Kšrgeršs - Return from Oblivion

1. Life of Demon

I will never bow before rulers
Per contra
I will take bows of rulers and kings
I will never disdain to sycophancy
Per contra
Sycophants I will disclaim
Nobody will rise above me
Because nobody is over me
I am the Noontide itself
Because I am

Abandoned and alone I remained in the darks
Why destroy Kärgeräs I was bound?
Well I loved and created them
I loved and destroyed them

And now they call me, they return
They return from the neverending times of Death
Give us our Lives back, give
You, Grandiose Magus Equirhodont

I wrecked Worlds and whole Universes
And now I am alone with memories
Well come, I will hear you
Write your request

I call you Rulbrah, Lily essential
I call you Rodaxx, protector of Kärgeräs
I call you Lykorian, ruler of Storms
I call you Raon, brother from other Worlds
I call you Durron, follower of mine

2. Osculum Infame

I come to expiate Disgrace
Disgrace thrown upon me
Old Woman by her vision once confused me
Black Stone perished me also our nation

Therefore I ask, I beg, you, Grandiose Magus
Don't litigate me and my folk
For the blindness of knowledge
Because now we know and understand results
Of our acts that sentenced us to Perdition

We want dance and love again
With Universe live in harmony
Worship your Magic and create with it
Be our Father again - oh, Equirhodont

Memories are painful, we are no more
Call Powers, call Demons, time has come
Give us back forests, rocks, caves
Rivers and sky
We are prepared and advised

Kärgeräs will be your pride
Kärgeräs will be your glory
Kärgeräs will be your work
Well will be your Nation again

Forgive Equirhodont, please...

3. Moment of Fright

Flashes of dismayful visions
Surrounds my Spiral of Life
Rush Gorlos, I call you
Rush Töörlams, I call you
Rush Stärds, I call you
Zodacare Demons of night Creatures
Your Master calls and ranges

I am awaken from my dreams
I want to do my neverending Work
Surround me by your Spells
Send your energy, destroy everything
What stands in my way

Ancient Songs sing for me
Dances of Death dance for me
You will be me, and I will be you
Karryarrla, Karryarrla Wrome
Derryogly, Derryogly Wrome

Black Seal is broken
I come from the Temple in the Underworld
I send my messengers
To the Nation of Kärgeräs
So play your Hell Symphony
Turn the pages in the Book
And hear my vision about Revelation

Moment of Fright, Moment of Fright
Aghast are Creatures of all Ages
I rise my Scepter of Demons
Gaze you farcical and void worms
I am here again, and Immortal

4. The Book of Death

Great Master
You called me once and now again
My Sword was a gift of yours
But I'm dumb abused a gift of yours
And used it against you
Hopelessly in stupid faith

The I searched the truth whole ages
You slept also with Demons
Full of Love and Hate
Full of Joy and Sad and Pain
Full of Spells and Curses
Full of Beauty and Ugliness
I found it, The Book of Death
And I saw the Secret of Existence
Uncatchable, covered by the cobweb
Dazing words of sacral tongues
Clarified my mind
Covered by Oblivion
And now prepared to defend your Truth
Fight for your Truth
Fight again for our Nation

Choose your faith into us
Oh, Equirhodont
I ask you proudly
Create Kärgeräs again

5. Black Iris

I call you Demons
For neverending and Astral Work
You have a singular mission
Find Foetus of Life, Foetus of Death
Foetus of Black Diamons

Stability sustained is
It must be and will be forever
Run and fly then
Into every part of Ages
Bring it
Because I want to act

Monster Hordes scattered
To realize the sacral command
Torn Old Curses, destroy
Torn, searched, rampaged
Until they found what their goal was

Pleased Equirhodont was
Flame in his eyes shines
Seed of Black Iris
Foetus of Black Diamonds
In his palm shivers

But he isn't resolved yet
Give the life again to whom it was taken
Give the life again to those who betrayed
Karryarrla Wrome
Derryogly Wrome

6. Moment of Hope

You are my Father Grandiose Magus
You created my Mind
I am the Master
Of Storms
I am the Master of the Dwarfs
I am Good and Evil

But today I am coming close to you
Like Son front his Father
With Hope in heart and faith in Life
Both you can give and take too
Hear me Equirhodont

Myriads of ages they are living in the Dark
In gloom, without love and strifes
Without joy and pain
Without sense, dying of desire
And only You know the solution

Give back their Lives, you can
Give back their Land, you can
Give back their Heart, Pride, you can
Give back the Nation its place, you can
Give back Kärgeräs among us

I request you Father
Grandiose Magus
I, Lykorian
A Son of Yours

7. The Key to the Empty Room

I am looking for the Key to knowledge of Wisdom
I want to know castawayed Creatures
Just I don't know what knowledge brings me
If malice or joy

I am looking for the Key to the sense of all
Just I am not sure if I don't search
The Key to the empty room...

Deep and dark newforms of Nothingness
Decoy me with its ethereality
Of oracular Unknown

That Key, that Key

8. New Empire


"My Great Father
Grandiose Magus
I will create them New Empire
Let me
Retrieve your mistake
I will give back
What once was

On new principals
On new dreams
Kärgeräs will live again
Let me, Father
Your work to finish"


"Once my Father said:
'Go and Create'
So now I say to you:
Go and create, my son
Give back to Nation the world
They are fighting for
But don't make the mistakes
Like I did once
Go and create, Raon"

9. Up to the Down

10. Do You Think Is It the End?

...Do you think is it the end?

Nations and whole
Universes rise
Grow older and fade away
My Nation will realive again
My dear Kärgeräs

But nothing is eternal
Only Diamonds of Time Spiral
And Black Crystals of Magic
Will guide our steps


...Do you think is it the end?

Kerryallon starga lley
Kerryallon starga lley

...Do you think is it the end?


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