Sidereal Journey

1. A Black Hole Is Swallowing the Sun...

Their world was ending.
Stars foretell dismal tidings - erupting then subsiding.
A cosmic prank? A virtual cataclysm!
Distant beacons gasp and die, stars that burst and tremble,
before our eyes the heavens crumble to the beast.

2. They Learned of Its Existence...

They learned of it's existence through a nearby novaburst -
a beast was coming their way,
drinking stars to slake its thirst.
Disturbing the gravitational bonds that bind the worlds.

"Destiny... Bright future, you're nowhere to be seen,
and where do we go from this point on - our world abruptly ended.
Destiny, destiny - abruptly ended.
Is the fate of our kind to be exiled and forever be the homeless ones?"

3. For Persistence...

"For persistence of existence and the future of our kind,
breaking up from all we know of and the doomed ones left behind."
Invincible - moving in from the void.
Insatiable - solarsystems destroyed.

Undisturbed for billions of years seven planets thread their dance in circles,
'round and F-type star, their blazing mother -
by the dark intruder all is squandered!

4. Bringer of Obliteration...

Bringer of obliteration - inigmatic monster.
Flee from what can not be fought, forced into migration.
Powerless, pitiful - it's inevitable.

5. Into Nowhere...

"Into nowhere - regionsbeyond knowledge, regions of mystery.
Leaving behind millions of us, left without hope - dying.
Always in our minds they live on."

6. For Persistence...

For persistence of existence and the future of our kind,
breaking up from all we know of and the doomed ones left behind."

7. So It's Our Final Hour...

"So it's our final hours, the world is trembling now,
a strange vibration through us, tells it's time to go."
In roaring protest oceans heave and strike upon the land,
and mountains crumble under forces out of hand.
Their destiny - obliteration?
Their legacy - a new creation?

8. The Light from the Perishing Sun...

The light from the perishing sun, erupting behind,
a beacon so blindingly brilliant - a luminous tombstone.
Gaining velocity now away from the squalor, a desperate quest has begun - their exodus.
Travelling to new horizons, in hope of a future - their exodus.
Environmental evolution, life in balanced distribution - eons mold the species,
until everything connects...
Can life be recreated, can the pieces of a broken world ever be rejoined?

Their destiny - obliteration?
Their legacy - a new creation?

9. Ahead - The Universe!

"Ahead - the universe!
Our offspring shall be a new breed of conquerors, coming in at lightspeed.
And future revelations, the worlds that lie ahead,
will shape to the purpose of our presence."

10. No Longer Will We Be the Meek Ones...

No longer will we be the meek ones, we are prepared for war!"
Way back in ancient history something occurred that still haunts their memory.
Out of the sky aliens descended, - their placid lives were turned into enslavement.
A vile breed of merciless predators, cold intellect, evil and superior,
their arrival struck like a meteor - within a breath the world was in a stupor.
Imagination revealed to be exceeded by the truth,
now alien monsters wreacing havoc in their midst,
enslaving those unfortunate abducted to a horrid fate.

11. How Could We Ever Know...

"How could we ever know the terror that was coming? Indeed - we were naïvely meek,
but now our creed is altered."
...and in the blast of roaring engines all was lost.
Lost but now broken - that which is ruined can be built once more.

12. Head for That Star...

"Head for that star, it's not far - measured in galactic terms,
leave the old sun going nova astern.
Go where noone's gone before...

13. As One Surveys This Ocean...

"As one surveys this ocean - vast and cold, will we reach across to that distant shore?
Pinpoints of light - the billion suns that shine like beacons from afar...
Strange, silent universe - forlorn, ever silent universe.
Eternal universe - this dark, never ending universe.
Mysterious universe - bright, shimmering, iridescent universe."
Pursueing the quest for a new hope, their future a straw for which they grope...

14. The Iondrive a Silent Vibration...

The iondrive a silent vibration through the itinerant Moon, a world asleep within its womb,
a starship ever accelerating, engines thrusting full, approaching lightspeed - powerful.
Instruments set to compensate if anomalies were to occur,
the fabric of space is twisted.
Mass and inertia fluctuates when close to the speed of light
the laws of physics shifted.

