Doomsday Elite

1. Doomsday Elite

Shameful tears
Grow without form
Seeking forgiveness,
Yearning to be free
(But you never will!)
Synagogues, mosques,
Churches and temples
You know...
God has left the building!!!

I stand on shattered glass
And I walk the path of pain
I can feel the end is near
As I sense the burning flame

Doomsday elite
- Enforced
By divine nonsense
Concealed chaos
Based upon lies
Submit to fierce destructions
- The war you can't defeat
I choose doomsday elite

Blindfolded assumptions
This is the 21st century
So I cannot understand
Their religious devotion

2. I utakt med Gud

Bundet av korroderte teser
I knefall for vaklende søyler
I avmakt for avfeldige ikoner
Strippet for styrke og kraft

Kirke, moske og synagoge
Reist ved Gudegitt mandat
Det trefoldig symptom, den ene sykdom
Lyser død over hver en apostat

Jag den skjulte aggressor
Bastarden som trekker i trådene
Ørkensandens kveilende slange
Trossen som holder verden tilbake

Sion i flammer
Samt de himmelske bud
Med ryggen mot Mekka
I utakt med Gud

Teppebomb - Falskhetens tempel
Røyk ut den skitne lakei
Vik for ingen og intet
Men hold fokus i deg selv

Den halshugde hellgidom
For den høyrøde halvmåne
Når skriften på veggen taler
I brennende, utvetydig klarhet

Med hodet på blokken
Og den hevede klinge
Ved vår faderlige hånd
Er din time inne

Kallet for å løfte byrden
Fra hjerter hvori intet bor
Fra verdens åk og jammer
Til deres gloriøse sorti

Som et halt dyr ved avgrunns rand
Livets hjul, i utakt og slinger
Fra gløden av de overtente gudshus
En utstøtt paria, de avklipte vinger

På nidstang fra sinais tind
Agnus dei, det skamferte lam
Festet til smertens brodd
For det avsvidde kanaans land

3. No Loose Ends

Who are you to defy and threaten my state of mind?
Who are you to bring fear and loathing to my origin?
Who are you to serve me lies in search for a peaceful death?

You cannot all be right
So I deny your provider of thoughts
You shall all be killed one by one
Left among the vultures until you're forever gone

Your illusions strike me as nothing but hypocrisy
So I will rape all your dreams
- The better place you though you'd see
You shall all be killed one by one
Left among the vultures until you're forever gone

Life is a sick piece of puzzle I cannot place correct
So I will always swear to the symmetry
Between my instincts, visions, mind and actions

No loose ends
Precaution is the key. Know your enemy. Operate alone.
Clean the murderscene. Dump the bodies in pieces.
Leave nothing behind.

Reaching for the hand of God
But never forget it's hard to speak without a tongue
Your future has nothing to provide
There's nothing but the seeds of suffering to come

Your existence sickens the misanthropist inside me
So I will feed you sulphur to outlive this disharmony
You shall all be killed one by one
Left among the vultures until you're forever gone

4. Inside a Haunted Chapel

Narrow minded guidelines
Only empty words in books to me

Inside a haunted chapel
You are the slave alone
And if you can't find a way out
You should make one on your own

Forced to follow commandments
Oral shit consumed by the weak

Some tell you to kill civilians
Some tell you murder is wrong
Most speak of God's grace or wrath
They all exploit someone like you

Reject their venomous purpose
Deft their so called salvation
Disclose their hidden agenda
Deny their cunning scheme
Turn your back
Go away from them
And never feed upon the lies
They want you to swallow raw

5. Predators in Disguise

Mass-destruction - Failure upon failure
Seeking for love, searching for freedom

Welcome to the chamber of pain
Some choose life, some choose wise, but still we are the same
Born to die and let our own chaos star arise
We are all misguided predators in disguise

Left in ignorance,
Like a sitting duck,
Beneath the sky,
Above the law
All our senses
Are spat upon.
Our instincts
Equal nothing
But still
We haunt our enemies,
The creatures in human form

Never pay a stranger
Any form of respect
Stay in focus,
Like they always do
Raise your guns,
Act at once.
Make them
The potential prey
The servants
Of some kind of god,
The creatures in human form

Sinners among us
Thinking what was
No retreat,
No surrender.
Still we will go down under

6. Solemn Disorder 'til Human Extinction

Can't you see the world is a ticking bomb
Emerging from these foreign shores?
Like the plague storming from east
This is a sign of damnation
So we strain our thoughts
Around our hollow minds
And we feed the future questions
I'm not sure we can define

Wormwood upon the earth
Hellfire sweeping the landscapes
Swastika burnt to the ground
Our sins will never be forgiven
Solemn disorder til human extinction

So near the flames of torment
So close to judgment day
I see blood
I see death

7. Cosmic Intellect

So I maintain the strength in different aspects
Despite your warnings I feel free
I search for something beyond the consternation
The utter darkness you can't see

So I deride the hopeful and ignorant
Their founder of terrestrial seed
All the proven actions in past and presence
This burning fragment was sure not meant to be

Leading the cosmic intellect towards a maelstrom
Bringing the world's creations to its grand finale
A global war machine soon to face its own destiny

If only you could see what I can see
A forgotten planet in total eclipse
The remains of human existence
Glimmer in between dust and ashes
Nothing can save us now

So why strive through this distant passion?
Why seek the mortals?
Why yearn for forgiveness?
Break the chain of love to break away from utopia

Leading the cosmic intellect towards a maelstrom
Bringing the world's creations to its grand finale
So hopeful, yet so ignorant
I will never trade my life with them

8. Stigma

Look what it has become
Fields of faceless pride
Misled into belief. Hidden in veils

So you think you are all glorious?
So you think you are blessed?
A divine epidemic
Just another form - possessed

We should have fought back
Before it was too late
But we cannot change the past
So I guess this is our fate

Far from below,
A dreary fearsome sound
Drifts upon my ears - Arousing.
Deep embedded misery,
Pouring through their hearts
To mine in tidal waves
Ungodly violence...
A creeping night,
With a crawling feast
Raping your life good-bye...

I shall survive...
Descending to
An endless pit...

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