleep
Of powers of this melancholy world with evil you us caress
Enchant this gathering and hold it in the grasp of your deep

Battles have been won and battles have been lost
And this is the darkness that we worship where foul is fair
Listen to the cries and the freezing cold pains long time gone
In the black winds we hover through fog and filthy air

Behold the race superior rise with overwhelming might
And the ages dark to come are filled with softly whispered promises
Where hate and desire are the greatest weapons in the commencing fight
Bonded by blood and by the dark arts we are fearless

At the very death of the Ophthalamian sun we'll meet again
I will be the air we breath and black shall be the nights dress
Dark mistresses of greatest misery wrapped in lighting and rain
Cast your most cruel spells and paint the eclipse with deepest distress

We are the chosen all blessed with evil

2. Time For War

[words: It ; tunes: It, Night, Bone]

Ride in the dust cut in the flesh lift your banners and hold 'em high
Head for the kill crush with your fist let us attack

Shrouded is the morning in the thickest of mists and cloudfilled is
the sky The raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal doom of mine
enemies Fill me from the crown to toe top full of direst cruelty stop the passage to remorse At a womans breast I will take the milk for gall
and not shake my fell purpose

A darkened shadow sweeps down over Ophthalamian world
With thundering hooves and blood raged stare I've turned the tides of
war Time for war time to die time to see That this might be your lonely
death time to leave In this world of hate no flames will burn all hope is
lost No more tears and no more fears just close your eyes

Ride in the dust cut in the flesh lift your banners and hold 'em high
Head for the kill crush with your fist let us attack
I wield my sword and reap the bitter winds of greatest pain
Triumphantly we raise our fists knowing we have won the war
Dead were the trees and barren the ground as the battle came to end
I am the warlord of the battle the majestic lord of total death

3. Final Hour Of Joy

[words: It, All ; tunes: Night, Bone]

The army is scattered and I have risen in rank At the castle
of mine they must prepare a feast With the early morning mist news
of victory arrived Triumph so great for a day in it's moment of glory
The castle was suddenly filled with life as never before
And a feast as glorious as the deeds was to be

In the midst of happiness plans of evil were made A conspiracy against
the king a murder in greatest secrecy Take his life steal his crown and
burn his soul Kill the king strike him down and kiss the sin I must rule
and will not fear drown my doubts Take this land as my own and rule it
with my life And let songs be written of my magnificence About my sins
none will hear I must kill the king by the rise of the morning blossom
And this land I will rule with my precious wife

So secretly and in sin the murder of the king was planned
The growing evil in my heart has finally been set free
The castle was suddenly filled with death and much pain
And the feast as glorious as their deeds was now over
The prophecy of the witches must come true What foretold
was now grasped by destiny Heartless and filled with dread
the plans grew for what they planned for

Let us kill the king with pleasure

4. Great Are The Deeds Of Death

[words: It ; tunes: It, Night, Bone]

The nightsky seem to darken as if blood of black was in it's veins And
thoughts of horrible deeds had imprisoned me in it's chains Not even the
shadows of the castle must know of my plans For tonight in his sleep the king
will die by my hands Elishia - great huntress of the night Elishia - Guide me
on my quest for might I am the evil thoughts of murder, I'm everything,
I'm your death I am your ruler I am your king there's just me and me
The rain poured down from a dying sky as the king was about to die Raged
winds outside were moaning and blowing as time for death is growing It's
time to die and face the wind that that will take away your murdered soul Yes I
have lied and turned my back but now I'll have the power to rule With blood
on my hands I am being crowned And the crown of lies will be placed on my
had I'll descend from the sky My soul is black and filthy of sin My only
thoughts are of evil I raise this dagger to sacrifice but my god I'm so feeble
Ohh, you dark sorrow strong let me out of your grip Yes leave me here to
sail away on my lonely ship Elishia - Lead this dagger to power Elishia -
Help me in my darkest hour I am the evil thoughts of murder, I'm
everything, I'm your death I am your ruler I am your king there's just me
and me Not an ounce of light not a feeling of joy I might as well be dead that
would be for the best This dagger should cut me and tear at my evil heart
Misery will be my only company in the deeds of death Choking depression
Hunt me no further Where I walk only grey silence will prevail
Great are the deeds of death

