Spectral Wound
A Diabolic Thirst

1. Impérial saison noire

Lo, my child, 'tis a gala night
Within the lonesome latter pears
An angel throng, bewinged, bedight in veils
Drowned in tears

The sun descends
What before us long beheld
As triumphal pageantry
Now stripped obscenely bare
A macabre charade revealed
Our harvest, this carnage
This saison noire

Would that you could stay, awaken the dead
Would that you could fold your wings
Make whole again
But the storm, with throttling force
Diles wreckage upon wreckage
And hurls it at your feet

They said repent, repent
But to what end?
Our glorious grand telos
Now stands revealed
This carnage, our harvest
This saison noire

2. Frigid and Spellbound

Wandering in a cursed vale
Not barren but cluttered
With sculptures and follies half-finished
Elaborate creations

And suddenly a spring
By distance beheld
Once upon its banks revealed
A frozen, depthless river
Defying you to drink
Not even to drown
A glittering facade
Frigid and spellbound

Come to me anon
Deranged and defiled
Twisting in dark passions
Of the cruel nauseous hours

Frigid and spellbound
Frigid and spellbound
Frigid and spellbound

Night comes on like a hunted child
A labyrinth of cold desire
Night comes on like a hunter, child
I step into the avalanche

If there be brethren here
Let them weep
Clean cold veins
Let them bleed

3. Soul Destroying Black Debauchery

What hell is this?
A noxious nameless mist
Hangs like tatters, but binds like chains
This morbid frame

Writhing, rotting in the veins
Sous les griffes du diable

I have so long longed for the lance
To lap these entrails bare, to divine
Poison courses through blood, thickening and slow
From cold crypted corners, rises once again

Pallid, rotting on the vine
I cast myself
Sous les griffes du diable
Le sang fatigue de l'homme dissipé

What recourse, what remains
Bu to reel the midnight through

Sheer lunatic defiancе of Nature's fair designs
Rank, decadеnt denial
Against Bios, against Life

I am betrayed, abandoned
By the mute contempt of my own flesh
I must wrench my death from this vital frame
What recourse but to glut the maw

The reeling midnight through

4. Mausoleal Drift

We speak in fretful, frantic, timorous tones

We weep for a gilded age
Larded and garlanded with what?
What murder?
What horror?
What lavish surfeit of grief bequeathed?

Eulogize o'er the ever-nearing end
Clinging ever tighter
To this million sorrowed breast
But what dreader fears fester
Than Armageddon denied?
Better to quicken this immaculate decline

And so, from paradisе blows the mingling storm
With too-known horrors foretold
Lo, what dire fatе do we mourn
When grimmer tides threaten
To persist to ebb and flow?

Left to founder, tempest toss'd
In blood-dimmed torrents, lost
Left to founder, tempest toss'd
In blood-dimmed torrents, lost

5. Fair Lucifer, Sad Relic

Sad schemes of a dying breed
A grand imperial design
You call the wolves to gather
But what cattle meet your cry?
It comes for thee
It comes for thee and thine
Fair Lucifer! You falter, sad relic

In haunting dreams pursued
A howling at the gates
A wailing din before the purple dawn
The questing beast marauds
A Grendel to your Hroth?

Oh, but you know
What the shadows enfold
It comes for thee
It comes for thee and thine
Fair Lucifer! You falter, sad relic
And don't you know
Our sins shall be our own

It comes for thee
It comes for thee and thine
Bear witness pale princе
To the devil in all things

But don't you know
The shadows seep and seethе?
In their bounty exceed
The devil in all things

The lamb lies bleating
Wearing your crown

6. Diabolical Immanence

In twilight born
More than nocturne of day
In predawn depths discern'd
Your burning shape
Luminous beneath a fevered moon
What serpent grace defines
The Line, the Cross and the Curve?

So without a wall, some in misery
To nihil bend in pompous form
Durblind to the promise
The fullness of the void

Do only maenads know
How much fat to be sucked
From the earth of Utopia?

So wisdom warps, so wisdom weaves

In penumbral gloom
In ash and bloom
In carnal blasphemy
Entangled violently
In this, infernally
A beast for thee

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