Silent Cry
Tears of Serenity (demo)

1. Intro Act I

The most intense of the joy,
Is nothing more that a sleep
Of the sadness... the sadness.

2. Intro Act II

In darkness my plangent eyes
Seek the confort
Dived in sweet tears... sweet tears!!

3. Amorphism

Here are the world where we live,
Through the time I am doomed...

Through the time! [I feel my self]
Through the time! [I guide souls]
Through the time! [I believe in love]
Now like a blind I guide my self
Through the!, the!, the darkness!.

Observing the, the darkness,
Infinity at my eyes!...

The death (the death)
That come to me (come to me),
The essence (the essence)
That vanish in tears (vanish tears).

{This days drink my blood as good wine}
(This days drink my blood as good wine)
[I loose my forces, and only in my Hades I meet my self].

Seeing the darkness,
Infinity at my eyes
Dark were to anything
In my head agree
Dark were forever, dark were forever...

4. Tears Act I (The Death)

In this aflictive pain
The deep shadow
Will receive us

In my arms
The sad expression
Of your sobbing eyes
That curvate at the Sadness Angel.

5. Sweet Kernel

Sweet kernel that lives in me,
Flagelate my dead smile
Abstract purity, at my eyes unconscious.

At the light that wound like a lance...

Unconscious at the feeling,
Carryin' pain, draining!...

(The memory weeping,
Carrying placidity
And a dead joyness,
And a dead joyness).

[To my distort... distorted image
Deeped in an ocean of deep... anguish...!].

6. Tears Act II (Lamentation)

I lay down my freezing body
{I lay down my freezing body}
Above the cold marble
{Above the cold marble}
When de harmonious noctiv breeze
{When de harmonious noctiv breeze}
Touch my desolated face, {face!}
The sadness {the sadness} to set your claw {your claw}
In my chest {chest} that overflow {over flow}
Lamentations, {lamentations}... lamentations.

7. Tears of Eternity

In the morbid sunset
The freezing winds
Come to me,
My sad soul cry alone
Painful tears of serenity.

8. Tanatofilo, Opulento, Plenílunio

Walking through the mistery, (the mist)
Dead fullmoon over my head, (my head)
So beautiful colors and thoughts, (and thoughts)
In the air I'm flying now, (flying now).
Broken and so joy, (so joy)
Tears of pain, (of pain)
My soul agonize extreme, {agonize extreme}
Suffering... (suffering!)

9. Poem

Crow, yourself, of tears forget
The cruel evil in the abyss groan, groan.

Crow [tears], yourself [tears], of tears...
Forget [tears]... the cruel evil...

10. Convulsion

(Observing the celestial height
The death callers of the night touch me,
Make my wish to unclasp like sickly flowers).

[Oh sweet melancholy that take my soul]
I cry for you, in my tragic sleep I rest alone
At the last sunshine...

[When come the darkness
And the flowers sleep,
My suffering intensify...]

[And my soul agony
Comfort the corner...
I remember the past
...And see!...]
A broken smile.

Drowned in tears
When my heaven is in requiem
[...Of funeral symphony
I encounter in silence
The dead in the sunset].

11. Tears Act III (Darkness)

For tears washed for the eternity
My closed eyes celebrate the darkness
The light give place to the deep darkness.

12. Tears Act IV (Forever)

My last night will haven't mourning
The birds will silence your sing
And the sun will to hide your shine...

13. Crying Violins

Morbid ballet of placid movements
Dived in black simphonies... crying of violins
Silent dance that send me in humed corner
Where is anounced my end in the sunset.
The sunset, the sunset....

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