The Shadow of the Golden Fire

1. Across the Dust

Only sand below my feet, I am still thirsty
Hungry vultures revolving over my head
People thing that I will fall, but they are stupid
This is my own way of life and I'm not mad...

All my way I follow that
Magic sign of rainbow
Till this time I haven't found
What is hidden behind
All my time I'm looking for
The Holy Cup of Wisdom
And only neckless of my sins
Shines and sounds like cry...

Come with me to promised land of happiness
Sign of shining sun will be our guide
It's not so far-just take my hand
Try to believe me
And very soon yu will be sure that I was right

2. Whispers

Keep inside your sorrow and your fear
Yeah, and your fear
For falling empire
Who's affraid of conscience if one can kill
Yeah, if can kill
Nobody knows
Where's the kingdom of the shameless God
Yeah, shamelss God
Where's kingdom of fire
You can see as always seas of blood
Yeah, see seas of blood
With bloody coasts...

Only wind can by sure
Where sad whisper was born
Only pain is your cure
For what you're looking for

Wasted land is waking for new life
Yeah, for new life
Welcoming new morning
Burning domes as sign of deadly fight
Yeah, deadly fight
Your Lord is just coming
Stop your cries, you fool, for better times
Yeah, better times
That's not necessary
I can see your brother when he dies
Yeah, when he dies
Fate's heavy to carry

3. Pure Evil

Cross of pain
Bow, you sucker, it's your God
Dead remains
Sword of saviour wants to cut...

I'm your master and deceiver
How yu dare to lie?
You believe in pure evil
But your soul is mine /BIS

You should know
That your Lord hates dirty hearts
Kiss and go
Holy chapel full of rats
No excuse
Bow, you sucker, it's your God
What you loose?
Sword of saviour wants to cut

CHORUS: repetition

4. In Emotional Garden

Enter to the world of your dreams
World of imagination
Try to understand what you see
Try to catch your life
All important thoughts from your mind
Making complications
Know and understand what you hide
Deep inside your heart

Come-you'll never come
To emotional garden
Of unholy ghost
Cry-you'll never cry
In emotional garden
Where your soul is lost
Fight-you'll never fight
For emotional garden
It doesn't make sense
Die-you'll surely die
In emotional garden

5. Never Give Up

Vocals by HERSZT:
My broken sword lies in grass, wet and rusted
My pagan soul flies to new better world
My dying God of all brave is insulted
Bastards who killed him are creeping in gold

My skies are open and that is my hope new
My spirit will come back and help my friends
My ancestors, give me thunder of holy cloud
Weapon is ready, just ready to take

Vocals by REMO:
Never give up, remember old prediction
Of Pagans victory, and
Never forgat the sign of shining sun
On your flag
Never again your axe will fall beyond
Your enemies
Never give up-feel power from the sky

Vocals by HERSZT:
All the time I remember what's my fate
All the time I know that it's not too late...

My skies are open...

Vocals by REMO:
Never give up...

6. From Your Blood

From your blood
Raise the power of the mad
Please your God
To be blessed and save your head
There's no help
From the grave you feel cold breath
Living black
You are dying on iced path

Cold and full of stinking corpses black river's waves
Which carry us to deadly eternal flames
Iced-boarded boat floats from the past, from our life
Following sins and running souls, march of died
Black rides raise their sword and open big gate
Here you may loose your feelings, here's reign of hate
Forget the pain you felt when you had to fall
Now sleep in hellish peace, cause you're save-that's all...

7. Tears (Instrumental)

8. Wounded Flames

"Scream from the grave of wounded flames..."

War-its the way of burning hearts
Living in agression, ruled by hate
Look, feel the pain from closing eyes
Of your dying friend...
Flames, frozen once-now born again
As the sign from Gods of killing
Yeah, it must be the choosen day
Meanwhile let them pray

Wounded flames, their light
Shining from dark past
Unstopeable might
Bring you down to fast

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