Root / Atomizer
And the Hunt Starts Again / Ancient Mysteries

1. Atomizer - And The Hunt Starts Again

And as the blood
Trails down the sink
You catch a glimpse

But it's surreal
You're not who you think
Feel so detached

Just to your left
There in the tub
Lays a helpless victim

And as you scrub
All went to plan
Although something's missing

Because there was no
No sense of relief
There's no release
It's not that you hoped it would be
Fires reign
And the hunt starts again

Through all these years
The plan's evolved
To the point of perfection

So why the lack
Why no resolve
Why no sense of closure

The perfect victim
Is what you had
And more than once before

So what went wrong
What flaws the scheme
Why are the fires raging on

You know there's a hatred
That you've tucked away
In the blackest annals of your heart

And you feel the compulsion
no, it's more than that
It's like the very threat of consumption

Deny all that's rational
Chase satisfaction
Make violence & hatred the master

And each drop of blood
And each vessel you drain
Still won't let you turn the key

You kill again
Without remorse
Yet the demons still come screaming

Each sacrifice
Is closer to
Your supposed perfect ending

But in the end
All that is real
Is the blood on your hands

Until you're caught
Or until you're dead
The hunt demands your tending

2. Root - Ancient Mysteries

Do I set out on journey to my dreams or my delusions?
Where are the ancient mysteries lying
Veiled by oblivion
...Shadows of the dead speak to me
I go down flaming stairs
Into the throat of the demons of truth

Flame lights up the cave
and Mysterious symphony of noises
Sounds all around myself
Fulfills my heart with fright and delight
Long time ago I used to listen to this music of delusions and mystical messages

I see my father here, he lifted me high up
To see boundless rows of lights
I laughed and a flame was burning in his eyes
The flame of revenge and unbridled desire
To kill, murder, destroy
And my soul slivered with pleasure

In the ashes of my ancestors I look for my own redemption
In the ashes of my ancestors I look for my own future
In the ashes of my ancestors I look for my own freedom
In iron coats-of-arms made of blood of the defeated
Signs of the empire of death are glowing
Where am I coming back and who's leading me?

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