A Long Journey

1. A Cry From The Halls Of Blood / Empire Of Lost Dreams

I live in the thoughts where the shadows no longer dance
and where my tears fall into the colours of the lonely dreaming crying
songs that my works are.
The melancholy clouds of my feelings float away in the tide of faces
which the soul of mine is.
I wonder about life even though death is close and as my lost life
falls into its definitive end...
the light won't save me. Tired is the blood of mine and my brain will
not speak no more.
I'm living in a prison of flesh and my heart won't answer my calls.
I'm shaking as I'm crying and as I feel the last drops of my life
leave my useless cold body
to walk the night... I'm one with the night... I AM

2. Myself / Dreaming

Sleeping: Disturbing pictures of myself
Dreaming: Running through my nightmares
Screaming: The shadows reach out of me
Mirrors: I'm haunted by myself

Through myself I see myself
Darkness is engulfing me
The ending of my mortal life
Is the only way for me

[Whisper] The suicide is the shadows behind my face
[Whisper] In the well of death lies my fate

Sleeping: Lying cold in my grave
Dreaming: Dreaming no more
Screaming: Unheard in the void of death
Mirrors: Shatters all around

[Repeat Chorus]

3. Journey In Darkness / Entering The Forest

I'm kneeling down on the forest's deiny ground
sun of the infinite sky doesn't reach me here
Oh darkness embrace me blood stop circulating
the mist surrounds me as I'm falling away my trance
My blackened teeth chew at the air we breathe

[whisper] lean its shapeless nothingness from the holy spirit

Poisoned I am by his holy feeble godness

[whisper] I spit him out in a bloody flood of phlegm

Their world is turned inside out
I take their lips to my mouth
The people lies in articulo mortis
I spread my wings and fly away
I'm the face of the night in which you all will drown
I'm the power the almighty dark everlasting strength
my body was for a moment cold and left alone
still my breath is a sick unken smell

[repeat verses 2 & 3]

4. Little Child Of Light / Degradation Of Loliness

[whisper] Little child of light, so full of life so bright
[whisper] you saved people from sin, and everything they kept within

Love and joy you taught, and had your foolish followers caught
as they were weak and left behind, esaily fooled by your leader kind
you told them to have faith, in a god so good and great
a heaven they would see, if they death would meet with thee
So when hate grew in the air
to fight it you said you dare
with the holy ghost at your side
defeat instead of pride
Shadows from darkness came
unleashing the wrath no one can tame
holy blood were spilled on the ground
and with this all goodness drowned
oh little child of light... you did die that night

But in the first hand they should live
with the intention of goodness give
degradation of their will
you thought evil was so easy to kill

The sky has frozen to ice, and from the ground the dark ones rise
your cross is still in heavens sign, but the inverted one is mine
we'll make known, that the words you spoke, were promises you broke

[repeat verses 3 & 4]

5. Castle Of No Repair / Lies From A Blackened Heart

My castle of blood beyond deepest sorrows lies distant clouds
its grey tower puncture the sky

[whisper] the pain

My skin the gloomy ground will not swallow thee
the echoes of my black heartbeat falls forevermore

[whisper] living further

My heart it cries
it slowly dies
castle of no repair

[whisper] stop the pain

6. Enter The Darkest Thoughts Of The Chosen / Agony's Silent Paradise

[whisper] I am the face and blood of knowledge
[whisper] I am the pure heart of wisdom

I smell the night sing its sleeping ancient lullaby
and the non-existing star horizon burnt its candle
Find the dark in my eyes
I'm not and I'm all
I'm the end of the beginning

[whisper] What do my eyes hide ?

I hear the winter breathe and spread his message of cold
and the clouds change their eyes and forget the time
I feel the skin of the trees listen and walk away
and the moon dreams and I hear its eternal call
I taste the depths of the sea in my eyes and fly
and the lips of dust play its song forevermore
I sea the colours of the world disappear in the mist
and the bright tear of my smell fear the morning

7. Shores Of Kaa-Ta-Nu / The Eternal Walk (Part II)

Flying through the night sky among the stars
the air caresses my naked soul
I've reached Ophthalamia's darkest parts
the evil desolate shore
The icy water whips the ancient rocks
I see the black blooded sea of Ragiih-Nib
the mountains of Makubu-Keen have guided me
oh stars now hear my scream
Give... me... the... Sign... Shores of Kaa-Ta-Nu

[whisper] Give me the Sign

The water raised above me and the sky died
oh lord of all accept my soul... Take me
keep on searching son maybe you'll succeed
so cold everlasting night here I am
Give... me... the... Sign

Try to find the keys of wisdom
Sathanas will guide your quest
and when you'll have found'em
the chosen place is for you

8. This Is The Pain Called Sorrow / To The Memory Of Me

[whisper] This paper have gone creased of all these dripping tears of mine
[whisper] but I won't change it so that you'll see my grief

