Storm of Fall Delight

Storm of fall delight captures my
thought. Here rests the dark of
night, covering a wounded heart.
Knife solves grief... Ecstacy in blood
and tears.

Dance of the Elves

A veil of mist encircles the bogs with
a mysterious glare. Music is flowing
from the woods followed by pale
and noble creatures. The elves are
dancing in the mist, beautiful, danc-
ing untill dawn

On Wings of Desire

In the black moonless night the dark
force of the Elder is summoned for
vengeance. Soaring on wings of
thorns. Killing with insane power.

As Water turns to Ice

Faded life, floating. Season by
season, trapped insidea rotting shell
of flesh and blood. Longing to be
set free, to reach the other side.

Forged to Bloodshed

Deep in the mountains, in the freez-
ing north, a mighty weapon is creat-
ed. Hammerstrokes; echoes from a
wisards drum is calling for war

Departure of Cosmic Union

Under the eclipse pale to unite again.
Departure fulfilled, reaching for the
sky. Heading for the stars to
hibernate. Crossing the border of life,
we are one.

Untouched by Mortal Life

The spiritual gate, the strongest force
opens to let loose dark minds.
Oppressed by a long lasting storm.
Riding with winds screaming, to a
dimension untouched by mortal life.

Burning Heart of Ice

The moon escapes behind dark
clouds, shaped by tears of misery,
as a white naked body kneals before
the stars. Forsaken , strong,
the burning heart

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