Consuming Impulse

- Dehydrated 3:08
- Process of suffocation 2:42
- Suspended animation 3:28
- The trauma 3:20
- Chronic infection 3:58
- Out of the body 4:39
- Echoes of death 4:16
- Deify thy master 4:52
- Proliferous souls 2:08
- Reduce to ashes 4:53

SONG: Dehydrated


Lost in the desert for reasons unknown
An extensive barren plain before you
A gruesome affliction;the heat of the sun
Don't really know in what direction to go

Make your way in the loose sand
No protecting shade in this hostile land
It's not the hunger but it's the thirst
The awful suffering which vexes you worst

Hallucinations;thirst drives you insane
The shrinking of your skin, bursting lips
your body-fluid is floating away
The claws of death got you in their grip

'Water' is your last word
As your internal organs decay
Your life slowly fades away

Vultures circling in the sky
peeling the flesh from a corpse
Blankened bones are all that`s left
Dehydration as the death the cause

Another cadaver in the loose sand
Not the last victim of this hostile land
Without any water you won`t last
Die in the desert, death comes fast

SONG: The Process Of Suffocation

Music:Mameli, Uterwijk
Lyrics:v. Drunen

Smoke`s penatrating the atmosphere
It comes forth from heavy industry
The layers of air sorrounding us,
are venomed by large factory chimneys

Environment pollution
Damage unmesurable
Nitrogen concentrations
Drive away the oxygen

Choking in the gas we self produced
The death of mother earth I introduce
Chemical rain drips from the sky
The more we breathe, the sooner we die

Climates change, oceans vaporize
Woods becomes deserts;no vegetation
Species of animals exterminated
The earth makes its last rotation

The process of suffocation
Coming genocide
Biocircle`s disturbed
Humanity`s suicide

Why give a child its birth
When we are poisoning our earth
The heritage of this generation
is a planet threatened with destruction

SONG: Suspended Animation

Lyrics:v. Drunen

Suffering from a disaese
The morbid symptoms aren`t identifiable
Physicians; they disagree
Fighting is the thus impossible

Vainly you wait for a cure
But there's pain you have to endure
You don't have to add you to dead
Leave your faith in science`s hands
Research might lead to your salvation
while you're in a state of suspended animation

After the aneasthesia
comes pure nitrogen
In many degrees below zero
An ice-bound human being
Can they disabuse him of
his as yet unknow disease?
Then maybe in the future
the machines will stop to freeze

The blood is no longer liquid
No palpitations of the heart
Stone cpld hardened intestines
There will never be a new start

Ages wait for a cure
No more pain they have to endure
They added themselves to the dead
Left their faith in science`s hands
Forever frozen is their destination
In a state of suspended animation

SONG: The Trauma


Years kept passing by
Still my mind hasn`t forgotten
Corpses lying among debris
Unrecognizable, rotten

Suffering from a trauma
it keeps hunting me

Considering me an obsessional
But yhey will never know
The massacres in former days
Hatred won`t let go

Nightmares controlling my life
In my own world I live
suffer day and night
I face pain I don`t want to see
Makes me realize
it won't leave me
Horrible events pass me by
I wake from my cry
in the midle of the night
i find myself shuddering in sweat
Memories of sorrow and death


Bodies filled with lead
They all have met an untimely death
Blood was everywhere
They lived in chaos and despair

SONG: Chronic Infection


Forced isolation in centuries of disgust
Disease of the soul,living lives which rae lost
Muddled identities, living out days
Scaring it`s victims, a formless face

Respiratory skin eruptions
With protrudes eyes they see
How facial features are rotting away
Mutilating, endlessly
Trapped, seperated from humanity
Epidemic, fatal destiny
A foul oudor from gangrenous parts
Incurable sick they`ll be

Pain and suffering will stay
Bodies slowly will decay
Unable tp provide curative treatment
Sudden death, morbidity
High, raise plague mortality
Corpses putrify horribly

territories in drearyness
Neglected fields in what you see
people escaped
this unpredictable reality

