The Ruins of Beverast
Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer

1. Apologia

Among the calamities of a rapidly declining age,
Of which – O grieving heart! – our aching souls are cursed to read and bear witness,
It is primarily the vetus oriens,
Which, unleashed through the irrevocable perdition of His downfall,
Surceaseth not to befoul the Church,
Whose early proliferation was blessed by the blood baptism of the novus oriens,
The Human Christ,
With manifold contagions of heresy.
And yet, His attempts occur in times, as Earth's last eve befalls,
And the deeds of man turn towards the sinister,
And His mind fills with wrath, for the end of all times draws near.
And thus, He planted a novel depravation within the acre of God,
Marked by the shape of the female, who serves as its gateway:
Heresy of the maleficae, so I speak.

2. Daemon

An asserere maleficas esse ita censetur catholicum,
quod eius oppositum pertinaciter defendere omnino sit hereticum.
As Inquisitor master...!
I'll have His work surmount God's creation
Consecrating heresy, hallucinating Daemons
And as your bodies tremble, sordid celestial bodies
Extol these lines and apprehend:
Clandestine is the art of the Daemon...
And when he doth transgress, he doth with fervency
And as he doth transgress, will ye unmask his messengers...?
Hast thou received him so bewitched as a Daemoness?
Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear
Who is as mover superior over the passive
Who taketh the virile shape of the loins of the appetent
Warm semen is passed on, from incubus to succubus
To leave a secret blemish on human body and soul...
An catholicum sit asserere,
quod actus incuborum et succuborum demonum tantum modo infimis spiritibus conueniat.
And when thou dost transgress, thou dost through His persuasion
And as thou dost transgress, thou dost surrender to depravity.
As Inquisitor master...!
I challenge all holy volition
Corroding souls by the moon, stirring cerebral lifeblood
And as your bodies tremble, sordid celestial bodies
Extol these lines and apprehend:
The stellar call is but a hex of the Daemon...

3. Malefica

Non est caput nequius super caput colubri
Et non est ira super iram mulieris
Commorari leoni et draconi placebit
Quam habitare cum muliere nequam.
Beware the unsavoury grief of the serpent
Eschew her feeble heart, her juices, her tongue
Thou wouldst follow a siren's voice through a sea of caustic Absinthe
And with malicious lust inflamed, thou shalt fail, and writhe in hate
Mala ergo mulier ex natura –
The female is bitterer than death!
An generatiuam potentiam seu actum venereum impedire et maleficiare possunt.
Veritas scilicet est:
May thy virility lie with the taintless vaginae of the innocent
May thy limbs escape the illusion of false potency
May thy spawn evolve, and may it be virginally thine
May thine instincts obey to human stimuli
And withstand thyself, malefica!
Malefica, animal imperfectum!
The female is bitterer than death!

4. Ornaments on Malice

Nec volunt quod deus talia fieri permittat.
Read, fatuous lambs...
Your wretched evils are punished far beyond disease and death
It is them who let the Daemon operate, despite miserable angelic restraint
It is them who feed the glory of our lord, and so artfully afflict Him
And o your animal acts...
Patior peccatum originale originatum!
Warm semen is passed on, and the guilt, the shame, o the shame!
Quanto crebrius quis diabolo se subiecit tanto intollerabiliorem sibi facit ut ei reluctari non possit.
Sed cum mali crebrius se subieciant diabolo eis sit tentatio magis intollerabilis et frequentior cum
non habeant scutum fidei formate quo se tueantur.
Read, fatuous lambs, the five signs of the divine:
Precept, Prohibition, Advice, Operation, Permission
In times of the witch your devotional faith may be a fatal denial
Nothing is done unless Almighty God wishes it to be done,
Either by permitting it or by Himself doing it.

5. Spires, the Wailing City

Now it happened in the city of Spires, in the same year that this book was begun, that a certain
devout woman held conversation with a suspected witch, and, after the manner of women, they used
abusive words to each other. But in the night she wished to put her little suckling child in its cradle,
and remembered her encounter that day with the suspected witch. So, fearing some danger to the
child, she placed consecrated herbs under it, sprinkled it with holy water, put a little blessed salt to
its lips, signed it with the sign of the cross, and diligently secured the cradle. About the middle of
the night she heard the child scream...
Is it a goatish gorge I smell there on thy pale maiden flesh?
Art thou willing to deny the Anomalous Woman – the deamon lendeth a hand
Hast thou murdered unchristened children, and anointed their limbs?
Hast thou received burning semen inside the womb
O young gentle witch of mine...?
He seemeth not disposed to lose his potency
And deformed hands ruin her progeny
His sinful phallus treacherously disenchanted
Ecce veritatem dico sciens quod dum auditores sint verbi
et non factores amplius deus offendit et lucrum meum augmentatur.
And it came to pass at a night in Rome
That I dined with a Bohemian Priest.
Who so woebegone moaned about a nameless tree, a female and a Daemon
Who so afflicted screamed when tied to the columns of our saviour
Who so calumnious mocked our Virgin in obsessive abuse of his limbs
Perennially suffering... howling... crushing his teeth into the marble
„Here he stood, here he stood!“

