Devouring Radiant Light

1. Fen of Shadows

Seething sounds seeping through
Breaking down the walls, suffocating your creation

The lacquer of the tongue paints the town red
Just like the spider weaves its own web
In shades that grow ever deeper and deeper
The strongest roots are of passion

Breaching the cages of your own mind
Baptizing yourself in the fervor of the light
Lost within the fen of shadows no longer
No longer seeing the demise
With scarlet intensity in the eyes

Swarming inside the purest of hearts
Surrounded by these hallowed grounds
Lost within the fen of shadows no longer
No longer seeing the demise
With scarlet intensity in the eyes

See, Feel, Breathe
Become one

2. When Paradise Fades

Hollow visions from hollow eyes
Burning bridges, sever the binds
When sullied hands desecrate the canvas
The winds shall burn, the winds shall burn

Life becomes aimless when flightless is the mind
When paradise fades and the blood runs dry
The sky will crumble into oceans of lost time
Washed away is all the desire and all of the light

This kingdom is what you make it
And as the roots grow deep, they begin to birth passion
Fall into the depths, breathe it in
And let the heart yearn for its ardor
Remove the veil and let the eyes cut deep into the earth

3. Temple of the Sun

Most things fade with time
The foundations may crumble and the world unwinds
But through these eyes of crimson light
Rebuild an empire and dwell within
Passion breeds progress, progress feeds lives
The rejection of a tainted world breeds the fire

We do not gleam for you but shine for ourselves

Most things fade with time
The foundations may crumble and the world unwinds
But in our minds our temple is divine
Construct the altar and worship the fire
The fury of the human heart illuminates the path
Shadows in the temple of the sun, echo the howl

The light, it shines through you
The light, it becomes you

4. Devouring Radiant Light

In the darkest corners of the mind
There is a mirror to reflect lost time
But if you look into the depths of your soul
You may just discover a light that is whole
And to feast on such a ravenous force
Is to become one with your primal self
But if the colors of one don't ring true
The veracity of your passion is see-through

A view from the bottom of a pit of despair
The feeling of loss and the absence of hope
Breathing life into such radiant light
Devour it all in the darkness of night
Sustaining the hunger of the luminous blaze
Never again will we live in grey haze

5. The Luminous Sky

Rising into the air becoming one with the luminous sky
Discovering worlds that lie beyond
Escaping the cage created by mundane minds
The tiresome repetition of a dying star
The strength must come from inside
The furious spirit of the burning heart
May it burn forever on
Giving shades of color to a faded grey world

Diseased is the heart of the spirit that forever withers
Rise to take control, build a kingdom of lavish vigor

Life is for the living, forge a light that will never darken
The mind is an arrow, it's the sharpest tool in the quiver

Release the sensation with a force that will never weaken
The binds of the sheepish are the shackles of an utter failure
To quell the temptation of the wolves that are on the prowl
Is to delete dedication, the shades of vega fading into the night

Time is dying a horrible death
We must create the world that we want to see before the lights go dim inside
There is no turning back
It's time to bare the torch of the sacred fire that burns within our souls
The fear of death slipping through my hands causes me to clench my fists and hold to this closer than ever before
Clench my fists, bare the torch

6. The Vault

A veil of bitter cold and a river of endless filth
Feasting upon the weakened
When the body disintegrates inside of the frigid vault
Listless eyes buried in the skulls of the horde, denied

Rise for the dead of night
Our apocalyptic flight
An inch away from certain death
Into the ether

Follow the road that's set before
With perseverance ever more

The shroud that has consumed the last glimmer of light
Tearing down the mantle of this frostbitten life
Inside of the frigid vault, listless eyes buried in the skulls of the horde, denied

The vault of the withering
Enshrined by the will of our sacrifice and time

7. Carnarium Eternal

With everlasting passion dripping off the blade
Of the temple that we create
This lust drives us to, to devour any and all obstructions
We will march with hands on the cold blade
Dedication to the craft of spilling our blood onto the page


This black circus of death & blood is eternal
Writhing in the head
Driving us to the undying lustrous light of crimson eyes
The carnarium thrives evermore
Upon the blackened wings of the raven above this sacred ground
Dark ascension is inside

Ascension, I smell the scent of the wolves
Ascension, I hear the sound of the hooves

I will consume all that's in sight
Fearing nothing that lurks in the night
The carnarium is eternal
Giving its blessing to our wretched souls
Forevermore creating this blight
Dark ascension is inside

8. Sacred Soil

I cage my demons beneath sacred soil
Before they envelope the sky
And as they claw for their upheaval
I birth blackened wings and fly

We are the harbingers of fire
Clinging to the crux of life
We are the painters of the world we desire

To wear the face of another is to betray the mortal coil
And in the space where you find nothing
You must discover what makes blood boil

This is a call to arms
Speak the witch's language of fury and rage
The time to ascend is nigh
The strength, the will, the light
Fan the flames, become one

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