The Temple in the Underworld

Casilda´s Song

Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink behind the lake,
The shadows lengthen - in Carcosa.

Strange is the night where black stars rise,
And strange moons circle through the skies,
But strange still is - lost Carcosa.

Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
Where flap the tatters of the King,
Must die unheard in - dim Carcosa.

Shall dry and die in - lost Carcosa.

The Temple In The Underworld

I rush through purple mist
Fury in my eyes / Beast of prey´s look
I make my way through shrubs of Skeletons
My target is just round the corner.
I weep blood instead of tears
Dust of Eternity covers my face
Windstorm howled its Song of Death
Cacophony Demons turned into everything
Am I dreaming - or awake ?
The Temple is facing me
From the Depths of Infinity it grows
This structure of both Life and Death
You can never name it
Has been towering here for ages and forever
From mysterious Symbols on the walls
Sap Shemhamforash leaks down
At Last I recognize what I always wanted
And I see there is no return no
I become a little Part of the Sign on the wall
And dwindle in the Underworld Temple.


Breath of Cosmos flows on my face
The Song of ancient tribes sounds in the beyond
Tones of unknown instruments going over
Phantasmic - scenery

My heart is torn by mystic beauty
And Rulbrah´s unknown song lullaby me
Her black eyes told me this
This magic tales . . .
Once upon a time there was . . .

The Wall

In the silent night only purple flash
running the dark sky
I´m going to the Wall
rising in great distance.

This Wall is made of Centuries stones
Only I know her secrets
Bones fragments - dotted around
I see my life and holding breath.

The Unknown Ones walking around me
their eyes glowing, their mouth grin
they talk to me with unknown language
I would like Stop, but I must go . . .

I hurry to the Wall, flying like wind
Mystery Power driving me forward
I´m Apocalyptic - Horseman
And this Wall is my Goal !
Is it Wall of Death ?
Is it Wall of Life ?

The Old Ones

There is the Pit
There my friends dwell
There is Azathoth - great Center
Of the Cosmos . . . and playing on
His flute . . .
There is Yog Sothoth - Master of
Dimensions - and Faceless One . . .
There is Nyarlathotep - Black Messenger
And Black Prince of the Abyss . . .
There is Shub - Niggurath - Father of
The world of Horros,
And Ram of The Sun . . .
There is Cthulhu - Eternal Serpent who sleeps
There is The Goat of a Thousand Young !
I know The Old Ones !


In bottomless emptiness of my Solitude
sound the string of Life - and I´ll born again
such as Phoenix from ashes . . .

With my foot crushes grey Eternal Dust
any secrets not hidden for me.
My flame abloom with Black, Bllack Roses
on the mist wide open darkened Crypt.
I enter alone hidden from curious eyes
And take this Black Book to my hands
Absorb the Power from Book of Wisdom
And receives Message of my Darkened Gods.
The Message is attended with tympanumus rumble
It Earth abyss awaken . . .
From Volcanos flows fiery Truth
in the flood of Knoweledge will drown many ones.
Black Flash crack into the Cosmic Wisdom
here comes my friend Time.
Human disappear in this Book of Fate
I know pain - development of all human race.
In bottomless . . .
. . . I come with Knowledge !!!

My Name . . .

When I dance over dying Life
and Black Pearls Flow from my
empty eyes sockets, is it the Termination ?
My name is DEATH . . .
When I play on the Flute made from
your skin-bone - and my jaws are roaring
with laughter - in neverending smile
is it the Termination ?
My name is DEATH . . .
I´m Immortal by my death
and my realm is borderless
I´m like you all
without hearts - without reason
but I´m happy, ´cause my name is DEATH !
is DEATH !
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