15. Several Planet in Orbit...

...several planets in orbit, bathed in the warmth of a sun -
friendly and welcoming, just like a miracle strangelyappeared.
"Wonders occur beyond reason - maybe this journey will end
sooner than dreamed of, defying the possible fate that we feared."

16. Enemies!?

Gazing at the second planet from the sun, green and blue at the equator.
No doubt - there is life down there that flourishes and grows,
have they stumbled on the homeworld of their ill-remembered foe?

17. Once More Proven - We Are Not Alone

"Once more proven - we are not alone. Another world below - we must go on...

"There is no room for us here - our quest goes on...»

18. Lightspeed - Plunge into Hyperspace

Lightspeed - plunge into hyperspace...
Wormholes - moving at dreamlike pace.

19. No Clue to Where This Jump Is Taking Them...

No clue to where this jump is taking them, no instruments respond.
They might end up across the galaxy, or in the void beyond.

The strangest paths they travel, strayed from the original design.
No way of knowing whether fate will be obnoxious or benign.

20. Breathless...


21. Turning Up the Power, Accelerating Again...

Turning up the power, accelerating again -
this place is not is not what they are searching for.
Beautiful but barren, radiation burned - too young for life.
Find another wormhole, warping dimensions again -
this place is not is not what they are searching for.
Enigmatic passage, network of secret ways - mysterious tunnel.
No clue to where this jump is taking them - no instruments respond.
They might end up across the galaxy, or in the void beyond.

22. This Time Passage Was Violent...

This time passage was violent, rocking their very foundations.
Pounding like hammers, piercing like spears, hurled to their new destination.
Spinning mindlessly, beating them breathless and wailing.
Grinding relentlessly, warlike the sea they were sailing!

23. Rings, Spread like Rippled Water...

Rings, spread like rippled water, fleeting...
the portal closing whence we came, vanishing like a mirage.
One step from extinction - the remainders of a world,
flee the threat of oblivion on a path of no return.
Irretrievably lost, destination unknown - blindly wandering, forever..?

24. They Stare Unblinking...

They stare unblinking, without emotion, cold eyes that witness our demise - the stars.
"Lead us now, minds of cosmos, bring an end to our despair..."
Faintly - a crescent, outlined against the glowing halo of the galaxy.

25. Eternal Night...

Eternal night [...this world a graveyard],
an island remote [...an eerie, lonely outpost],
no warmth, no light [...dead, frozen ghostland],
corpses alone [...inhabit the cities embedded in ice].
A shadowempire - a planet fallen from grace,
dark, frozen ghostland - death rules this haunted place.

26. How Many Worlds...

How many worlds did strive for consciousness but failed,
as a capricious fate decides to bring it down again?
How many worlds will rise and climb the narrow ladder through countless years of evolution,
all in vain?
Eternal night [...this world a graveyard], no warmth no light [...dead, frozen ghostland].

27. These Beings Failed and Perished...

"These beings failed and perished, we will be stronger!
Let's leave this dismal graveyard and brood no longer."

28. Ahead Once More...

"Ahead once more, the darkest sea we sail,
where noone's gone before, this time we shall prevail."

29. This Journey Has Taken Us...

The Journey has taken us through perils, and despair
finally reaching what we hoped to find somewhere.

30. The Moon Was Land in Orbit...

The Moon was laid in orbit around the newfound world, the team was ready to descend.
Tense with expectancy leaving the Moons interior - their apprehensions at an end?
The shuttles engines roaring as they set down on a hill overlooking a swelling ocean...

31. Can This Be What We Hore For...

Can this be what we hope for, where to build our future?
Harsh and rugged, unwelcoming, cold, benighted land.
In the midst of this desolation so much greater our loss,
all the beauty that was squandered, oh - our unkind fate!

32. Terraform - Alter the Environment...

Terraform - alter the environment - creative power,
this world must bend to our needs, its destiny mould to ours.
Time is on our side, above the sleepers bide.
It will take years, centuries or more, to build the world we lost anew
and though we've come a long way there's far to go, this is the beginning...

33. And So One Day the Sleepers Waken...

And so one day the sleepers waken, fulfilling the glorious dream.
Into the future the path leads on...

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