Silent Cry
Dance of Shadows

1. The Half Light

[Lyrics: Ana M�rcia]
[Music: Dilpho Castro]

I let the smile go away, without want it
The last hope went to far away
Now I became prisioner of a past
A cheat past with lost dreams

One day I had the stars in my hands
One day I touched the moon with my heart
Peaces of my packed in secrets
And by my self, I live in a fantasy kingdom

My feelings are walking right to the sea
And with them, my eyes get lost
I keep trying to hide my tomorrow in the darkness
But all alone, I suplicate for the day light

I know you know the way to heaven
Letme follow you to start to smile again
I know we can be more if we hold our hands
And in that way, I'll look to my future and think about you

Helpme being by my side
Shinning my steps softening my pain
Healing my hurts destroying my past
Wiping my tears forgetting what is gone

2. Two Worlds

[Lyrics: Tandrey]
[Music: Dilpho Castro]

Thunders and lightning across the sky
Screaming and laughs I heard all the time
Flashes and bombs are hitting the ground
Even so far you can listen the sound

Mountains are shaking, flesh is in fire
Children are crying, tied in a wire
People are missing, between light dark
Some people are building, some falling apart

Cause rwo worlds colliding
The sky and the ground
Some people are riunning
Some killing his proud

Faces with fear, faces of death
Eyes full of tears, tears of remains
Bodies are falling, earth is in flames
Brothers are fighting, the world is insane

Troops are ridding strait to the thumb
A cloud of smoke it's make me numb
Anger it's growing in the heart of the men
My soul it's burning, my body is rotten

3. Dance of Shadows

[Lyrics: Tandrey]
[Music: Albenez Carvalho / Ana M�rcia]

I am alone
Surrounded by moving shadows
I see the night
I feel the dark
And I listen the wind sing a sad song
Your sweet voice
Bring all my fears back

And I feel the taste the sweet
The tears choking my throat
The song become to the end
A dance of shadows
Don't stop no more

The day has come
Light takes the shadows away
My body's rest
In a deep never-ending sleep
Wating for another night
It won't late to come

4. Silent Scream

[Lyrics: Ana M�rcia]
[Music: Roberto Freitas / Dilpho Castro]

In a cold night without knowing how it
would be
It happens the most beautyful union
supreme alliance
My future would be traced by the gods
And my life, a tale of glories

I know that the passion became my flesh
And the nature was uncharged of perfection
The most beautiful stars from heaven
Would guide me forever

Even being involved by a world so small
I put all my love and trust right there
Even trough the turbulence that gives the flesh
I'd never be abandoned by the holy protection

But in that autumn afternoon
They decided tu stop my dreams
As a comet trespassing my fortress
Making everything spins as a twister

I tried to escape but I couldn't hide I was trapped
No one could hear me cry 'cause it was silent
No one could hear my scream 'cause it was too low
At last they didn't give me chance to born

There is no regret, because there is no way back
There is no hope, because the dream is over
But I forgive those chosen to blow my life
Because I know the weren't light, cause they were in the darkness

5. My Evil

[Lyrics: Ana M�rcia]
[Music: Dilpho Castro]

I can't understand
The good that I do to you is my evil
I forge a smile to make you smile
I make you happy to hide my cry

I can't understand
Cause in my weeping lies
Your pleasant smile

I was your slave while I was tied
But now I figure out my strength
I'll laugh to see you cry
Fey to the stars to the humble you

How can I accept
To be attached to your wishes
And due to the vanity
Remain by your side

6. Victory's Time

[Lyrics: Ana M�rcia]
[Music: Dilpho Castro]

I hear the whisper of the wind
I see the dust coming down
I hear the murmurs and regrets
I feel the time passing by

I blow the hope of life
Life that comes and goes
Cause only the time makes time
Of lived lifetime that fades away

Alien to the pain and sore of the world
The time walks without measure
Taking dust, laziness and disgrace
Carrying the vanities of life

And moment by moment, minutes away
The wind blows, the rain cries, the sun smiles
The day is coming, and night's falling
Without losing the compass, without losing the hour

And this is time passing by
Time of glories, suffering and love
Victory's time, time's lost
Time of time that for a long time ago

Dominated by the battle of love
I ask to the time
Healing the injure and pain

And doing the duty of creation
Cause death sprouts life, time with no time
Time with no way out escape

The magic time of doubts
Begins strait to the infinite
Walks bearing to begin

7. Only To Love You

[Lyrics: Ana M�rcia]
[Music: Dilpho Castro]

Once I wanted give you the sky
Just to can see your pretty face
I contemplate the rain
And with her I walked

I belived en the sweet oaths
Of the sun searching for the moon
A new day awaited come
Only just to can hold you

I though that every star were fast and shine
I ordered that clouds unfold in rain
And one more day awaited arrive
Only to love you

But as the others
This was one more day in illusions
One more day on loneliness
That I rest on my cry

And was time of my suffering
That your heart brings me out
Cause every moment I was on you
In the tears of your cry...

8. Beyond The Silent Night

[Lyrics: Rosa Leite]
[Music: Albenez Carvalho]

I know that I steel keep dreaming
With what I was and what I would be
If your road crossed with mine
In the night, penumbra or day light

I would fly around the world with whisperind winds
Come across the most wrong roads with you
I would travel years and years with the fallen stars
And bring to you all the incandescent dreams I live

I would be free, I would be loved
I wouldn't bring murmured songs in my pocket
I would run just like the river to the storm
But I'd be beyond the silent night

I wouldn't pass across the life in white clouds
Or sleeping in a placid rest
I wouldn't be a spectrum of life or even a small one
Beyond the space and the soul I would exist

9. Devoured By Words

[Lyrics: Ana M�rcia]
[Music: Dilpho Castro & Albenez Carvalho]

The words are devouring me
The same words that one day consoled me
I feel so all alone, afraid of everybody
So I down myself in nightmare

I'm alredy so tired
I dont want to be silent

I desire To escape every night
But my shelter is your empty eyes
So I turn to the sky and claim to the moon
Because it is the one who keep my secrets

But finally,
With strenght of one thousand suns
I crush my pain hurt by thorns
I get myself around the light to start over
But the words just dont stop
Shouting in my ears

I say good bye to the word
I say good bye to the silence
But I count the words
The same ones that devoured me

Dilpho Castro - Guitars, Vocals
Ana M�rcia - Vocals
Albenez Carvalho - Guitars
Roberto Freitas - Bass
Fl�vio Jr. - Drums

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