1. Born to Be the Best

Born, my genius. Show them all respect for revolution
Born, courageous. Hear my call. And play for evolution
Love is cruel, love is cold - so grey love's devotion
Born in new hell, to unfold your prayer, art's emotion

No one else can do the same when you, my love, discover all those colours
Closed in four strings
No one will be able to repeat that sound, so beautiful and bright
Closed in emotions

Stay in suffer, stay lonely as your great talent, great soul - to be the best
Power?faith?born to be the to be the best
In suffer, stay lonely as your great talent, great soul - to be the best
Power?faith?born to be the to be the best!

Gloomy light of candles is your childhood's sign
Never play your rattles, only notes are fine...

Leave your toys, your colleagues, other kids and games
Learn different harmonies, what's the music sense
Rules of composition, techniques, notes and scales
Make your brilliant mission, just to be the best...

Stay in suffer, stay lonely as your great talent, great soul - to be the best

Falling on their knees all your rivals know who's the best
Show them there's no chance for peace, you dominate all - and fuck the rest
There is only one, he'll be Master, God of real truth, real art
There is only one, he'll be Master, his name is true - Mozart...

2. Painful Fame

Sadness, my life is painful sadness, no one can stop the madness
No one can understand
Turning around in fire, burning, still playing and not learning,
So where's my promised land?
Father, what did you do my father, why can't you find another
Method of my increase
Mother, why don't you help me, mother, don't guide me to another
Direction to disease

My son, your genius let us earn enough for paying
All our rents so let the rich men hear your playing...

Painful, this flame is bloody painful, malicious - not delightful
Is this the correct breed?
Rightful, is your opinion rightful, can't I to live delightful
To be the normal kid?

My son, be patient, please and try to understand
Your music is the way to Gods, with them we blend

Because your talent is the gift of gracious heavens
Nobody's better then you, beauty of your art?
Now you must help your family
Because your music came down here from highest heavens
Nobody know how you got it, how did it start
Now you must play in ecstasy...

When I start to touch my piano's keys again - I feel my power
When I touch my violin's strings I smile again - that's my great power
Nothing comes easy but music's born again - isn't it crazy?
Who's dare to fight against me, who's dare to fight again - it's amazing to play?

Hear my voice, my soul, my music
Keep your faith - it's whole the best
Keep this sound, this rhythm, don't loose it
Hear my sing, forget the rest...

3. Young Traveller

Keep my secret, don't hurt me:
I still regret painfully
It's to heavy for my back
Don't betray me, see this crack

I'm scared...

From castle to court, from south to north
We go again...we go again

Tired, dead, sleepy, mad
Cowards, travellers...Mad

All we know that there's no time to waste
And no chance to feel sweet freedom's taste. Never...

We go again...we go again...

Cowards! Mad!

4. Count Coloredo

All those jesters I hate still come to my throne
Treading briskly my way. Leave me whole alone!
They want more, more money, they want me to pray
Oh, no - that's not funny, never let them stay

Please, give us, Your Majesty, a chance to be your slave
If you'll not help us we cannot live, we're in the grave
What shall we do if you leave us without your grace
We beg you - and promise to give smile to your sad face

Get out, you bloody suckers!
Get out and go to hell!
You jesters, stupid fuckers!
Empty like churches bell!

You have built your court for Christ, not for artists living here
You don't want to compromise, giving us a lot of fear
You care only for your eyes, saying "no" to people here
You want fly to paradise - never you'll be so lucky!

All those jesters...

Please, give us...

Take my heart - be my unbeliever
Take my soul - be my only one
Take my dreams - be my restless fever
Take my kiss - be what has begun...

Get out, your bloody...

Take my heart...

5. Lorenzo Da Ponte

It's always hard to make the music full of passion
But also hard is the character to create
'Cause all the story must be fulfil with the action
Not only melody can build the listener's faith

For poetry, for victory, for endless fears, for children's tears
For beauty of the art...

Thanks, my Italian friend! We will beat the trend
We, beginners of style made not for a while

Drama and rhythm, melodically lead, persons and notes are mixed in one box

Sweet oriental kiss, or bitter Persian tears...

Drama and rhythm...

Sweet oriental kiss...

Together we work, and nothing can break this genius-indeed...
Relationship. Together we can shake mother earth,
We both may here vote when talent explode

Drama and rhythm...

Mozart entered Da Ponte's world, they start to change opera's age

Drama and rhythm...

6. Stanzerl

I'm your treasure. I'm your young girl
Like a flower, always fresh and wet
I'm your muse that make you stronger
Even though the music's out of your head

Stay with me, dear Stanzerl. Make me happy, my sweet girl
You're my muse, you're my maid. Keep my power, keep my faith...

Writing tons of various notes, you have no time to remember
Where are your important hopes, what's the sense of life-you're still in gear
So I do the life for you, 'cause your genius need a special care
And your music must be true, what would you do without me there?

Stay with me...

I'm your treasure...

Don't leave me, please-stay here. Without you I'll burn in fear
Without you I can't exist-like a bird gone with the mist...

Writing tons of various notes...

I'd die in pain, burn in fear, lost in darkness, misery
I'd fall in torment, die in pain, without suffer, dead again...

I'm your treasure...

Don't leave me...

7. Haffner in D

You don't need to sing
-just try to make your soul complete
Music is so universal language to show
How much you believe in power of orchestral beat
Blasting drums and drumpets roaring with their blow

May the Haffner's play In D? Symphony and fun...
Showing him my sympathy I construct my plan
May the Haffner's play in D? Four of equal parts...
Showing him it's sympathy I look to the stars!

...They know my secret how to do it well
I'll never regret, even in hell...

Allegro con spirito, Andante, Menueto, Finale
-four good parts here
Makes sense in God's arms...

May the Haffner's...

8. Salieri

How could I believe? Is it only a dream?
The man in black mask came to make it real
Nightmare from the past change my brain in dust
Over the remains spirit dies at last

Write for me "opus magnum", don't make me sad
All what yu do for me will burn in red
Requiem for the ghost make your body lost
To the rest of your days shows it's dirty face

How could I resign? Is my soul still mine?
Paper, notes and ink flies in creazy ring
More than usual sound I still hear around
Blood burns on my lips waitin' for death's kiss

How could I regret, how could I forget, how could I resign?
Should I respect, should I recent, shuld I still fight?
How could I rehearse, how could I reverence, how could I despair?
Should I believe, should I forgive, should I be there?

How could I revenge, how could I retrench, how could I revive?
Should I revoke, should I retort, should I here die?

The other side-other conflict will bring the art to our death
The other side-other problem, how can I work to my last breath?
Several worlds, worlds of suffering, but music here still alive?
Feel the sense, sense of fighting, the abyss where I lonely dive

Requiem for the dead man, my last breath of life
Good news that everything is still going fine
Not every note I'll keep in my head
Don't worry, one will finish it when you're dead...

9. A Body Left Under the Hedge 03:10

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