5. Eclipse Of Life (The Eternal Walk IV)

[words: It ; tunes: Night]

Listen to the old owl who's shrieking as the final bellman Nature seems
dead and wicked dreams abuse Thou sure and firm set earth hear not
my steps which way they walk For fear thy very stones prate of my
whereabouts Stars hide your fires let not light see my desires For they
are black and deep as death itself I have murdered sleep and therefore
shall sleep no more Never again shall sun that 'morrow see

The sentinel of the night He's haunting me forever
The eternal walk The endless pain and suffering

Forever hunting me in the night The eternal darkness
Endless misery Witchcraft celebrates Pale Elishias offerings and
wither'd murder Alarmed by his sentinel the wolf Whose howls his
watch My beloved mistress in crime now your hands are red as mine It's
a filthy witness of our crimes Come thick mist and pull thee in the
dankest smoke of hell Let not my knife seen wound it made

My miserable which way shall I fly infinite wrath and despair Which
way I fly is hell myself am hell And in the lowest deep a lower deep Still
threatening to devour me opens wide To which the hell I suffer seems a
heaven How art thou lost how on a sudden lost Defaced deflowered and
now to death devote Is it the nights predominance or the days shame That
darkness does the face of earth entomb When living light should kiss it

6. A Black Rainbow Rising (Castle Of No Repair III)

Why does my heart feel so cold in this heat of cruelty?
Is it the bloody business which informs thus to mine eyes
May the huntress take my soul For love never existed

I am touched by evil I am baptized in blood
A rainbow in black is rising Over a still ocean swept in misery

The sun is hiding behind murky clouds And never will the bloody
stains go away All my will for life has been torn to gray
I must hide in darkness And I must dress in shadows
My doom is told by the witness of the crowns Has been torn to
grey, I've been torn to grey

Every night has been the worst yet worst is to come
All smiles are born to die an dead is all laughter
Smell the stench of death
Feel the choking pain

Darkest thought so dreadful made doomed and sorrowful
I've poisoned my dreams to nightmares
I am empty and cold but still filled with horror and dread
To be king was it worth the price?

And what seemed corporal melts like breath into the wind

7. Dominion

[words: It]

Grim and determined to rule like chained and bond to the land The candle
will fade and not even the grey death can be cruel as I Hate boils my
blood and makes me see the minions with abhor I give you death in
genocide a true tyrant at the blackest of the thrones

Please cure mind diseased Pluck the memory of a rooted sorrow
Cleanse the heart from poison Raze out the written troubles of the brain

Honour, love, friends I must not even look to have Find the tumor of
my land and rid her from the taunt I applaud the bloodiest visions and
dwell in the darkest depths There is no forgiveness no such oblivion
or weak mercy

Stars fall down from the sky and let it be painted pure black
The essence of good fled my soul as filthy pearls from the core Woods
never walk so stay and fight 'til my bones from flesh be hacked I smile at
swords brandished by man that's of a woman born

8. Legacy Of The True (Death Embrace Me II)

[words: It ; tunes: Axa]

Life is but a walking shadow
A poor player that frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more
It is a tale told by an idiot
Full of sound and fury signifying nothing

I might live a while and then be gone
Life has a price we all have to pay
It really makes me wonder if it's worth to carry on
I might die but the evil will always be there

I might have chosen to live fast
As death is the price we all have to pay
It is really worth to carry on
If there's room for true evil inside you

If I die then pick up my banner
And be sure someone will pick it up for you
Our fight will never end
For it is the legacy of the true

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