Hell Symphony


Is it night or day ?
It“s no matter.
Because I“m flying above ground
. . . and sea.
. . . with my friend Belzebub.
Fly . . . fly . . . my Friend !
Fly . . . Belzebub !


Abyss shakin“ like before the storm
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
where flowed river, new boiling lava
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
where stood forest, now is wasted plains
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
where was gold, now black load growin“ up
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
where was life, now putrefaction smell
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
where was fire, now cold winter rules
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
where crystal glittered, now earth laying
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
He very good watching entrance to Earth
of Freedom.
- I“m screaming : "ZODACARE" !
There rules BELIAL !


Shine . . . shine . . . shine . . . shine
Luminous flash intersect to my brain
Empty eye - sockets glare
What want the yellow bone - say to me ?
Ah ! Master of Knowledge, Ah Lucifer !
I have this lies sick of neek !
Add up their deceits
It is impossible
Already decay their frocks
We filling barrels with brimestone
Bring full hods - of poison !
Lucifer“s silver Sword
flying silent night
I hold it in my hand !
we mustn“t be knock down
Burning Black Candles !
Second Prince of Eternal Darkness !
today light his weapon
it knowledge heat to me !
Golden throne turns to ruins
And Lucifer laughing again !


Fiery flame of firre
Implacable hate
Fury power roaring
Already light and thunder
Inferno rush across the earth
Abaddon drawing takes breath
His heart is like stone
Bursting out breath of death
ABADDON - fury, ABADDON - mad
ABADDON - crusher, ABADDON - slayer
Heavens gates crashing down
Into the deep of fire
Golden altars is fallen
And you listenin“ Satans laugh !


ASMODEUS - filled your purse !
ASMODEUS - cups full of gold !
ASMODEUS - lust beauty wealth !
ASMODEUS - no ! it isn“t insane !


Have you Afraid -
that - your heart will be tearing
by mass poisonfull lies
that - your mind is smack to pieces
with Secret scream of unknown
that - your soul bridge over the pit
of Time between Life and Death
that - lust that you controlled is
roaring monstrous Symphony of
that - horrible macabre creation
drowing create of Foetus.
that - emptiness of your skull
is filling putrefactions Knowledge
that - Satan that living in yourself
will rising His Goblet ?
WELL - you raising it with Him
And toast to birth of REASON !


Beasts and Creatures
Endless pits
Truth and death
Life and swamp
Storms and billows
Flames in water
Mist and glow
Green death
Sea - god raising - rage
Undewater fury - dismay
Leviathan - is the Lord
Leviathan - our Master
Snake breath blowin“ you
Don“t you see on other shore
Leviathan . . .
You will see fiery temple
And underwater Pentagram
Leviathan . . .
Now you see the eye of Snake
So raisin“ your Baphomet
Leviathan . . .
Already you give in to our Master
and forver turn upsidde down
your cross !
Leviathan . . .


You attachment to lust
Always without inhibiton
Sex is root of life
Only just you know 7 gates
Those 7 gates of pleasure
Lust, sex and delight
Definitely isn“t sin
Phallus - it is Horn
Astaroth will blessed you
You attachment to your lust
Definitely it isn“t sin
It is only NATURE !


At midnight when owl hoot
And moon is full, and moon is full
Draw nearing time
I screech frightened
My friends runaway, runaway from
my home
I“m shakin“ with frighten“
I know that it isn“t dream
I know that it isn“t dream
I“m turn into LOKI - my tooth is sharp
my claws want break - eyes is glare
my tongue is bloody - I“m shakin“ with mad
and rushing and rushing - into depth
of black night.
At day break I“m come back
on my hands is blood
My turn was done
I“m human again !
But this nothing for me
I wanna be LOKI again !

The Prayer

Glory and prays to you Satan
in the heights of heaven where
wants you reigned
and in the depths of Hell where,
the quite, you drream in the silents.
Grand that my soul, some day
May beside you and the Three
of knowledge.
at the hour when on your brow
like a new Temple
its branches will spread !
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