Aïon (digital)

1. Aïon

For every wound that turns into a scar there’s a face
Every offense can be a way to light
Some sought up my hurt, but others wiped my tears
A stage of life - you would say

I have been saved by a hand hidden from view
Which embraced me one day
I didn’t need to run away

I have been healed by your touch… A dream comes true
You said a word in a way
I didn’t feel the need to pray

When blood has run so cold
With stone replacing your skin
It opens the door to Aion
If you want to see the light

In the distance I see the hills
Fantasy birds dance in the sky
It seems they’ve a plan
Do they draw something?
They use their wings
Reflecting sunlight
Showing the way to Aion
I want to get inside

My heart has bled
Tears have been shed
It was the key
For this journey
But today I know
Where I must go
Only a glance
Into the distance

I was so scared
Beginning to fade
I put my knee
Down in the sea
But today I know
Where I must go
Here is my chance
To give Life a sense

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