The grey cloudness heaven weeps in its painfull anguish
the mistfilled morning outside is paralysing my mind
my eyes are like to fading ravens on a snowfilled sky
my features are as dying and fading as the rivers of love
This is the pain called sorrow
my scream echoes in the night
this is the no-tomorrow
my useless everlasting fight

[whisper] reality bleeds

Snowdressed whispers gently fall down on silent ground if visions in beauty
...ahh under the stars the ancient trees watch my cry
the horizon is filled with black bird singing moaning songs
as my last breath caresses my lips... watch me leave
Who lays a thought on me now as I lie here forgotten ?
my eyes memories have been wiped away
the speech of my mouth can't be awaken no more
my hair which once played with the wind have stopped it's game
Don't wake me up !

9. I Summon Thee, Oh Father / Death Embrace Me

I sit in loneliness and watch the meaning of my past.
It dances and twitches then it lays down and dies.
I see the morning sky tremble and then it open and begin to cry
as night falls and darkness fills my room... whispering thoughts haunt me,
my candle burns low.
Can I find my fate ? Can I be one with my desire ?
The perchment of my future burns fast and I burn myself
badly in my futile attempt to save it.
The black blood of my heart weeps, in every tear a part of myself.
I have features of youth but a soul of age.
Why can't I see the web of lies my life is based upon so I can cut them
and become one with the sky ? I long for the harmony... the peace within me.
I wish to see myself in the burning light of truth and no longer be a victim of hate.
I search for the purity in me... I search in my blood...
I open my vein to see what ever it may be.
And as the red rivers of my life flow from its tunnels and caves...
I see lies and falseness die.
I'm fading away, drowing in a thick mist of burning ice.
I'm showered in the blood of dying hate and I feel pure.
I'm taken to the breast of my truth and I'm reborn.

10. Sons Of Satan

[Originally performed by Venom]

Somewhere in time we were born,
And brought blood, lust, hatred and scorn,
Your sorry now you trusted me,
Now I command that you get down on your knees

Hell the deceiver,
Satan's child,
Your a believer,
And we're going wild.

Put away all your virtues,
Stop your climbing the walls,
Just sign your name on the paper,
We'll have ourselves a ball.

Was it the battle of envy,
You were so mighty and brave,
But your foolish compulsions,
Sent you to the grave.

Hell has deceived you,
You were so blind,
Just like all mortals,
You'll loose your mind.

Hell has deceived you,
You were so blind,
Join venoms legions,
Cause we're going wild.

Line up:
It - Guitars, talks, whispers, additional vocals
Bone - Battery
All - Vocals
Night - Guitars, additional bass
Mist - Bass

Recorded at Abyss studios, October 1996
Mixed at Abyss studios, November 1996
Engineered by P. Tagtgren
Co - Engineer by M. Hedlund
Mastered by James Murphy
Assisted by James Michael
for sound temple productions
All songs produced by Ophthalamia
Cover art by Stolen
Elishia art by It an J. Christ
Photos by Desire
Art direction and layout by It

Why we did this:
Let us go back a couple of years. Ophthalamia has existed for about five years (1994) and finally our long awaited debut album was to see light of day.
I was pretty displeased with the album back then, and looking to it now I think the album is a major disaster. Honestly.
Back then All and I had some hard times and even though it was always meant for him to do the vocals on the album. I chose to give someone else that honor. Now that is corrected and All gives his best on the album. I personally think that he is one of the absolutely best singers in this scene. I remember now that I wanted to name the album A long journey, but forgot the title in all the stress and name it A journey in darkness. That error is also corrected here. As for the layout At that time I had no big thoughts or visions about layout. I sent a couple of photos and the lyrics to Roberto, who was releasing the album through his label Obscure Plasma (Avantgarde), and he did everything he could with it, I guess. Poorer layout hardly exists in my opinion. I and a few others have worked hard on this album just to give you the packaging the songs really deserve. I think the songs are great even though I heard them a million times.
The art is not all that went wrong in the past.
The label chose not to press the album anymore and I thought the songs really deserved more attention. The poor quality of the sound can only be blamed on the engineer and the studio: again that error is corrected as we searched out the best of studios and Re-recorded the songs with ultimate quality. Peter and his Abyss studios gave us what we wanted. Also, all those small errors with who made the songs and who played what have really annoyed me. The engineer did not produce the album for an example, we did. And I guess we always will.
The songs are more complex, more well played and the second guitar really fits the songs to other dimensions. And Bone really beats the shit out of the drums. I am very pleased with the new line up. In short a lot of things went wrong and I am glad that We could erase the errors of the past. I would like to say that there only exists one version of this album and that is the one you are holding right now.
Now I leave the scene forever.

Darkness It Shall Be - It mars 1997

Lyrics in plain text format

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