Loss of men accelerates
laicization of society
Extiraple indiscriminately
Bodies of the dead decayed where they had
breathed last
Filled with fear, death is near
belonging to the past
Thousands of man put away in isolation
Suffered from the chronic infection

SONG: Out Of The Body


In the darkness
They crawl on places
Wher you can`t see or hear they come
Marching silently
When it`s dawn they will be gone

A swelling on my body
Makes me suffer, live in anxiety
No time to waste
Just open the abcess, will you please help me
The ignorance is dominating
Remedies you try
I can not live this life any longer
What is it and why?

While you`re asleep
They`ll enter your skin
The serach for the new place they will dwell
They give their children
A place to be born
You won`t notice except for the smell

Mysteriousness, researches can`t explain
The sorrow of this eternal pain
It`s burning stronger day by day
Cure me, thre must be a way

Desperation, confused mind
Never heard of the disease of this kind
So tell me what can I do
To leave this HELL I`m going through

Human blood
The perfect place
Birth of descendants
Creatures living
In my veins the horror
Frightening, sickening
The pain that I am bearing
Begging, please get them
Out of my body

SONG: Echoes Of Death


Trapped inside my self-capsule
For a journey into an atmosphere
A darkened space I`m floating in
Although i am not here

I`m cought, a romm, it`c coloured black
The trap I haven`t chosen
I cannot think, my limbs
I cannot move, seems like they`re frozen

Peaceful existence in a world
Above earthly life
I`ve been there in this paradise
Where all is calm and nice

Walking in the other side
I can`t tell the difference
Between day and night
Voices I can hear
Hidden somewhere, but they`re near
Out there in this universe
Imaginary world of fantasy
Am I dreaming?
But It seems so real to me

Humanity denies death
Search for immortality
Melancholy desire
Can`t become reality

No reason to fear death
We all will meet it anyway
A promised life in hereafter
As we will pass away

SONG: Deify Thy Master


His hands held high
Hypnotyzing eyes, the instruments
of power he has obtained
His spoken words
Standing on the pedestal
He sees his portrait held high
by their hands

Deify thy master, he will be the one
who protects you from all what`s evil
Deify thy master, a devine personality, holiness
Deify thy master, your minds are filled with my
preachified sermons
Deify thy master, follower`s fanaticism leading
to their own destruction

A vociferous crowd
calling aut his name
They will praise and adore hir
On their way to paradise
A sacrifice as homage to their lord
See the misery he causes
for he takes you
to the worst form of reality
Still you are a credit
to your master
As you fight for his symbol of victory

He`s a advocate
of a theory
the one he made himself
His word is law, obey worship
You will live well
He will walk the stairs build of coffins
Ambition has it`s price

Determined to fulfil his desires
Turns promises to lies
He takes you to a despair
Chaos, violence ,bloodshed
How long will their dream last?
Awake before you`ll die

His atherents exist of thousands of people
Adorers keep their faith
They express their trust by performing their task
Even when it`ll be their fate

He`s majesty we ought to serve
for he praises unity
Disparity he despises, fights
the existence of apostasy
Expel those who resist and those
who will not agree
They`re a danger to his system
And to the thought of solidarity

SONG: Reduce To Ashes


Dark middleagess centuries of pain
The appearance of the inquisitions
Religion turned out to be insane
In these times of witch prosecutions

Tortured till confession
Await the execution
Moaning and suffering
Tormented till death on the rack

Hundreds of them were sentenced
for perpetraiting heresy
Desperately begging for mercy
But death was orly guarantee

Intense excruciation
Unmerciful cremation
Their smouldering bodies
and charred bones are left on the stake

The question of the interrogators
Extorted the false confessions
Broken upon the will they ended
Without even knowing the accusation

Limbs chopped off, viscera torn out
Mutilated venereal organs
Death in the name of the church
Decapitated or quartered

Evil exorcized
Purified flesh
Saved by the stake
Reduced to ashes

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