6. A Failed Exorcism

Ye are incurably diseased
Even if the Daemon is summoned
That cure would not be a human one
Bear your agony, bear Him.
Nefariousness, intimidation, shamefacedness
And sweetest tears to shrive the last of all bedevilments
Of the spirit rather than the flesh
Paenitentiam agite!
Repent and shed purest tears
With the intoxication vanished or vainly awaited
Now it has been learned from witches that they cause this spell of hatred by means of serpents;
For the serpent was the first tool of the devil,
and by reason of its curse inherits a hatred of women.
Threefoldly deceived ye are:
Ungulate youngling, stared at
Ungulate youngling, relieved by the Daemon
Ungulate youngling, kneeling on hindlimbs
Paenitentiam agite!
Repent and attend the Communion of the Supper
With the intoxication vanished, mutilated and exorcised
We're blessing and regarding the Seven:
Show not the path to Him
Summon not arcane names
Forfeit not thy words
Abuse not signs and symbols
Preach not beyond sacred words
Preach the power of sacred words
Disguise not as God!
I dispossess...
Paenitentiam agite!
Error erat ut venientes de nocte demonibus aut ut vetule dicunt 'die Seligen',
sed sunt malefice vel demones in earum effigies,
debent omnia absumere ut post abundantius tribuant.
Colorant quidam et dicunt 'schrettil' sunt, contra determinationem doctorum
quod praeter homines et angelos non sunt alie creature rationales.
Unde non sunt nisi demones.
At night, when the Daemons came...

7. Trial

Read, fatuous lambs, the proclamation on the churchgate:
Cum nos totis nostris affectibus inhiantes ac ex omnibus nostris praecordiis affectantes,
populum christianum nobis commissum
in unitate et serenitate catholice fidei confoveri
ac ab omni peste pravitatis haeretice visceraliter elongari,
idcirco nos,
ad gloriam et honorem recolendi nominis iesu christi
et ad exaltationem sancte fidei ortodoxe
atque ad depressionem haeretice pravitatis praecipue in maleficis,
- in virtue of holy obedience and under pain of excommunication -
we direct, command, require and admonish that within the space of twelve days,
the first four of which shall stand for the first warning,
the second for the second,
and the third for the third warning;
And we give this treble canonical warning
that they should reveal it unto us if anyone know, see or have heard
that any person is denounced to be a heretic or a witch,
or if any is suspected especially for such practices
as causing harm to men, cattle or the fruits of the earth
or to the loss of the State.
But if any do not obey these commands and admonitions,
let him know that he is impaled with the sword of excommunication.

8. Ordeal

Immure, enchain and distress her
For she summoneth a harmful silence
„I leave to the superior to judge if I am good,
And I would break myself before my tormentor would.“
Avoid her touch, truncate her hair
For she might conceal intimate charms
„My silence is not fragile, I shall not shed a tear
Inflamed by my Daemon, no ordeal shall I fear.“
Indoctrinate me, young gentle witch of mine!
Bring forth thunder and hailstorm!
Mislead me into sexual chaos, and I'll mislead thee.
„Inflamed by my Daemon, no ordeal shall I fear.“

9. Monument

For the glory of God... let none of them be blameless
Beware of relieving them from the righteous wrath
When she doth transgress, she doth beyond all inquisition
... vel reperitur solum diffamata de haeresi generaliter
... and we impose canonical lustration upon thee
A humiliating oath of the morbid one
Touch the Gospels...
... vel reperitur ultra infamiam questionibus et tormentis exponenda aliqualiter
... and we celebrate torturous interrogation upon thee
Blood from the mouth and the Bishop's erection
Dare not to persist in heresy...
... vel reperitur suspecta de haeresi violenter
... and being repentant, thou keepest the burden of blasphemy
Which enrobeth thee in blue, and crosses thou wearest
At the church, in the dungeons...
... vel reperitur confessa haeresim et impenitens atque relapsa certitudinaliter
... and the charity, oh!... we lavished upon thee!
A triumph of beloved damnation, oh atrocious damnation!
Thou art now profane in death!
... vel reperitur non confessa sed convicta de haeresi
... and impenitence igniteth the darkest of all pride upon thee
As thine innocence is godless, and the lord is our judge...
Thou art now profane in death!
Sit laus deo. Exterminium haeresis. Pax vivis. Requies aeterna defunctis.

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