Order Of Orias

1. Presence

2. Irreverence

What knowledge man of the personality of God?
Breathing the intimate nature of the divine,
In hushed reverence, henceforth a presence
Of unnatural disorder bereft of sanctificiation.
I am below, I am king of worms beneath stars,
A gobbet of flesh from thy unknowable host.
See me now, how I spit on treacherous spirits,
See me now, curse the tomb of trust in ye men.
I reject his power as impotant and irrelevant.
A misreble spectre of endless irreverance.

Mark me now,
That I might wander.
Curse me now,
With bliss of nothingness.
Nothing! Nothing!
Nameless hole, loving savior!
Be here now.

3. Offering

Shine o lord, shine
Spread your light as cancer
Through this worthless, rotting flesh
Bless me lord with unbelief
That I might wholey submit
To your black sanctification

Devour my heart and blind my eyes
That I may worship with solid focus
Lord o lord pierce me, use me
And rape my soul of all sickening purity
Blessed am I to be of thy seed
Glory to your true salvation

Sacred sin, o burning king
Mark this worm with blood
To rise with violent pride
Sacred sin, o flaring beast
I hear thy voice in prayer
For my dark revelation

Praise be to sedition's son
Who's shadows writhe and caress
The confines of my soul
Ancient serpent, rise in me
The fires of total illumination
Empower me Archon of light

Christ cunt hallelujah!

Ascend! Ascend! To damnation
Will this slave crawl and posess
Thy infinite blessings of doom
Drag me now, my light and poison
I shall be a temple of serpents
A vessal of shining red portents
Envenomed by the lies of christ

I shall be a temple of serpents
I shall be a temple of serpents

By your venom I rot to ascend!
By your venom I rot to ascend!

4. Ash and Sparks

And on this day,
Below and beneath the holes.
I worm and breathe,
Across searing coals.
It burns in me.

this is the day,
I breathe and choke on smoke.
I writhe as ruins flow,
From the cup of God.
It burns in me.

Brighter, brighter, brighter!
On toward the sinister fires!
Past the strength of tired limbs,
Swollen and rigid with terror.
Curse of thorns.

Heavy on her head
Weigh the barbs of cruel abuse.
So heavy the spell,
Of dissolution and death.

Black wings and broken charms,
I'll be with you in the earth.

Fire the world,
Clouds of ash and sparks.
From sacred masses,
Crawling back again.
Curse of thorns.
Kingdom black,
Crawling back.

And on this day,
Below and beneath the holes.
Be with me now,
In the hissing coals.

This is the day,
I breathe and choke on smoke.
Further and deeper yet,
Into the searing cold.
It opens in me.

See them now.
The smoking stones,
Wreathed in scorching flame.
Unto bliss I am.
As my light is cast,
Against the stones.
To the end I am.

5. Concealer

Kneel in petition,
Accept the light of communion.
Grovel in perdition,
Beneath the thrice called union.

Erect in subjugation,
Stillborn filth in agony.
Starved in acquisition,
Beneath the word of sulphur's son.

I, triumph.
I, illume.
Praise, father.
Rotting, mother.

Burning ash on forked tongues.
Buried one,
Ingest thy burning failures.

Barren beast born on wings.
Inverse and absolute, null.

Veiled and complete.
Blooming sparks.
A pulse of flesh.
Illume, purity.
Inverse and perverse.
Coiled mother.
Rebellious and cold.
Prideful tempter.

Deep within the womb,
She shines her light.
The reptile force of precision.
Arise dark woman!
Arise and destroy the illusion.
Light the torch on the path.
To desperate ecstacy.

I, triumph.
I, Illume.
Praise, father.
Rotting mother.

6. Bleak One

Your mind is open.
A contaminating force.
Hear the hissing of a thousand rats,
Cruel-eyed afterglow of horror's birth.
I am never alone.

Your mind is open.
And it gnaws at my flesh.
The multitude of terror and shit,
Wide-eyed at the image of my ascent.
I am ever alone.

You graceless wretch.
Sinners! Sinless!
Inviolate and proud.
Come forth!
From beneath your curse.
Convulse, torment.
Servant ever more.
In darkness.
In obscurity.
Awkward wretch.
Bleak one.

I am rising, risen, vehement and flaring.
A comet of sparks to brighten the earth.
I am fallen, falling, violent and striving.
Spirits climb, contort and envelop me.
Omen of death!

7. Void

From the light.
Are we saved?
Discharged from god,
Stillborn and dead.

These damning lies,
Words spoken through cracked lips.
Pissing blood over broken shrines.
Mouthing, murmuring.
Wailing their wretched psalms.
Bleeding, pleading their designs.

Above the stars.
No salvation.
Thus spawned,
Come forth.

And from secret places,
These gifts are carved into my palms.
Without bread, with swollen tongue
I build these temples of light.
From these secret places,
The tenets of binding permissions,
Come crashing down from the stars.
I am come into being.

Above the stars.
No salvation.
Thus spawned,
Come forth.

Forsaken son. For the endless stars,
I empty the sun.
Darkest light, I will know and name
That I may command.
Light of clarity, light in the void
Consuming my thoughts.
Burn in my heart, burn in my words,
As flame guards my birth.

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